Konosuba Volume 14: Chapter 4

A Conclusion for these Fated Rivals!

TL: Cannongerbil, Yamaking

Editing: Ulti, Xenthur

Part 1

Yunyun came back, extremely fatigued, at the crack of dawn.

The sounds of magic that rang throughout the night narrated the severity of trial.

Apparently, whenever Yunyun would run out of mana, she would take a break inside Aigis to recover before continuing to fight.

Normally, for the final trial, two Crimson Demons will take turns sleeping and use their high mana and offensive capability to push through as a way of compensating for the difficulty of this trial.

Additionally, Yunyun could also use intermediate magic.

She could use spells with lower mana costs to deal with weaker enemies. This trial is truly one where her abilities shine to the fullest.

While Aigis was also with her, he didn’t have much offensive power, so Yunyun might as well have overcome the trial on her own.

At the sight of her-


“Chief! Chief!”

“I always knew that Roaring Thunder Yunyun would make it someday!”

“Hey Yunyun, we’re friends aren’t we? Let’s go hunting in the forest next time!”

“This is a joyous occasion! Tonight is the birth of the strongest chief!”


On the evening of the day the next Crimson Demon Chief was decided.

Yunyun slept like a log after the ordeals of the trial. By the time she woke up, the entire village was having a festival in the middle of the village square.

“Ahahahahahaha! Hey Kazuma, look at this! Megumin is multiplying!”

The already wasted Aqua pointed at Megumin and laughed.

“I am not multiplying! Aqua, you drank too much! Darkness, please stop her…”

The only one not drinking, Megumin, looked to Darkness for help—

“The Dustiness House will not give in! I have resistance to poison as well. There’s no reason to decline such a challenge!”

“That’s the spirit! Now, now, drink with me, Darkness-san! If I lose, I won’t meddle any further with my daughter’s and Kazuma’s relationship!”

The person in question has a bright red face and is currently being offered alcohol by Yuiyui.

It seems like she’s already drunk quite a bit. It’s not anywhere near Aqua’s level, but she’s staggering a little.

This is the last night Megumin and I will be spending here.

It seems like Yuiyui is trying to get Darkness dead drunk so that she couldn’t get in our way when we cross the line.

“Why don’t you drink as well? Even Darkness who usually stops you is already drunk.”

“Ugh… I’d very much like to do that, but…”

Megumin’s being surprisingly restrained today.

She is always clamouring to be treated like an adult and be allowed to drink alcohol, and Darkness would always stop her citing her small body size, but today…

Just then.

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“So this is where you were, Megumin! We finally caught you!


Funifura and Dodonko, who approached without us noticing, collapsed onto Megumin.

“Wh-what are you doing? Are you two drunk!? After taking out all those powerful targets, my level is far higher than the both of you! If you don’t mind getting thrown around, then feel free to come at me!”

“Come talk with us for a bit! It’s about time you come clean with how far you’ve gone with that guy!”

“Yeah, yeah, you’re always so arrogant! We’ve never seen you act like a maiden at all! How did you, the one with the least sex appeal out of all of us, end up like this!?”

It seems these two are curious about our relationship.

“I wouldn’t mind talking about such things when you’re sober, but this isn’t something that makes good conversation while drinking! Come on, Nerimaki and Arue are over there, go play with them instead!

“You’re so cold! You hardly ever come back to the village, so hang out with us a little while you’re here!

“Yeah, yeah! And could you introduce us to some male friends of yours too!? It’d be too cruel to ask Yunyun to introduce us to her friends!”

“You guys are some really troublesome drunks! Don’t let Yunyun hear you, she’ll cry!”

While Megumin was being tied up by those two girls, there was a girl who was being fawned over much more than her over at the center of the square.


“—Chief! Chief!”

“Chief! Chief!”

“W-Wait! I’m only the next in line. You’ll make my father sad!”

Yunyun blushed from the praise being showered onto her by the crowd of Crimson Demons.

Despite the blush, there’s no mistaking her joy.

And next to her was…

<“How do you do! I’m the one that became one with your next chief in line, Aigis!”>

The divine relic that loves sexual harassment was striking a pose as if he was the protagonist.

“Aigis-san! Please don’t put it like that! I just went inside of you!”

<“That’s right, you just went inside me and exerted yourself, right!”>

Aigis’s misleading words stirred up the current chief, who is also Yunyun’s father.

“Wh-What is the meaning of this? I don’t remember raising a daughter who would let inanimate objects do as they please with her body!”

“Father what are you saying!? Aigis-san too, please don’t put it in such a weird way..!”

Yunyun hastily tried to stop them, but Aigis continued to tease the chief.

<“Your daughter smelled really good, it was just the best! Also, her body temperature was high, so it was really warm.”>

“Lightning Strike!”

The chief lost it and let loose a spell.

However, the lightning that suddenly descended only grazed the surface of Aigis.

<“I’m resistant to magic you know. But I understand your grief, father! Don’t hold back and hit me as much as you’d like!”>

“D-D-D-Don’t call me fatherrrrrrr!”

The agitated chief went to hit his opponent, but of course, Aigis is a suit of armour.

“Gurk, m-my hand…!”

The chief grabbed his hand as he crouched down.

<“Are you alright father? I’m sorry, but I’m made of orihalcum. Also, your daughter was very soft!”>


“Aigis-san, please stop teasing my father!”


As I watched the figures of Yunyun and the chief being led around by the troublemaking armor, Funifura, who was pestering Megumin, spoke up.

“Hey, Dodonko, Yunyun and that armoured man are getting on really well!”

“You’re kidding me! Not only Megumin, but her too!?

Before I could tell them that the inside of that armour was empty, they both rushed to Yunyun’s side.

“Hey, what’s the meaning of this! You look so innocent, but you’re actually doing stuff like this behind our backs!?”

“You keep talking about making friends this and making friends that, but you seem to have no problem making boyfriends! Hey, Yunyun, we’re friends, right!? Please, introduce me to a cool onii-san!”

<“Now, now, ladies, don’t quarrel over little old me.”>

“I have no idea what the two of you are saying! Please calm down! Also Aigis-san, stop butting in!”

Despite being teased by a lot of people, Yunyun had a certain cheer in her voice and seemed to be enjoying the situation.

“Hey now Aqua, Darkness, you’ll catch a cold if you sleep here… You too mother, please wake up. If you’re going to sleep, please do it at home.”

I wonder if it’s her position as an older sister that made her good at looking after others or if it was something innate to her personality. Megumin was trying to awaken the people who passed out drunk.

“Komekko, are you sleepy because you stuffed yourself? I’m sorry, but please help me carry your mother home.”

