Megumin Anthology: Futaba Masumi – A tale of Demon King Megumin’s wonderful supremacy

Well, this is the last chapter of the Megumin Anthology. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Once again, thanks to Kasen for doing the translations and allowing me to host it.

From next week onwards, I’ll be taking over TL efforts for the Nichijou manga. I won’t be able to commit to a weekly release schedule as I did with this anthology or my regular LN chapters, but I’ll try to get a chapter up every fortnight.

Look forward to it!126

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Consulting with this Masked devil Manga: Chapter 00

As some of you might have heard, the Consulting with this Masked Devil spinoff is getting a manga adaptation starting from next month. It’d be my pleasure to announce that I will be picking it up, so look forward to it. Here’s the preview/ advertisement that appeared in this month’s issue.


Additionally, Kasen will be picking up the Continued explosions Manga as well, which will be appearing on my site as well, so look forward to it.