Konosuba Volume 5: Prologue (Lets & go to the explosion village!)

Lets & go to the explosion village!

TL: Skythewood

Editing: Adam, Boring Bone, Cannongerbil, Veritaum, Xenthur


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The calm and peaceful plain was trampled by brutal violence.

The shockwave of the Explosion radiated out alongside a loud bang, kicking up a dust cloud.

I picked up Megumin who’d collapsed onto the ground after exhausting her mana.

“How, how many points did I get…?”

Although she looked tired, Megumin’s eyes still looked sharp as she asked me.

“From the volume of the sound and destructive power… 85 points!”

“Urghh! As expected of Kazuma, I would’ve given that Explosion the same score. Kazuma’s progressing really fast…!”

“Fufu, after accompanying you every day, my judgement’s also improved. It’s fine to address me as the ‘Explosion connoisseur’. Here, let me give you a piggyback.”


I propped up Megumin who’d collapsed onto the ground.

“Explosions day in and day out, and you’re still not sick of it? Don’t you wanna change your class and learn other spells to become an excellent mage?

“Of course not. I’m already an excellent mage! How dare you complain after getting me?”

The excellent (self-proclaimed) mage said as she put her hands around my neck.

But I recently realized that this girl’s rather dependable if she’s used well…

I sighed and put Megumin onto my back.

– Tomorrow’s another busy day.

She said that she wouldn’t be able to cast her spell during the trip as she needed to conserve her mana, so I was dragged to accompany her to the so called daily Explosion ritual.

Really, how could she not be sick of this?

On our way back to Axel.

As the sky was gradually dyed red, Megumin who was on my back mumbled to herself.

“I’ll get one hundred points next time…!”

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7 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 5: Prologue (Lets & go to the explosion village!)”

  1. Fufu now that I have finally read the Xplosion spinoff I can finally enjoy this particular volume on a deeper level. Like a protagonist who visited a shady secret shop to boost the rate of stat growth, I can now go at this with enthusiasm doubled! Bleck!


  2. Attention! Kazumin shipper on deck!

    Am I the only one who wonders if the artists have problems reading? It clearly states that Yunyun has a short sword in addition to her wand, yet I’ve never seen the short sword. Plus, Kazuma stated he has black eyes, yet art always depicts them as green.


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