“That’s a pain, just leave her here and go home. I’ll ask father to come here later…”

“Komekko, no matter how much of a pain they are, you shouldn’t just leave your parents alone!”

Standing close to the bonfire in the middle of the square, the now plump Komekko curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

Sighing at the sight of her little sister, Megumin started putting blankets on the drunks, seemingly having given up on the idea of taking them home.

Eventually, everyone was wrapped in their own blanket.

Megumin looked upon them with a wry smile, before her gaze slowly shifted over to where the Crimson Demons and Aigis were still messing around with Yunyun.

I moved closer to Megumin.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join them?”

“If I go there now, I’m sure I will be compared to Yunyun. I’m already being known as the joke mage, so I’m not going to go out there just to be made fun of.  Besides, that loner of a girl being surrounded by everyone like that is a pretty unusual event for her. It seems all the hard work she put in really paid off.”

Megumin talked as if it was completely unrelated to her, while happily looking at Yunyun.

“So she finally surpassed me.”

Her tone was cheerful, but she seemed a little lonely as she said that…

“… So, is your rivalry finally settled with this?”

“Of course not, our gap as rivals just got larger, is all. Someday, I’ll achieve something that’ll make all the Crimson Demons envious. Say… taking down the Demon King with my party, for example?”

“I definitely won’t go with you on that one, ok? No matter how much you cry or scream or tantrum, I’m definitely not doing that.”

As I firmly decided this, she looked my way and said:


“Then how about this, if we defeat the Demon King, I’ll do anything you want.”



“Did you just say anything…”

“I said it, didn’t I? Anything means anything.”

Why is this girl always throwing me curveballs? Why won’t she just give it to me straight?

”But Megumin is unexpectedly a pretty easily tricked girl, so I get the feeling that you’ll still let me do a lot of things even if we don’t defeat the Demon King.”

“Please don’t call me easily tricked, I’m pretty conscious about that. I used to be a much sharper girl in the past, so how did things turn out like this…”

Despite being the one who suggested that, Megumin blushed all the way to her ears.

“Say, Megumin, you still haven’t done your daily routine today, right?”

“Yeah. I was going to fire it off in the sky during the climax of the celebration, to give all those drunks a surprise…”

This girl thought of a pretty troublesome prank.

“It’s a rare celebration for Yunyun, so why don’t you just let it slide tonight?”

“It’s precisely because it’s my rival’s celebration….”

Yunyun’ll probably cry if her celebration got cancelled because of that.

Eventually, Megumin muttered “Oh fine,” and shrugged her shoulders.

And as she once again looked towards her rival from a distance, I said.

“Say, how about we sneak out of here together?”

“…Do you want to do perverted things that badly? Really, this guy…”

“T-That’s not it!”

Dammit, is this because of my usual behaviour?

I’m a little angry at that small part of me that thought that it’d be fine if it ended up that way too.

“Then what do you plan on doing after we sneak out? If we go missing under such circumstances, we’ll definitely be teased about it tomorrow…”

Megumin looks a bit troubled.

However, at the same time, she was sporting a slight smile.

It doesn’t seem like she’s entirely against it.


… Taking down a Demon King is impossible but…

I think I could at least shorten the gap between these two rivals.


Megumin tilted her head at my silence.

“Let’s go do your daily routine right now!”

I said with a smile.


Part 2

The area around the Crimson Demon village is inhabited by strong monsters.

On top of that, nocturnal monsters are supposed to be stronger in general.

If you have to ask why I am remembering such things now—


“Hahahahahahaha! Look Megumin, the One-Strike bear is multiplying!”

“It’s not multiplying! Kazuma, how much did you drink just now!?”


In the forest close to the village, Megumin and I were being chased by a monster.

“I did drink a little, but I’m not drunk, so it’s fine!”

“It doesn’t look the least bit fine at all! If it was the usual you, you would surely be screaming at the sight of the One-Strike bear!”

With the help of the night vision from Farsight and my Escape skill, I was able easily run away with Megumin in tow.

“Hey, hey, little bear, are you scared!? I am Kazuma! Catch me if you can!”

“You’re drunk aren’t you? You’re actually very, very drunk, aren’t you?”


I turned around to face the furball chasing me.



What I’m doing right now is running in the dark at full speed while firing arrows behind me.

It’s a high difficulty technique, but I’m able to pull it off.

“Behold Megumin! This is the true power of the Hero Kazuma! What do you think, isn’t it cool??”

“It looks cool! It looks very cool, so please keep running! Where did you hit it? It looks like you really pissed it off!”

As expected only from someone with a high level, Megumin’s easily keeping up with me.

“Oh, it’s a male isn’t it. I struck its sweet spot!”

“Now’s not the time for that! What have you done!?”

As soon as Megumin heard my words, she started chanting under her breath.

It seems like she intends to use the bear as her target for her daily routine.


“Hold it right there, it’s way too early for that. You sure are a hasty one, aren’t you?”

“Mmff!? …Fuaa! Why did you interrupt me? It will catch up to us at this rate, you know!? Can’t I just blow that bear up!? It’s more than sufficient to be my target.”

Megumin, who I quickly silenced with my finger, was now shouting at me with tears in her eyes.

“That kind of small fry is not a suitable match for your magic. Explosion magic is the strongest magic, so don’t you misuse it!”

“What is with you tonight, Kazuma!? Did you get more drunk after running around!? Normally you’ll just tell me to get it over with!! Actually, if I don’t use it now, we’ll get done in by that small fry!”

I waved my finger in front of Megumin.

“Did you forget who I am? That’s right, I’m Kazuma, the one who possesses the Lurk skill!”

“It’s already found us! I’m begging you, please return to normal!”

Just like Megumin said, the Lurk skill is useless if the enemy has already spotted you.


“Create Earth”

Using flashy magic in the forest at the dead of night would just attract more enemies.

With the handful of soil in my hand…

“Wind Breath!”


I gave the One-Strike bear that quickly gained upon us a taste of my long unused eye blinding combo.

Then, using the brief moment where it can’t see, I concealed myself…

“Hey, Kazuma…. Wai—”


—While embracing each other in the darkness, Megumin’s tiny body trembled slightly every time our breaths touched.

(“Heh… You said that you’ll let me do anything to you just a short while ago, but you’re getting tense now?”)

(“Of course I’m tense! Are you stupid!? Kazuma, are you seriously stupid? I’m tense because my life’s on the line here!”)

“Sniff, Sniff…!”

After losing sight of us, the One-Strike bear began using its nose to sniff us out.

(“So, how is it Megumin? A date in the middle of the night just gets your heart pounding, doesn’t it?”)

