Yorimichi 2 (Short story collection) announced: Release date 1/11

A new tweet by Sneaker Bunko has announced a new collection of short stories slated to be released on the 1st of November. Just like the previous Yorimichi, this should be a similar collection of exclusive short stories, including several “phantom” short stories that were previously near impossible to obtain. Additionally, according to the information released on Kadokawa’s website, this volume will contain three additional original short stories.

However, one point to note is that while they are newly written short stories, they do not take place after Volume 17. According to a follow up tweet, they will take place in and around Volumes 4-5.

In any case, it seems like I will be busy for some time yet.

8 thoughts on “Yorimichi 2 (Short story collection) announced: Release date 1/11”

  1. I confess that I’m disappointed, I would love something that came after vol 17 … the feeling I have is that the author is afraid to give an exact conclusion that does not please fans … But, after all, are these stories cannon?


  2. Do you still have any plans to translate this one? It doesn’t look like anyone else has picked it up yet, and I’m pretty sure there are others out there who are patiently waiting for your translation as well.
    Thank you for all the hard work you have done so far~♥.


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