Konosuba Volume 15 Prologue

And here we are, a little bit of a late Christmas present for you all. Incidentally, as mentioned before, I’ll be moving the day I put these updates up to Saturday instead of Friday for logistical reasons, so don’t freak out if you don’t get an alert on Friday.

Additionally, thanks to Kasen, Kato, and Fructose for doing all the art assets.




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(Thanks to Ulti and Kasen for providing these)

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: BoringBone, Ulti

It was a normal day in this peaceful, uneventful town.

“Kazuma-san, Kazuma-san, pass the soy sauce.”


Unlike Megumin and Darkness who woke up early in the morning, Aqua and I were helping ourselves to a late breakfast.

Upon receiving the bottle, she said thanks and proceeded to—

“Hey, you just touched the soy sauce, didn’t you?”

“No I didn’t.”

This girl has about a one in five chance of purifying the bottle of soy sauce whenever she handles it.

“Then go ahead and spread it on your meal. It isn’t water, so it won’t ruin the taste, right?”

“… Say, Kazuma, why are you being so harsh? We’ve been together for quite some time, haven’t we? So you must know what is going on, right?”

With a gentle smile, I pushed the plate of grilled fish to Aqua.

“You keep saying that you didn’t purify the seasonings every time it happens, right? So go ahead. Pour some soy sauce on this fish and dig in.”

“Oh, fine, I’ll do it! What’s the big deal, I just changed a little of the soy sauce to water! Thinning the sauce a little will surely make it more delicious!”

Aqua tipped the bottle over and poured a stream of water onto the plate.

“… Do you have anything to say?”

“… I’ll go buy more soy sauce later, so please pass me the salt…”

With a regretful expression, Aqua shook the salt shaker over her meal.

Just then.

“Ah! What are you doing!? That’s mine! Give it back, you beast!”

Chomusuke jumped onto the table and snatched her meal away.

The cat crawled to my feet to enjoy her meal. At the same time, Aqua rose to her feet and glared at it.

“… This thing really looks down on me. Move aside, Kazuma. It’s about time someone taught this evil black furball about the hierarchy in this house.”

“Oh come on, it’s just breakfast. Can’t you just enjoy your meal quietly…?”

Aqua furrowed her brow and pounced upon the cat.

“Ow! This horrible demonic beast! It actually dares to scar the flawless skin of a goddess! Fine, if that’s how you want to do… Hot!”

I can understand her cries of pain, but hot?

I was a little curious, but I ignored the grown girl having a deathmatch with a cat and continued eating…

“Kazuma! Kazuma! This demonic beast just breathed fire!”

“Hey, cut it out! Don’t shake me while I’m drinking soup! Besides, didn’t I already say it in the past? That cat can breath fire and uses it to cook her fish.”

Perhaps spooked by Chomusuke, Aqua quickly distanced herself.

“I knew it. I always knew this thing wasn’t an ordinary cat from the moment I saw it, but… Oh, I see it! I see it now! I see its true form!”

So you finally realized it.

Glancing over while finishing my meal, I saw Aqua staring intently at the cat.

“Your true form is… Yes, a really devil-like form! Hey, let me sniff you! Don’t think you can mask the scent of devils from a goddess!”

She kept stealing glances at me while she said that. It seems like she’s not completely confident in her deduction.

“I don’t have full confidence in her identity either, so go figure that out by yourself.”

“… Well, it doesn’t really reek like a devil… Why does a cat have the smell of soap on it? Come on, I’ll give that fish to you, so tell me your true identity. I’ll keep it a secret.”

Aqua crouched before Chomusuke as she dug into the fish and asked with a straight face.

“Hey, if you mess with her too much while she’s eating, she’ll get angry—”

“Waaaah! Stop! Stop! I get it! I get it! I won’t pester you about your identity, so don’t scratch up my precious hagoromo!”

Looking at Chomusuke attacking Aqua after she ignored my warnings, I let out a contented sigh.

“… It’s so peaceful…”

“What do you mean by peaceful, you shitty NEET! I’ll give you some of my side dishes during dinner, so hurry up and stop this thing!”

Volume 14 Epilogue

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    1. They probably heading off for the final battle. Serena is like the second last demon general protecting the castle (excluding wiz), so everyone is feeling confident of attacking. The next volume is probably the “power-leveling” arc where Kazuma leaves Axel with Wiz and Vanir to buff himself up for the final battle.

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    1. This!! I almost feel bad for her like this. She’s a good girl. Most of the time. Okay, sometimes. I’m really looking forward to the context and whether it’s really going to be a touching moment.