(“My heart is pounding! It has never pounded like this before! I’m begging you, please keep quiet!”)

The One-Strike bear who just passed by near us was still sniffing around carefully.

However, the Lurk skill also works on odours.

We stood motionlessly hugging each other, and eventually the One-Strike bear left us.

“In the end, it’s a mere beast… It was never a match for me.”

“If you had that kind of confidence all the time, we’d be able to go on more adventures…”

After releasing my Lurk skill, I used Enemy Detection to check my surroundings.

“Ok, let’s go this way, Megumin. I can sense the aura of a powerful monster over there.”

“It doesn’t have to be a powerful one! Just what is with you tonight? Even if you are drunk, this is way too strange!”

Megumin’s the one who’s strange, not me.

“You were the one who always said you loved going for the strong ones.”

“Yes, I love going for the strong ones! However, that’s when we are with everyone, and when Kazuma is acting with a clear head!”

Just then.

A ragged breathing could be heard coming from the darkness between the trees.

Along with that, a pair of shining blue eyes stared directly in our direction.

“Seems like it’s here. Now, I wonder if this one can properly satisfy me?”

“Stop saying stupid things and run, Kazuma!! Those blue eyes that shine in the dark! That is the lone wolf, champion of the forest, Fenrir!”

Exhaling a shimmering white cloud from it’s mouth, the giant, silver furred wolf casually approached us, seemingly not regarding us as a threat at all.

“Normally I would hunt you down for some pocket change, but it seems like you’re not the one I’m looking for tonight. I’ll let you off this time, so count your lucky stars…”

“Just where is all of that confidence coming from!? This is Fenrir you know!? This is a extremely high leveled enemy that wiped out even those veteran adventurers who were capable of dealing with the dangerous white wolves with ease!”

Seemingly understanding that I was provoking it, the Fenrir snorted in an annoyed manner.

As it slowly approached us, the undergrowth beneath it froze with a crackling noise.

“I see, you control ice. What a coincidence, I too command both water and ice. Would you like to see who is better?”

“There’s no way that your sorry Freeze spell can even compare! Oh, never mind, I’ll take care of this, so just buy me some time…”

Megumin began chanting after saying that, only to feel my hand land on her head with a boop.

“This is not your time to shine. Save that for later. Now then, little puppy, it’s about time we get started with our late-night ball. Won’t you dance with me!?”

“You would normally never say stuff like that! Seriously, just what it’s with you!? Though, it pains me to admit it, but it was actually a little cool!”

As I calmly got into a combat stance, the Fenrir started moving in response.

“…Kazuma, it’s looking down on you. It’s really looking down on you!”

Across from me, the Fenrir started scratching its neck with its hind leg.

No matter how you look at it, this isn’t something one would do in a battle…

“No, it’s not looking down on me, it’s trying to get me to lower my guard. Unfortunately, that’s not going to work. Create Water!”

I greeted the Fenrir with a gift of my water spell.

But instead of trying to dodge it…

“Kazuma, he seems like he’s enjoying it! Based off its attributes, the Fenrir should like water and ice! It thinks you’re giving it a bath!”

“Heh… if it’s that comfortable, how about another round? Create Water! Create Water!”

I continued blasting the Fenrir which seemed to be completely enjoying the experience.

As expected, it simply took the blasts without trying to dodge at all…

Just then, something changed.

Its feet is covered in a thick layer of ice.

It’s not thick enough to render it immobile, but it’ll definitely slow it down.

“Did you lower your guard because my level is lower than your? Too bad, but this match is already decided. Create Earth!”


The Fenrir that seemed like it was enjoying itself a moment ago deftly jumped back to avoid the clump of dirt I threw at it.

As expected of a wolf. It could dodge such an attack easily.


“Didn’t I say this battle was already decided! Wind Breath!”

I threw the cloak that I was wearing and casted my spell in its direction.

Blown by wind magic, my cloak spread and proceeded to block its vision.

The moment it tried to evade that lump of earth, it should’ve realized how the ice on its feet was hindering its movements.

This time, the Fenrir couldn’t evade…



Just as it started scratching at my mantle with it’s forelegs, my metal wires entangled them.

“Gruu! Grrrrrrrr, Frrrrrrr!”

Finally recognizing me as a threat, the Fenrir struggled against by bind, but the metal wires I commissioned held firm.

“A-Aah… N-N-No way, to think that Kazuma could render a Fenrir powerless so easily…”

As I casually sauntered over to the immobile Fenrir, Megumin’s let out an awed voice from behind me.

“Well, that was pretty fun. It’s about time to finish this…”

Saying that, I moved in for the decisive blow.

“So cool…! Kazuma is really cool tonight..! But, even if you disabled it, it’s still dangerous to approach a Fenrir. You should safely finishing it off from a distance with your bow…”

In addition to her admiration for my achievement, Megumin gave me a word of caution, but…

“I don’t like picking on weaklings. This one is pretty good. It just picked a fight with the wrong person..”

“I-I thought you went crazy or something, but I think I fell in love with you all over again… But, Kazuma, you don’t have your sword… “

That’s right, I assumed we would only be running through the forest tonight, so I only brought along my bow.


“If I don’t have a sword, then all I have to do is create one. Create Water!”

Water flowed out from my right hand.

“At the very least, I will finish you with an attack from your favourite element. Freeze…!”

“Ah… Aah… Aaaah…”

The water dripping from my right hand slowly changed from water to ice with a crack.

It was transforming to the form I had in mind.

“This is the true use of Freezing magic!”

“Th-That’s so cool! You’re so cool! Tonight’s Kazuma is just too cool!”

Megumin looked at me with the same eyes of admiration that she once showed to the Masked member of the thieving group.

I moved closer to Fenrir to deliver the finishing blow.

“Seems like my magic was superior after all. Now, it’s time for you to take an eternal rest—”

As it looked at me with a resigned look in its eyes, I brought down my blade of ice towards its chest—


—While cloaked under my Lurk skill, I ran through the forest.

“I would like to take back those words I said about how cool you were tonight!”

As expected of a high level monster, that blade of ice didn’t even leave a scratch on it.

“Yeah, of courseー, even if it’s made with magic, ice is still iceー Of course it wouldn’t pierce the fur of a boss level wolfー”

“Stop saying such carefree words and hurry up! A wolf’s sense of smell is especially good, so it might even sniff through your Lurk skill!”

After my attack failed, the Fenrir started struggling again and made it seem like it might get free at any time, so we left in a hurry.

Judging from the numerous howls come from behind, it seems like it’s still searching for us.

“Well, it really did look like it was my victory there.. Plus I said I’d let him off before we fought, so finishing him off would go against my word.”

