Main directory: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Main Series: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Volume 1: Ah, My Useless Goddess

Volume 2: Chuunibyou demo Majou ga shitai!

Volume 3: You’re being summoned, Darkness-san

Volume 4: Namakura Quartet

Volume 5: Lets & go to the explosion village!

Volume 6: Princess of the six flowers

Volume 7: The Ten Million bride

Volume 8: Axis Cult vs Eris Church

Volume 9: Crimson Destiny

Volume 10-11: At yuNS Translations

Volume 12: Female Knight’s Lullaby

Vol 12 Epub

Volume 13: A Challenge to this Lich


Volume 14: Crimson Demon’s Trial


Volume 15: Heretic Syndrome


Volume 16: Runaway Goddess Go Home!


Short stories:

Short Stories

Konsuba: Yorimichi


Dust Spinoff!

Masked Spinoff!

Explosions Spinoffs!

Megumin Anthology

Link and content page


Konosuba Drama CDs



Konosuba VN(Kono Yokubukai Game ni Shinpan o!) Scenes



89 thoughts on “Main directory: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!”

  1. Thank for your hard work.
    I would like to ask one thing, please do not feel defensive about it.
    When will you start to translate Vol13?

    Best regards


  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. Kono Suba has been my fav and brought me so much joy. Knowing that people like you translate for us I can’t help but admire you. I would donate if you allow me too.


  3. Could you make a PDF of each volume? I have all from volume 1 to 11 and the Bakuen and Masked Devil spin-off as PDF to read on my phone, but if you can’t I can see if I make them as PDF myself or just look for a epub reader on my phone. ^-^

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  4. When do you plan to translate Vol 15? (Just curious. It just came out this month, and I know you’re probably still busy with the Dust spinoffs.)


    1. This is from another translator who used to do Konosuba. He referred everyone to CGTranslations when he stopped:

      – VOLUMES 1-4
      – VOLUME 5
      – VOLUME 6
      – VOLUMES 7-8
      – VOLUMES 9-10
      – VOLUMES 11+
      Hope it helps. I haven’t read many of the spin-offs.

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  5. Holy shit! TRANSLATION WAS ON POINT! YOU EVEN CAPTURED HOW THE CHARACTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL AND ACT! Well done good sir! I hope you dont mind me asking, but when are you gonna release volume 15 chapter 4?

    Thanks for the hard work!


    1. My bet is January 26th. The previous chapter was released on January 19th. Chapters are released every week on Saturdays, so that would make it January 26th.

      Of course, the chapters can be released whenever the translator wants to do so. I did notice that chapter 4 is available on the translator’s patreon page. So the release will probably be on time.


        1. I’m not sure. In my country, it’s still the 26th but it is 11pm. The pattern is Dec 29th, Jan 05th, Jan 12th, Jan 19th so technically, chapter 4 should be out on 26th.

          The timing of the posts was not revealed. It’s also next to impossible to deduce the country based on the domain (.me)

          Either way, it’s impossible to have more than a 24hr difference. If it’s not out by 27th, then it’s probably delayed.


            1. Erm, guys, maybe there’s been some error, coz when I checked yesterday, the chapter was up, and I read it. (Unless I was dreaming? Usually don’t dream about anime/LNs though. Lol. I’m not on CG’s Patreon, BTW.) I can see it’s not there now though. Maybe CG is editing, or the chapter was incomplete. From what I understand, it’s usually once a week on the same day each week. Used to be Friday. I think it’s Saturday now.

              Either way, since the chapter went up once, maybe it’s been taken down for minor changes. Still, that also means it should be done soon. 🙂


            1. Well, we have our answer. Chapter 4 was available on 26th, right on time.

              Even I saw chapter 4 on 26th but then I thought I was dreaming or that I saw chapter 4 of another volume.

              Chapter 4 is still available, it’s just not indexed on the main page. I don’t know why.


                1. Ah got it. Great job with the translation.

                  Is there any confirmation that this will be the penultimate volume of the series because going by the web novel, it seems to be heading in that direction.

                  By the way, thanks a lot for picking up this series. I stopped reading light novels because it’s usually full of clichés, cardboard characters and wish fulfillment. Konosuba really is a breath of fresh air. Thank you.