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  2. *Saw new chapter*
    “Finally! Thanks you guys for the chapter”
    *Read the volume contents*
    “Chapter V: A Farewell to this Beginner’s Town!……….Wait what???”
    On another hand, I seriously keep forgetting that they are still in the Beginner Town cause seriously……
    On another another hand, wait what??? Is it an implication that Konosuba is about to end soon?


    1. Aqua wants to return back to Heaven. So after the defeat of Serena, she feels confident in taking down the demon king castle barrier given that there’s only 2 generals left (including wiz), ending the war once & for all and returning back home.
      After hearing of Aqua’s sudden departure, everyone bands together to head over as well.
      Meanwhile Kazuma leaves for a separate adventure with Wiz & Vanir to buff himself up for the final battle.


        1. I think that is how the Web Novel went? I haven’t read it, so I’m not sure, but since there isn’t more raw material, that must be it.


  3. Woot! It’s here!
    That last chapter tittle… it brings forth a bitter sweet feeling. The ride is nearing its end, while Aqua is also getting some massive character developments as well.


  4. Too many implications from the contents and the illustrations. ButI don’t believe Kazuma will want to leave the town lest the succubus shop relocates too


  5. Thanks for the chap~

    Been waiting for this since last month
    And it’s probably some of the last volumes(?) since the title for chapter V is foreshadowing their final adventures…
    I hope the author really change the ending so it won’t be same as the WN ending
    If it’ll be different ending than the WN version, how do you guys want the LN version to end? For me…. I personally want KazuMegu ending, wedding… is probably impossible, but maybe he and megumin live in the mansion alone since Aqua went back to heaven and Darkness went back to her house for some reason, and they live their life like lovers. It’s still very unlikely but I still hope for it.


      1. I posted what I remember below your reply. You can try searching for a WN summary on Reddit. I think there are more details there.


      2. Update: oops, Cannongerbil (the wonderful translator) says I’m wrong. Sorry. Read his comments under my incorrect spoilers to get the actual summary.



      I heard the WN was super open regarding romance: Megumin going off creating more explosions on her own, Darkness controlling a fief and hoping Kazuma will propose, Aqua kicking Kazuma out of the mansion (I’m not sure about this one, don’t trust me on this), Kazuma just… continuing the adventure? Kinda weird coz there was apparently some Kazumin in the WN, but they ended up completely uninvolved. Also feels a bit rushed in my opinion, so I hope the ending changes.



      1. The thing about the WN is that it didn’t include the events of volume 14 or the confession of volume 12, so the relationship between Megumin and Kazuma never went beyond mutual attraction. The current relationship that they have right now is already far beyond what they had in the WN, so even if things ended the exact same way it wouldn’t play out the same because of all that added baggage.

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        1. First of all, thanks a ton for the translations. They’re great. I’ve been learning Japanese, but I’m not good enough to read the LNs without a dictionary yet.
          Secondly, yes, I heard the relationships are much more developed in the LN. Vol 12 had not one, but two serious confessions, so yeah, much more complicated.

          Last thing: I read your Vol 14 translation about 2 months ago, but I don’t really get the importance of the events for Kazumin. Maybe I missed something coz I rushed through the volume, but Megumin spent most of the story in jail, right? Full disclosure: I prefer Darkness, but I don’t want a ‘shipping war’, it’s a serious question: why was Vol 14 significant?
          (Would really appreciate it if you replied, but I know you’re busy translating.)


        2. Ok, I just skimmed the little Bomber Majin forest adventure chapter from Vol 14 again, and I kinda get it. It was the two of them alone in a dangerous situation together. I guess I didn’t count it as relationship development coz Kazuma was drunk when he started it, so I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just showing off again. I know Kazumin is the fan favourite, and people say Darkness scenes always end goofily, but Kazuma is always struggling with his feelings in Darkness scenes, whereas he’s always trying to guess Megumin’s feelings/intentions.

          My point about the WN was that I read Megumin was the ‘frontrunner’ even in the WN (she went to his room to convince him, but realised Darkness was hiding in the cupboard or something?), so it’s weird that she had the least romantic attachment to Kazuma in the original ending.

          BTW, was the Darkness-Kazuma relationship the same in the WN? Or did the LN add stuff?
          (Again, replies appreciated, but I know you’re busy. Thanks for the great work. 🙂 )


          1. Well, your information regarding the end of the WN is faulty. The party didn’t all go their separate ways, the story ended with them taking out the demon king, and then the epilogue had Kazuma telling/complaining to Eris that nothing’s changed since then, Megumin still goes out on explosion trips every day, Darkness is busy with noble duties, and Aqua is still Aqua.