“Why are you being so positive!? Let’s go back already. It’s not just Kazuma who’s strange tonight, the forest itself is strange too! Fenrir is supposed to be living far deeper in the forest…”

Oh, I see, that’s how it is…

“It detected the presence of a strong enemy, that’s to say, me, and came all the way out here.”

“You drunkard!”

While Megumin was bad-mouthing me with tears in her eyes, my enemy detection skill picked up an even greater presence.

“I’m sensing an enemy even stronger than the Fenrir. Could this be it?”

“I give up already, do as you like! Now that it has come to this, I may as well accompany you ‘till the end! Even if my opponent is Fenrir, a dragon, or even the Bomber Majin…!”

I gave the now fearless Megumin a thumbs up as I smiled at her.

“Well said! Tonight’s objective is the Bomber Majin Mogunin. It’s time to blow away that thing with a festive sounding name”

“Please don’t shorten it to Mogunin, it feels like you’re messing up my name! No, wait, I might not be qualified to be asking this, but are you insane?”

Insane, is it?

After all this time, what’s this girl saying now?

“Unfortunately, I’m always surrounded by insane companions!”

“Oh, you’ve said it now! Fine, let’s do this! I finally understand what you’re thinking, Kazuma! You should’ve just told me at the start!”

The conditions for becoming the chief is to either successfully undertake the trial or take down a strong target.

There’s no need to let anyone know what happens tonight.

Only Megumin and I need know that she didn’t lose after all.

That’s right, a Demon King is impossible, but…

“Seriously, I really love you!”

“I’ve known that a long time ago! I’ve shown you how cool I can be with that Fenrir, now’s your turn!”

“Very well, I’ll show you a sight that befits the title of the Bomber Majin!”

Saying that, Megumin showed me an unblemished smile.

14 - hNlLoJn.png


Part 3

My enemy detection skill is going off.

(“Wait. It’s close.”)

I stopped right there and signalled Megumin to stop with my hand.

(“…Kazuma, you can see in the dark, right? So why does your hand bump into my chest every time you let me know there’s an enemy?”)

(“Even I’m not perfect, so just let it slide this once. Anyway, over there…”)

While whispering, I pointed towards the centre of a huge clearing.

Wait, that…

(“Ah, I see. That’s why it’s called ninnin.”)

I thought they just named it with their usual Crimson Demon sensibilities, but now I kind of get why it’s named like that.

(“Is something the matter with ninnin? But, look at this Kazuma! That shiny luster, that unique form! I really want to take it home after defeating it!”)

Standing right there was a bipedal robot.

If I have to describe it in one word, it would be ninja-like.

Its appearance seems optimized for covert operations and looks to be quite intelligent.

A shining red mono eye ominously illuminated it’s surroundings. I was a little worried if it could see through my Lurk skill.

No, more importantly…

(“I see, so Fenrir ran from that, huh. Well then, let’s get started! After Kazuma went out of his way to bring me here, I’ll definitely bring it down!”)

Right now, I am beside an enthusiastic Megumin.

(“…Say, why don’t we just go back home today and come back tomorrow instead?”)

“(And then, I’ll take the title of Bomber… What did you just say?”)

I’m starting to question why exactly am I out in the forest in the middle of the night.

(“Running around made me feel sick. I want to hurry back and go to sleep…”)

(“Are you seriously going to stop after coming this far? Just where did all your motivation and bravado disappear off to? Don’t tell me you sobered up!? Of all times, you sobered up now!?”)

Megumin grabbed my shoulders with both her hands and shook me back and forth.

(“Hey, calm down, our opponent is a big shot that stymies even the Crimson Demon tribe. We should make some proper preparations…”)

(“I know it’s dangerous! I warned you so many times! And preparations are something you should’ve done before coming out here! Isn’t it too much to leave me hanging after getting my hopes up so much!?”)

Getting shaken up is making me feel sick…

(“You say that, but you keep doing the exact same thing! You always get me all worked up only to leave me hanging.”)

(“That might be so, I apologize for that. So it was always this tough on you, wasn’t it? I’m sorry.”)

Right in front of us stands the Bomber Majin.

The robot that was first discovered in the mysterious facility. I wonder if it was originally designed to protect the Crimson Demon Village.

I don’t really understand why it prioritizes attacking any non Crimson Demons with black hair and eyes, but I figured someone from Japan must have done something to it.

In any case, that isn’t important right now.

The important part is, it won’t attack any Crimson Demons.

In other words, Megumin can boldly walk out alone and blow it away with Explosion Magic.

(“Now that I get a close look at it, it’s damaged all over. I wonder if it’s from the Explosion a few days ago.”)

Now that she mentioned it, its body is definitely covered with cracks. It looks quite run down.

The damaged portions were slowly healing with a slight scraping sound. It seems this guy also comes with self repair functions.

A robot that can withstand an Explosion, and could escape and repair itself if it’s not destroyed in a single strike.

Now I understand why it wasn’t exterminated it even though it was living so close to the Crimson Demon Village.

(“Alright, let’s defeat this thing and go back to sleep. Here’s the plan: You go out alone to face it, chant your magic, and blow it away. That is all.”)

(“Isn’t that plan too dull! And what will you be doing…”)

Just when Megumin said that.


(“…You’re feeling sick because of all that running around, I see. Just sit there for now. I’ll be counting on you to take me home afterwards!”)

Unable to hold it in any longer, I fertilized the trees with the nutrients from my body.

Megumin averted her gaze.

(“Well then, I am going. Please watch my cool performance.”)

After saying that, Megumin left to face the Bomber Majin.

source @CGtranslations.me

”—Bomber Majin Moguninnin. I’ve come to take that title from you…”

Even though she could just complete her chant and end the fight before it even began, Megumin decided to honourably name herself.

This was supposed to be a serious scene, but I just can’t feel any sense of tension with the name that the Crimson Demons gave it.

“My name is Megumin! I am a wielder Explosion Magic, and the strongest mage of Axel!”

The Bomber Majin won’t attack Crimson Demons.

She probably thought she had the leeway to act cool because of that.

As for why I know this, it’s because she’s been sneaking glances at me ever since she started.

She probably wanted to make sure I was watching her coolest moment.

“You might have been once called the guardian of the Crimson Demons, but we can’t have you attacking our tourists. We’ve been letting it slide since you were quietly living in the depths of the forest, but now that you’ve come all the way out here-”

—Just then,


The Bomber Majin disappeared in an instant.

Silence returned to the forest.

Then, in the trees above me-

It came falling down without a sound.


“Eh? Wai-!”


Even though I was sure I was hidden with Lurk, the ninnin came rushing towards me.