                  1. I’m not CG, so probably can’t give as great an answer (also coz I’m not on the Japanese internet), but I don’t think there’s any confirmation the story is ending yet. Unless of course the final chapters of Vol 15 are really serious. Coz even in Vol 14, the author was joking via the V15 preview that nothing serious ever happens. Also, a lot of stuff in the LN didn’t exist in the WN, so the author may choose to just add more stuff and flesh more stuff out before bringing this story to a close. If you read the WN summaries, you’ll see the changes: Iris was originally a one-off character, some of the Generals didn’t exist/were very different. IMO, even if the author wants to end this series soon, he’s created a lot more loose ends to tie up than there were in the WN, so it may not end that quickly. Perhaps around Vol 20?


    1. Occasionally, the author will refer to events from spin-offs and short stories in the main LN, but you’ll usually understand without having read them. They’re more for fun? A chance to see more of the characters in action. That’s all.


  6. This is to anyone who thinks they know how the series ends just because they heard how the web novel ended. Most people don’t know this because the fan translation of the first volume didn’t include the author’s afterword. You can read it if you buy the official translation (I bought it for Kindle from Amazon). In the afterword, Natsume makes it very clear that the WN and LN are NOT the same story. They explicitly state that the WN should be thought of as “just a warmup” and that ANYTHING could happen in the LN. Don’t make a fool of yourself by saying “Hey everyone, I know how it ends. Kazuma kill Demon King wit Explosion!” In fact, it looks like Natsume has deliberately made that impossible. There’s a plethora of information revealed in the Megumin spinoff that means Kazuma doesn’t have a ghost of a chance at ever using explosion. It costs 50 skill points. It took Megumin YEARS to get that many even though she was born with plenty of them. It took Yunyun a whole year just to gain 10 from level one. You need a lot of magic power/large mana pool to even dream of casting explosion, which Kazuma doesn’t have, so even if he did get the 50 skill points needed to unlock it, he could never even come lose to casting it. He would also need to memorize the magic chants related to it. Recent developments on top of that.. It’s not happening.

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    1. Major spoilers ahead

      Kazuma learns to farm skill points by constantly reducing his level. It’s easier to gain skill points at a lower level. He uses this bug along with the help of Wiz and Vanir to amass a ridiculous number of skill points in a short time.

      It is also possible to increase your mana if you have enough skill points. Kazuma learns the skills ‘teleport’ and ‘explosion’ by farming skill points. Going by how the light novel is progressing (Kazuma’s level being reset), the ending is most likely going to be the same.


      1. I see. Thank you for the additional information. That’s certainly in line with “However, Kazuma comes up with a ridiculous way to power up! ?” from the vol. 16 preview description. I won’t rule out the WN ending, but I think there’s still a few problems with it.

        Mainly, I got the impression that Kazuma’s skill points were erased in vol. 15, not refunded. Just before he drank the potion, I actually thought to myself “Will he still have his skill points? If he does, then it shouldn’t be any big deal,” but apparently it was a big deal because he’s much weaker now. I know he used a few skills after the reset, but he was able to learn those in the first place just by killing a few frogs. I assumed he had just gained a few levels back “off screen” by killing some low level monsters or eating food with high experience. If Kazuma never lost any skill points, then the only thing that changed with the reset were his stats. The thing is all Kazuma’s power lies in his skills, not his stats. His stats were pretty low even before the reset, so setting them back to level one shouldn’t have made Kazuma any weaker. If that’s so, then why are they acting like Kazuma is nowhere near as strong now as he was? If he still has all his skill points, then he could just relearn all his skills and then he’d be only slightly weaker now than he was before. Why, then, do they treat him like he’s been completely crippled by the end of volume 15? That’s what makes me think he lost his skill points too. Maybe Natsume just reused the idea of the reset potion, but made it remove skill points this time. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Natsume deliberately set up all their old WN fans to think they knew what would happen before pulling the rug out from under them. Maybe they used the very thing Kazuma exploited in the WN to cripple him in the LN. I think we’ll just have to wait and see.

        What Natsume said in the vol. 1 afterword was “I want to exceed my readers’ expectations. So there’s a good chance the story in the book will turn out differently from the one on the web. (I’ve already made several such changes in this volume.) So if you think you know where things will go, watch out. You’ll be reading along, and then one day, bang! Kazuma is heating some canned coffee over a fire when it explodes and kills him dead! Next volume, new main character. That’s just the sort of crazy thing that could happen in the novel version. (Note: That is not actually going to happen.)”

        Either way, there have already been plenty of huge changes from the WN to the LN. At the end of the volume 15 epilogue translation, Cannongerbil said “Things are finally heading into end game, and I suppose there’s no better time for it given that Natsume’s other projects are picking up and the past seven volumes having almost entirely LN original content.” Was Celestina even in the WN, and if so, then did she drink the potion too?


