Konosuba VN (Kono Yokubukai Game ni Shinpan o!) Aqua Reward/Punishment scenes


Aqua’s scenes are done by Ulti, who’s kindly given his permission to let them be posted here. Send you regards to him.

Reward 1: Maid massage

Reward 2: Swimsuit

Reward 3: Idol

Reward 4: Poem of Praise

Reward 5: Chess match

Punishment 1: Servant

Punishment 2: Cooking

Punishment 3: Praising

Punishment 4: Sleeping

Punishment 5: Foot Massage

14 thoughts on “Konosuba VN (Kono Yokubukai Game ni Shinpan o!) Aqua Reward/Punishment scenes”

  1. I’m impressed they managed to give Aqua rewards while maintaining Kazuma’s “I have no attraction to this useless goddess” attitude 🤣


  2. Aqua is surprisingly clever at times that don’t matter. See how she masterfully manipulated Kazuma into putting on the maid outfit, despite his vehemont protest and his own failed attempt to make her change her mind.


  3. Hi thanks for the hard worl you guys do, I know it’s been awhile but the Punishment 3: Praising video no longer exsits, is there anotehr way of getting this scene thanks


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