And what the heck is with that movement? It’s too fast!

It’s totally a ninja!

The one who made this is definitely Japanese, I just know it!

“You’re pretty good to be able to break through my Lurk skill! But how unfortunate for you, against a robot, I’m invincible! Steal!”

When going up against a machine, all I have to do is steal its vital parts!

As I extended my hand, the ninnin deftly jumped away.

Only the afterglow of its red monoeye remained as it disappeared into the darkness.

The more I saw its cool moves, the more I feel sorry for the name that was given to it.

And what appeared in my hand is-

“Kazuma, now’s not the time to be messing around! If you want my panties that badly, I’ll wash it and give it to you later!”

The black panties of the person standing in front of me, Megumin.

“No, there’s no point if you wash… That’s not it, this guy was just too fast! Dammit, I already used that wire on Fenrir…”

Oh, that’s right!

“That’s it, underwear! Megumin, give me your bra too! If I tie it together with your panties, I can instantly make a substitute rope…”

“Are you still drunk!? There’s no way that will restrain it! Kazuma, behind you!”

I instantly threw my body to the side. At the same time, I heard the sound of something cutting through the air where my neck was just a moment before.

Before I noticed, the ninnin had circled around me and struck at me with its hand blade.

“Dammit, don’t think that ninjas are the only one who has the night as their domain! Night is also when NEETS are most active! Don’t think that you’re the only one who’s stronger here!”

By the time I turned around, it had already disappeared.

Does this guy also have the Lurk skill?

I really hate fighting people who fight covertly like me.

“You might have meant for that to be a cool line, but it’s not cool at all! You really did sober up, didn’t you!? It has none of the wit from before!”

“S-Shut up, just get to chanting already! I demand a do-over! My name is Satou Kazuma! Seeing through the dark and moving through the shadows, I’ve stolen a multitude of treasures. I am the guy that will shake the world!”

“I thought it was pretty cool for a moment, but that thing in your hands just completely ruins it!”

While Megumin was putting a damper on my introduction, I focused on increasing the accuracy of my Enemy Detection skill-

“There you are!!”


Ninnin, who suddenly appeared behind my back, swung down his hand blade toward me, but I managed to stop it.

Since I did not have a sword on me, the thing I used to stop the attack was—

“You’re the worst! Agh, just what is it, are you being really cool tonight or not, I just don’t know!”

“Shut up, I’m being desperate here! If I can use it, I’ll use it!”

Stopping the blade with my hands might have been impossible, but the Crimson Demon Panty Block is pretty effective.

The rule about it not being able to bring harm to Crimson Demons seems to also apply to their possessions.

The ninnin that stopped in front of the black panties-


Drove a rapid succession of palm strikes and kicks to my stomach.

Incidentally, it’s arms and legs are made of metal.

“Kazuma!? Dealing with ninnin is too difficult after all! It moves too fast that I can’t aim at it, and more importantly, I can’t attack it because it won’t leave your side!”

I spat out a sour liquid to intimidate ninnin.

Perhaps it’s because robots hate acidic attacks, but it put some distance between us.

“Y-You’re pretty good. I didn’t expect you to actually stand up to me at blaaaargh-”

“Just give up on the cool speeches already!”

It’s fine, this level of attack won’t work on me…

The only reason why I’m vomiting is because we kept running around after drinking…!

“Sorry, it’s actually working on me. This is bad… Megumin, I won’t be able to move for a while, so forget about using magic and run back to the village… This guy will let you go, so wake up Aqua and let the other villagers…”

“There’s no way I’ll run away alone like that! Sorry, but I’m not good at listening to others!”

Megumin said such selfish words that would’ve been more fitting for a rebellious teenager and readied her staff in front of me.

In the meantime, I was clutching my stomach and hunched over.

The ninnin warily approached.

Eventually, it stuck its arm out at me and began making some sort of gesture-

Megumin threw her staff away and wrapped herself around me as if to cover me.

“First Aqua and now you, why don’t you guys ever listen! What are you going to do as a mage if you throw away your staff!?”

“That’s the stance the ninnin uses for its detonation magic. If a weakling like you get caught up in it, there wouldn’t even be a corpse left!”

Ah, I see.

She’s using the fact that it doesn’t attack Crimson Demons to protect me, huh?

source @CGtranslations.me

…Just then.

With its hand still outstretched, the ninnin focused it’s red monoeye on me and started saying something.

<”Type: Cheat harem class Riajuu Japanese confirmed. Upon separation from modified specimen Crimson Demon, initiate Detonation clean-up.”>

<TL Note: Riajuu (リア充) is a Japanese online term that means “someone’s who’s satisfied with their real life” but is more commonly used to mean “Hot guy with girlfriend.” Previously the term was translated as “Chad”, but this case is a bit of an exception.>

“I just heard something that I can’t ignore! Cheat harem? Cheat harem you say!?! The goal of your creator was to wipe out all those cheat-having harem bastards!? If that’s the case, then aiming for me was a mistake, damn you!”

“I don’t know why you’re suddenly so angry, but please stay still!”

Megumin desperately tried to cover me with her tiny body as I struggled.

As I was feeling her rising temperature, I tried to think of a plan out of this stalemate.

Honestly, my chest hurts.

Judging from how it feels, I probably had a broken bone or two.

Yeah, it probably broke a couple of my ribs.

Still, why is it so hung up on performing its Detonation?

Even if it couldn’t harm Crimson Demons, it should be more than capable of prying Megumin from me to deliver the killing blow.

“Megumin, why is it just standing still? It could easily kill me if it were to just attack.”

“The Bomber Majin makes it’s opponents explode, that’s why it’s called the Bomber Majin. Whenever it comes across a party full of girls lead by a guy with black hair and eyes, it would scream ‘Go explode!’ and blow them away! That’s why it’s so terrifying.”

<TL note: Riajuu go explode! (リア充爆発しよ!) is a Japanese online meme that’s basically their equivalent of “FUCKING NORMIES REEEEE!” Bomber Majin is basically that meme brought to life.>

“Isn’t that just plain Riajuu hunting! How ridiculous! Megumin, protect me! I’m going to keep using Steal on it until I get its vital parts!”

“That’s fine, but you won’t accidentally target me instead, will you!? I’m not wearing panties right now, so there’s nothing left! If you happen to steal my robe, my lower half will be completely nude!”

“I’ll take responsibility when that happens! Here we go, Steal! Steal! Steal! Steal!”

Swiftly reacting to my voice, ninnin’s figure suddenly disappeared from where it was.

However, in my right hand, something heavy was…

“Did I do it?”