        1. His skill points weren’t erased because he’s still using magic at level 1 after losing levels. It is not lampshaded (he probably hasn’t realised what the implications are yet) but it definitely does happen, re-read the part after he deleveled


          1. I did reread it. That’s why I said “I know he used a few skills after the reset, but he was able to learn those in the first place just by killing a few frogs. I assumed he had just gained a few levels back off screen by killing some low level monsters or eating food with high experience.” He uses Drain Touch and Elementary Magic. (Create Water, Create Earth, Tinder, and Wind Breath are all part of the single Elementary Magic skill) He probably could have relearned those two skills with only 3-4 skill points. If he did lose all his skills, then those are the first ones he would relearn since he needs Drain Touch for Megumin and Elementary Magic is very convenient. Remember that Kazuma had 3 skill points by the time he was done with the “Kill 5 Giant Toads” quest in volume one. We know that Kazuma likes to eat expensive food that’s high in experience like onion duck because it tastes good and that it’s possible to level up just from that. It’s still possible that he lost his skills, but whatever. I’ve already left a comment under the volume 16 splash images stating that I may have been wrong.


    1. Almost definitely yes. After all, there’s the ‘next volume preview’ at the end. When it’s coming out though… no clue. Anyone know?


  7. To anyone who is feeling that their feeling to this series is losing, and don’t hope to drop it, researching the anime series is a good way to get the feeling back.

    Also you don’t even need to research the entire series, just watching the opening is enough.

    Btw that’s me , after volume 13 I lost the urge to read this. But after watching the opening again, I cleared the entire volume 14 in one day because the feelings is back to me. Hope you good luck.


  8. @All the people asking where the translation for V16 is: as a self-taught Japanese student with plenty of kanji knowledge (Mandarin is my 2nd language), it took me 3 days with a dictionary and the help of a fluent friend to get through 20 pages of an LN. It can be hard to understand full sentences even if you know what all the components mean. Also, Japanese sentence structure and expressions are so different from English ones. It’s not like French when you can translate almost directly and get most things right. Compare the meaning of any Konosuba translation to the original sentences and you’ll know how hard it is to capture everything.

    V16 came out on Aug 1, and it’s only been about 2 weeks. Let’s have some patience. It probably takes at least a month to translate everything nicely and upload/get copies of illustrations.


  9. cannongerbil: “Vol. 16 should be ready some time around September.”

    Weebs not even a few weeks into August: “Where is it!?”


    1. 😂 Just wondering though: when did he mention being ready around September? One of the general blog posts? (I haven’t been tracking the site. I just come back every once in a while to see what’s going on.)


      1. It was at the end of Continued explosions 2: Chapter 5 & Epilogue. He said “Tentatively, I’ll be able to start putting out chapters around September, so there shouldn’t be as much of a wait this time.”


        1. I see. Thanks. Funny how everyone is so anxious even though the translation is probably gonna be done earlier than usual. BTW, I like your Darkness profile pic. It’s super cute.


    2. I know I watch as much anime as my dad watches anime as normally as he watches game of thrones as normally as I watched lucifer on netflix.

      You tell me.


  10. So, I finished the recent chapter that just came out, and I just have to say this about how kazuma dealt with that one ogre with a specific skill.



  11. And now we wait for Volume 17…
    I found the time between volumes based on their release dates on Wikipedia. Here’s a sort of time line with the waits between each volume:
    [Vol. 1] – 2 months – [Vol. 2] – 3 months – [Vol. 3] – 2 months – [Vol. 4] – 4 months – [Vol. 5] – 6 months – [Vol. 6] – 6 months – [Vol. 7]
    – 4 months – [Vol. 8] – 6 months – [Vol. 9] – 4 months – [Vol. 10] – 6 months – [Vol. 11] – 3 months – [Vol. 12] – 4 months – [Vol. 13]
    – 7 months – [Vol. 14] – 4 months – [Vol. 15] – 9 months – [Vol. 16]
    The wait before volume 16 was unusually long. Most volumes came 4 or 6 months apart.I want the next volume to come soon, but I don’t want the series to end soon…


  12. Man I’ve read everything Konosuba has to offer I can’t wait for Volume 17 to be released……I have to know which girl Kazuma will end up with, hopefully it’ll be Megumin, with all the moments he has with her I don’t see any other path coming nearly as close as their ship.


  13. Hello. As of 3 April 2020, the “Dust Spinoff!” link in the “Spinoff” section is directing it to a “Page not found” page, where none of those spinoff volumes are listed.


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