Konosuba Volume 15: Short story 2

The Basic Equipment to take down a Demon King

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Ulti

As I turned my sword around in my hand, I mumbled to myself.

“… I really want a magic sword.”

Yes, a magic sword.

Even though I’ve taken down more than a few Demon King’s Generals, my equipment was still pretty crappy.

If it was a game, I would’ve gotten my hands on the rare equipment that they were using or found some amazing item hidden away in their stronghold by now, but that hasn’t happened at all.

… Just then, Megumin suddenly looked up from her book titled “How to Prepare Beef and Potato Stew for Dummies” and said.

“Isn’t your Chunchunmaru a pretty rare sword already? What part of it is unsatisfactory?”

“There’s the name, for one.”

Indeed, this sword was forged with the vague ideas of Japanese sword forging techniques that I gleaned from documentaries and the like.

Of course, it’s not as well made as a proper katana, and it has a very painful-sounding name engraved into the blade.

“It’s a little boastful for me to be saying this, but there aren’t that many swords that have such a cool name, you know? I’ve said this before, but your naming sense is really strange.”

“I never dreamed that there’d come the day where you’d be criticizing my naming sense…”

Just where does this girl get her confidence from?

“Still, a magic sword, huh? I do understand why you might want something like that. It’d be hard to take down the Demon King without a powerful magic weapon, after all.”

“I’m not doing this for such a grand purpose, so stop it.”

Still, even though I’m not going after the Demon King, there are quite a few monsters that can’t be harmed without a magic weapon in this world.

I am a pretty famous adventurer by this point, after all.

Maybe it’s about time I get my hands on a magic weapon or two.

“… Oh, very well. Let’s go get a magic sword, then.”

Megumin said in the same tone of voice one would use to say ‘I’m off to pick up some milk.’


—Not long after, we arrived at the adventurer’s guild.

“See, there’s a magic sword.”

“I want to say it’s been some time, but what’s going on now?”

Standing in front of us was the Magic Sword Guy.

“Say, Megumin, if I take away the magic sword from the Magic Sword Guy, wouldn’t he just become a regular guy?”

“True, that magic sword really is that guy’s only unique point…”

“Hey, wait, even I do have plenty of other memorable traits! And would you please call me by name!?”

The Magic Sword Guy started raising a fuss for some reason.

“You’ll bother the other people if you shout like that, Magic Sword Guy. Anyway, Kazuma here wants a magic sword. If I recall, you have a powerful sword called Gram, right?”

“Why is it that you can remember my sword’s name but not mine!?”

The Magic Sword Guy still seemed just as agitated.

Still, something just came to mind.

“Megumin, Gram is a magic sword that only he can make use of. I don’t think I’d be able to make proper use of it.”

“Is that so? I really think it’s a waste for the Magic Sword Guy to have such a powerful weapon when he can’t even manage to take down a single Demon King’s General…”

The magic sword that the Magic Sword Guy has is a divine treasure that is linked only to him.

“A-A waste… Hey, wait, even I managed to take down a few high bounty targets.”

“… Well, it can’t be helped in that case. Let’s head over to our next stop, then.”

“Listen to me!”

—And the next stop that Megumin was talking about is…


“Welcome, dear customers who are looking for a magic sword. Moi stocks various magic weapons in this store, so feel free to pick one you like.”

“Ah, yeah, if you want a magic sword, a magic item store is of course a good place to stop at.”

A very jovial Vanir welcomed us as we stepped foot inside Wiz’s magic item shop.

“Kazuma, look at this. From what I can tell, this is a very powerful magic item! Moreover, this thing feels really compatible with me!”

“Hou? As expected of a Crimson Demon, your eye when it comes to magic items is sharp indeed. That’s a rare magic sword that will explode when you pour mana into it.”

“I’m not buying that.”

Judging from my past experiences, Vanir will definitely try to pawn off something useless onto me, so to head that off, I took out a small but heavy bag filled with coins.

“Use your powers to help me find a magic sword that I can use and isn’t trash.”

“Leave it to me, dear customer! Fuhahahahaha! Behold, my powers of foresight…!”

After receiving the bag, Vanir’s eyes started glowing…

“… … Brat, magic swords tend to choose their own wielders…”

“Don’t say anything more! You’re just going to say that there isn’t a magic sword that I can use, right!?”

Great, this again! The limitations of me having the weakest job rears its head yet again!

But Vanir shook his head and handed a small knife case from the shelves over to me.

“Isn’t this a cooking knife?”

Inside the case is a fish filleting knife.

“This is the magic item, ‘Fish Slayer’. It’s is enchanted to be more damaging against aquatic creatures. Moi heartily recommends this item.”

“You bastard, are you telling to pick a fight with a strong enemy armed with a cooking knife!? I’m not going into battle with a cooking knife! … But it looks quite cool, so I’ll buy it anyway!”


—And thus, my kitchen was equipped with a magic sword.


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42 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 15: Short story 2”

      1. You don’t fit to be an archer nor a scribe: you missed the point.
        And he probably just visits Axel to see his crush occasionally, because he is one of top rankers within frontliners.


      2. He’s crushing on Aqua pretty hard, and stays nearby, I think. iirc, he left briefly to fight off the demon army, but I don’t remember much else.


      3. Remember in volume 9 when Kazuma spills the secret shop of Axel to all the cheat users. Mitsurugi might be a gentleman, but a small dream doesn’t affect the real world at all (there’s a small price but who cares), he might take a chance


  1. Kazuma could become a very cheat user, after all he was dreaming to get a powerful skill/ weapon or alike. So might be intetesting that and when The party goes to rescue Aqua, he ended archieve some proper over-powered to start The punchline of The story.


  2. I’m shocked Kazuma didn’t go for the exploding sword. If it can hold a charge for a few seconds before exploding, it can become an oddly shaped grenade. If it explodes instantly, “dropping” it where an enemy could pick it up to use against you would be a very easy tactic. Also, if Megumin likes it, chances are it makes one hell of an explosion!

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  3. This is a shower thought.
    Is anyone feeling that freed that it takes four months to publish a volume and it’s seems like the finale is coming soon because now they are very close to defeating the demon king.
    In other words we are slowly dying


  4. Isn’t the name Megumin gave Kazuma’s sword a variant of “Twinkle”…. Same name as oneof Drizt’s sword?(D&D SForotten Realms refferece)

    Why not just enhant Chuhumaru? Eris might be able to help him with that if not a Crimson Demon


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