“You’ve really done it this time! Please give me back my bra! If you took just one more thing, it would really have been a disaster!”

In my right hand was a black bra and some kind of component.

The sensation pressing against my back now felt slightly softer. Along with that, I heard a soft clank.

I must have stolen one of its parts.

Quite some distance away, within the trees, Bomber Majin was down on one knee and looking at us.

“Dammit, so he can still move… This is bad, my chest and stomach hurts… I wonder if I can carry you back to the village like this…”

Ignoring my whining, Megumin picked up her staff and began chanting.

On the receiving end is the Bomber Majin, seemingly trying to escape while dragging one of its legs behind it.

“This village is really something else. I’m not coming back here anymore. Hey Megumin, don’t leave me. If you get too far, that thing is going to blow me up.”

Megumin, still stuck to my back, heaved a sigh.

“You were so cool just a few moments ago, and now you’re using a woman as a shield… Really, just why did I fall in love with such a guy…”

She might say that, but she doesn’t seem too displeased by it.

Megumin shifted her attention to the Bomber Majin.

“You weren’t originally like this. Just what happened to you? Even though you’ve taken some damage from my explosion, your movements were still way too clumsy.”

I came this close to dying out there. You’re kidding when you say it wasn’t at peak condition, right?

“… As a fellow explosion lover, I can’t hate you, but there’s no way I can overlook you setting your sights on my companion…”

With her staff firmy in hand, Megumin looked straight at the guardian that has protected the Crimson Demon Village for all this time and gave it a pained smile.

It was as if it was reacting to Megumin’s words.

Ninnin, who was dragging its legs around, suddenly stopped moving.

It’s red monoeye flashed rapidly.

“Confirmed observation of the Maximum Magical Capabilities of the Crimson Demons. With the appearance of a being that have exceeded prior magic power predictions, the Modification project is judged a success. Now sending latest report to Noise Kingdom HQ. HQ, please respond. The project is a success. Please convey these results to the master-”

Just as it said something really interesting-


By the hands of someone with the same crimson eyes.

By the Crimson Demon mage hailed as the worst mage, the guardian of the Crimson Demon Village was sent to join the fallen Kingdom of Noise and its creator.


Part 4

“You really gave me a fright! Megumin, you really should stop doing such things!”

“Shut up, you NEET. That was a celebration for the next chief. If anything, you should be thanking me.”

Right now, I’m in a place I’m getting more and more familiar with, the base of the Crimson Demon Defence Corps.

“Stop calling me a NEET! I’m not a NEET, I’m a member of the Defence Corps and don’t you forget that! That aside…”

Bukkorori was lecturing Megumin who was currently in jail.

“Still, I didn’t expect you, her guardian, to get involved in it too… Just when we starting to get along too… It’s really a shame.”

I too have been thrown into the same cell as Megumin.

“Bukkorori-san, I’m sorry. I felt like I was getting along well with you too… To make up for it, I’ll teach you a great way to pass time. It goes like this: you create ice using freeze and watch it as it melts. Before you notice it, a day would have already passed.”

“That’s a pretty good idea. I have a lot of free time everyday, so I’ll go try this out soon.”

“Please don’t get too chummy with each other! This is why NEETs are so… Can’t you spend your time doing something more worthwhile?”

Megumin interrupted me as we were trading NEET tips.

And then, Bukkorori sighed as he regarded Megumin.

“…I get that you’re upset over the gap between you and your rival now but… No matter how upset you are, you can’t just cast Explosion magic during her celebration.”

Megumin didn’t tell anyone about her victory over the Bomber Majin.

Thus, everyone is under the impression that she casted explosion because she was upset over Yunyun becoming the next chief in line.

If she told everyone the truth of what happened, her reputation as the worst, joke mage would’ve been erased…

“If you’re going to keep lecturing me, I have to say something as well. Do you remember Soketto, the one you always stalk? I heard that you made her cry by sexually harassing her and calling it punishment.”

“Just what are you saying? Soketto just seemed to be acting odd recently. The other day, she invited me to get my fortune told, but she made a bunch of inscrutable expressions in front of her crystal ball before chasing me out. Even a few days ago, she ambushed me while I was out on patrol, saying something about she’ll help me practice or the like.”

Bukkoroli protested with tears in his eyes.

Just then, a new visitor appeared.

“Why, if it isn’t Ms. Next Chief In Line. What is it? Have you come to laugh at me? If you want to laugh at how unsightly am I, then go ahead and laugh!”

“Ahahahahahahaha! Megumin is in jail! Ahahaha!”

“You really laughed at me! Fine then, we’ll settle it for real this time! Bukkorori, open the door right now!! If you don’t, I’ll let loose my Explosion right here!”

After pointing and laughing triumphantly at Megumin, Yunyun let out a sigh.

“Ha… Seriously, what have you done this time..? Umm, Bukkorori-san… I’ll keep watch on her, so could you let me talk to Megumin privately?”

“Fine with me. I may not look like it, but I’m actually pretty busy.”

“I bet you’re just going to stalk Soketto again under the guise of patrolling around.”

“Oh shut up! You may not think so, but not just any idiot can do the patrolling around here. Plus, the Demon King’s army has been making some strange movements around here recently. Just the other day, a band of red-eyed zombies and golems were seen loitering near the village…”

Bukkorori said that as he handed over the key to Yunyun.

After confirming that there weren’t any other members of the Defence Corps around, she came closer to the bars.

“… So what exactly happened last night?”

“I was upset that you stole a victory over me, so I went out to vent my frustrations.”

Yunyun bent over and took a closer look at Megumin’s sulking face.


“What with that ‘hmm…’? If you have something to say then just say it.”

Yunyun somehow looked both displeased yet a little happy when she heard the reply.

“Not particularly. It’s just, I noticed this after spending all this time with you, but your eyes turn blue whenever you tell a lie. Did you know that? I wonder if it’s a rare Crimson Demon trait.”

“Wait, really!? This is the first I’ve heard about it! So you’re saying that I’m special even amongst Crimson Demons? Am I the chosen one!?”

As Megumin was panicking and fussing around, Yunyun opened the door to our cell entered.

“You’re normally pretty sharp, so try not to get fooled so easily.”

“Why is Yunyun calling me a fool… You tricked me! You’re trying to make a fool of me again! Kazuma, please look into my eyes!”

“Hmm? What’s the matter? Well, I don’t mind looking if you ask me to.”

While Yunyun was listening to our little exchange, Megumin said,

“Kazuma, did you know that on the bodies of Crimson Demons, you can find strips of lines that people call a barcode? By the way, Yunyun’s is located in a very risque part of her inner thighs. …So how was it? Did my eyes turn blue or are they still red?”