            As for the Darkness-Kazuma relationship, Darkness is more desperate to appeal to Kazuma in the LN, but apart from that they are basically the same. Most of the desperation is a result of Megumin being in a relationship with Kazuma in the first place, which doesn’t happen in the WN, so yeah.

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            1. Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Ok, I didn’t know my info was *that* far off. Thanks for clearing that up. About Vol 14, come to think of it, it *was* the first time they successfully went out together since they started trying in Vol 11/12, so ok, it’s a development, even if Kazuma was drunk at first. And yeah, the increased desperation thing makes sense given that Megumin & Kazuma are a lot closer than in the WN even though they’re intentionally being iffy about it (coz authors have to tease readers, I guess?). Anyway, thanks a lot again. Looking forward to the rest of Vol 15. 😀

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      2. As someoone who read the WN ending, I can elaborate.
        [WN Spoilers]
        Megumin went off on daily explosions with Yun Yun. Kazuma had no idea what she was up to, since he wasn’t the one going with her.
        The part about Darkness was correct.
        Aqua kicked Kazuma out of the mansion for publicly joking about starting a harem.

        This hasn’t happened in the LN yet, but Megumin and Kazuma kissed in the WN before whatever they had “ended”.


        1. I often see the part about Kazuma being kicked out by Aqua being mentioned in WN summaries. Yet, the people who read it always forget to mention that Kazuma regretted making the joke about the harem and that he was heading back to meet (bully) her at the end of the epilogue.


    2. Personally, I prefer Kazuma-Darkness (Kazutina/Kazuness if you like), but I know shipping and Konosuba = 😂 No hate please, I just feel Darkness puts in more effort. There’s some romance from Kazuma to Megumin, but Megumin to Kazuma… it’s mostly just been jealousy lately. Also, there’s been \so much\ Kazutina teasing in recent volumes. It’s annoying whichever couple you like: if Megumin finally wins, then why so much Darkness? If Darkness eventually wins, she’s just getting bullied now, coz Kazuma keeps swinging between them.

      I’m hoping the ending is either super open, or if it ships, that it clears things up. If it’s a Kazumin ending, then I hope we have more ‘Megumin doing stuff for Kazuma’ so it’s a stronger couple, not just ‘the couple the author decided should stay’. Whatever happens, I just hope it’s convincing (and that it stays Konosuba! 😛 )


      1. It’s hard to foresee Megumin or Darkness winning based on how the WN ended, as well as the author hinting at future romantic development between Aqua and Kazuma back in the epilogue of LN volume 13, when Kazuma and Megumin already gained significant momentum. Either the LN ending will stay open or Aqua would be a clearer victor than in the WN. We know Kazuma wants no part of the demon King. Win or lose, he’s either risking death or the end of his stay in this world. Yet, he did it for Aqua and admitted it in a monologue. At the end of the day she is still the main heroine. Both the ending and epilogue of the WN made that clear. Neither his fling with Megumin nor his ambiguous moments with Darkness are going to change something that was decided from chapter 1.


          1. Yeah sure, if you say so. You being a translator means nothing to me when it comes to raws. We all know you’re not exactly unbiased when it comes to shipping. I can actually back up what I said using source material, can you do the same with you claim that I’m spewing bullshit?


  6. It is good to see the plot progressing, but I am sad that Konosuba will soon be ending ._. maybe we will get like… three more volumes of the main story?
    Also it is about time other people noticed things about Chomusuke other than Kazuma XD

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  7. Thanks for the chapter, so funny how most of the comments theorize about the possible ending of the series yet none are about Serena’s defeat. Is she that a pushover lol?


    1. BTW, if you search for the WN summary, there are spoilers about how she gets defeated, so you might want to skip that part. IDK if the LN plot is the same, but… she’s not a pushover, it’s just… she gets defeated in a weird way? I read a summary full of spoilers, but IDK how it works. Hahaha.


  8. Honestly I do not think it ends yet. (I do not want)
    Chumosuke must still “be reborn” as the evil god Wolbach (loli version)

    In addition, there is still more development of Iris, and they say that there is more than one Demon Lord, so perhaps, they extend it to the “hunt” of the second or third Demon King.

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  9. The graphics where Darkness is saying “This is all stuff you taught me, no?” -> This is all the stuff you had taught me, no?


  10. “Shitty NEET” has become Aqua’s default go-to insult for whenever she’s annoyed by Kazuma. Even when she’s been living more leisurely than him for some time now!


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