“What are you suddenly saying! Normally, you would say an obvious lie in such a situation, right!?”

“It’s red like always. So that means you’re speaking the truth, right?”

Being on the receiving end of Megumin’s comeback, Yunyun is now covering her blushing face.

Megumin just can’t be beaten when it comes to instigating others or arguments.

“I feel so much better now. So, what did you come here for? Don’t tell me your true nature as a loner was exposed and everyone left you?”

“What are you saying! I… I’m still fine… I think… Wait, that’s not it!”

Yunyun went towards Megumin and crouched down with her hands on her knees.

“Let me see your Adventurer Card.”

She bluntly said and held out her hand. It’s like her usual mature demeanour has completely disappeared.

“No way. Why do I have to show my card to my rival? Besides, being a loner has its limits, you know. Just because you’re lonely doesn’t mean you should willingly go with others into a jail cell.”

“That’s not it! Even I wouldn’t do that! Just show me the exterminated monsters part. You don’t have anything to hide, do you?”

As expected of someone who’s been with Megumin since childhood.

She seemed to have somehow guessed what we got up to last night.

“I have nothing to hide, but I’m still not showing it to you! It’s not like I hunted the onion ducks that Bukkorori was carefully raising just to get some experience points.”

“You just said something that I can’t ignore! Hey, did you hunt them!? Bukkorori-san was carefully raising those ducks for Soketto because she was treating him coldly recently. Hey, did you!?”

Come to think of it, she was bragging that her level raised after returning to the village, wasn’t she?

“Argh! That doesn’t really matter, just show me your card! Hey, the Bomber Majin was really there, right? And you hunted it together with Kazuma-san, right?”

“What are you suddenly saying? There’s no way we would hunt something like that. You know it won’t attack Crimson Demons, right? If I wanted to go Ninin hunting, I would have taken another Crimson Demon with me instead.”

But Yunyun continued looking at her with a questioning gaze.

“Even though you keep saying that the explosions are the fault of the Bomber Majin?”

“The ones causing those explosions everyday was me.”

As Megumin stubbornly held her ground, Yunyun sighed.

“…Did you feel like you lost to me because I was able to complete the three trials of the Crimson Demons and became the next chief in line?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m the worst mage of the Crimson Demons, so I wouldn’t be qualified to compete you in the first place. Isn’t this good for you? Everyone in the village will be fawning all over you.”

Yunyun was already regarded highly after what happened back with Silvia, but it’s really increased after passing the trial. It looks like she’ll definitely be able to break free from being a loner.

I’m sure she’ll have nothing but happy days ahead of her in this village.

“…Megumin, you’re going back to Axel, aren’t you?”

“But of course. I’m the strongest mage of Axel after all. If I disappear, the citizens of Axel will be troubled.”

“Weren’t you just saying earlier that you were the worst mage of the Crimson Demons? And now you’re the strongest mage of Axel?”

I shot back on reflex, but it seems like Megumin was pretending she didn’t hear that.

“Yunyun, from now on, you’ll be staying in the village to learn how to manage it, right? Then, I guess this is our goodbye.”

… Oh yeah. The reason why Yunyun kept challenging Megumin for the title of the strongest mage of the Crimson Demons was to become the next chief.

Now that she has officially achieved that, there’s no longer any reason for her to return to Axel.

“… Don’t think you’ve won with just this.”

“… I just don’t get this girl. Aren’t you the one that won?”

For some reason, they are both stubbornly insisting that the other won.

If you look at a different perspective, you could say Megumin is stronger and Yunyun is weaker.

You could also look at it the other way around, that Megumin is weak and Yunyun has a surprisingly strong spirit when push comes to shove.

They differ in a lot of ways. Whether it is the families they came from, their personalities, or even their physical build.

For such complete opposites to become rivals could be said to be nature taking its course.

I couldn’t help but let out a wry smile.


“Since you’re a loner without any party members or a man, I don’t mind letting you have this victory. It’s our last duel, after all.”


Megumin rested her head on my shoulders as she said that.

“… Hey, are you going to keep bragging about Kazuma-san to me until I get a boyfriend? Having a boyfriend isn’t that big of a deal, you know!”

“True. Let’s just call it my loss. I’m going to be building my own little bundle of happiness with this man here, so Yunyun, please continue working to be the strongest mage. The job of the chief seems pretty tough, but take care not to neglect finding a boyfriend.”

Megumin showed her an innocent smile and wrapped her arm around mine.

“Isn’t becoming the strongest mage your dream!? And you were the one who called me a pervert and what not every time I brought up the topic of love!”

Yunyun who was so calm a short while ago is now on the verge of tears.

“Kazuma, should I give you a lap pillow? It’s the least I could do after making you spend your time here with me. Please use my lap instead of the cold floor of this cell.”

“Ok, I’ll do that.”

“Hey, why are you just naturally giving him a lap pillow? You weren’t that close before right!?”

As I wholeheartedly accepted Megumin’s offer, Yunyun suddenly stood up.

“What’s the matter, Yunyun whom I lost to? That aside, we’re finally alone together here, so could you not bother us? You already have people who’re fawning over you after becoming a chief, right? Why don’t you spend your time with them instead?”

“Mmm, it’s really smooth and feels really good. I didn’t work that hard yesterday for nothing.”

“Hey Megumin, isn’t your face getting red!? You’re not really used to doing these things, right!? You’re just putting up with Kazuma’s sexual harassment, right!?”

I started caressing Megumin’s thighs, but, perhaps it’s because of Yunyun’s presence, Megumin didn’t seem to be the slightest bit angry at all.

“This much is just normal, right? …Ka-Kazuma, I don’t think your face is suppose to be facing that way… No, I’m not embarrassed. I just thought Kazuma would have a hard time breathing like that.”

“Issh ohhkay.”

“Is that so!? Oh, alright, lap pillows can be done like this too!”

“Megumin, you’re definitely putting up with it, aren’t you!? And Kazuma-san, cut it out already!”


Part 5

ーA short while after Yunyun left to meet her parents, we were released from jail…

“Seriously Kazuma! And you too Megumin! Will the two of you die if you don’t cause some kind of trouble!? You really should learn a little more from me and my perfect conduct!”

“It’s just as Aqua said, Kazuma. It’s already too late for Megumin, but why did you join her too?”

Unreasonable as it may seem, we’re currently being lectured by the two drunkards that got wasted last night.

“Don’t get ahead of yourselves! Stop showing me such smug smiles just because you didn’t happen to cause any trouble this time! Megumin and I were out doing vigorous night exercises while you two were sleeping last night, you know!?”

“Please pay a little more attention to your phrasing! It’s not what you’re thinking, all we did was run away from the monsters that chased after us in the forest!”

Megumin desperately tried to correct me.

“Listen up, I really showed my stuff last night. I handled that One Strike bear easily, and I schooled that Fenrir so hard that I took pity on it and let it go. Isn’t that right, Megumin?”

“…Well, you’re not lying but…”

Darkness had a look of doubt in her face.

“The One-Strike bear aside, isn’t a Fenrir a monster on the same level as a calamity? You’re saying that a monster that fearsome is living in the woods this close to the village?”

Come to think of it, the Bomber Majin should have also been living much deeper in the forest as well.

“I see, that’s definitely the work of the Demon King’s Army. A Demon King’s General that can command monsters is planning to throw the world into chaos. That’s definitely it! It’s my goddess’s intuition!”

Aqua came to this absurd conclusion without any shred of logic whatsoever, but this case is just full of mysteries.

There was also the question of why the Ninin wasn’t fighting at full efficiency.

Still, we’ve completed everything we’ve set out to do.

All that’s left is to get Yunyun to send us back to Axel with Teleport.

“Now that I think about it, don’t you have to say your goodbyes to the other villagers before we go, Megumin? Yunyun’s going to be staying here after sending us back, so it’d difficult to come back here afterwards.”

Megumin huffed in response to Darkness’s words.

“There’s no need to say any goodbyes to those people who called me, the number one genius of the Crimson Demons, stuff like Joke Mage, Worst Mage and Explosion Mage. I’ll triumphantly return after defeating the Demon King and have them prostrate themselves before me.”

“Explosion Mage fits you just fine though.”

And I’m not going off to defeat the Demon king.

Come to think of it…

“Hey Aqua, what did you do with the Tranquility Girl seedling? Before I knew it, it had already disappeared from the pot.”

“I already planted it, of course.”

Aqua lazily replied. Did she have enough time to do that?

“It’s a little weird coming from me considering I was out in the forest last night too, but were you really able to plant it out in that dangerous forest by yourself?”

“What are you saying? Of course not. I just planted it in Megumin’s backyard.”

“What did you do?”

Megumin reflexively said, but really, what did this girl do?

“Now, now, listen to me. Komekko told me she’ll look after it until it grows up. She’s a sharp kid, so I don’t think she’s going to raise it in a bad way. There aren’t any other kids around here that are the same age as her, so they’ll make good friends!”

“That girl probably intends to eat it after it grows up.”

“Just what’s wrong with your family? I’m going to go take it back right now.”

I caught onto Aqua before she could run away in a panic.

“Megumin’s just joking around with you. Yunyun is going to come back soon, so just sit still.”

“…Yeah, of course it’s a joke. Seriously, Megumin! Is messing with me that fun? When we get back to Axel, I’ll reveal to everyone just how much of a siscon you are… Hey Megumin, it was a joke, right? Why are you keeping silent? Why won’t you meet my eyes?”

Just as Aqua started shaking Megumin by the shoulders…



Yunyun came to a stop in front of us, panting heavily.

She must have ran all the way out here.

Still, she had a wide smile when she looked up.

15 - iyUjCAl.png

“What’s the matter Yunyun? I get that you’re in high spirits because you finally made some friends in the village, but if you’re too eager, they’ll get fed up with you.”

“That’s not it! Also, tell me those kind of things earlier! Yesterday, and today too… I think I’ve already been too eager!”

Yunyun coughed multiple times as she tried to catch her breath.

“I’ll go back to Axel with you!”

Yunyun, her eyes glowing vividly, joyfully declared.

“I’m going to try and defeat the Demon King too! I don’t want a victory handed over to me like this… I’ll defeat the Demon King. And once I’ve achieved that, I’ll officially become the chief! I’ve already talked this over with my father and everyone in the village!”

Megumin’s rival, opponent, and above all, her best friend, said with an unblemished smile. It’s as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders.

“…Is that so. You’re finally a riajuu now, but I guess you’ll go back to being a loner after all… Oh, and, the one who will defeat the Demon King is me. “

Megumin dismissed her rival’s declaration just like that.

However, I know that she’s just tsundere towards Yunyun.

Despite her attempts to keep a calm facade, her cheeks were twitching out of happiness.

“You just can’t be honest, can you? Your eyes are bright red, you know?”

The intensity of a Crimson Demon’s emotions are shown through their eyes.

“You just can’t take a hint, can you, Aqua? Fine, let me go pull up that Tranquility Girl you so selfishly planted in my yard!”

Aqua tightly grabbed onto Megumin’s waist before she could leave. Megumin, on the other hand, quickly continued to hide her embarrassment.

“Come on, Yunyun, if you’re going back to Axel, then hurry up and get ready. Also, I don’t think you’ve noticed this, but the adventurers in that town are surprisingly reliant on you. If you asked them to let you into their party, they’ll probably end up fighting over you.”

“Really!? Hey, why didn’t you tell me something this important before!?”

“If you ended up making a lot of friends in that town, you would get attached to that town and give up on becoming the chief, wouldn’t you?”

“Of course I would!”

Yunyun instantly replied.

“At least think it over for a while. Seriously. Anyway, let’s hurry up and head back to our town.”

“I-I get it so don’t rush me! …But, is what you said earlier true? That the adventurers in Axel are, umm, reliant on me…”

“Surprisingly. I said surprisingly. If you get too carried away, you’ll return to being a loner.”

Even though Megumin was saying such things, Yunyun couldn’t hide the grin on her face.

“Haa… I was able to win against Megumin and the villagers also accepted me. This all feels like a dream…”

“What do you mean win against me? Now that you’re going back to Axel, there’s no way I would just give you that victory!”

“Hey, what are you saying now? I cleared the three trials of the Crimson Demons, so doesn’t that make it my victory this time? You’re just being a sore loser!”

I know I said they were polar opposites earlier, but they’re surprisingly pretty similar in some aspects.

After getting into another childish argument, the two of them started squaring each other up…

“If you’re going to take it that far, then let’s have a match, Megumin! I’ll definitely make you admit defeat this time!”

Yunyun declared as she took the wand from her hip.

In response to that, Megumin took out her Adventurer Card.

“Oh look, my card was in a place like this. Weren’t you asking me to show you the exterminated monsters part earlier? Look! The name of the Bomber Majin is right here-”

“How could you change your stance that quickly!”


In the middle of the square of the Crimson Demon village, Yunyun’s scream echoed-

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    1. Riajuu isn’t akin to normie/normalfag, it *is* normie/normalfag. You could translate it out as either, depending on how /r9k/ you feel like being.

      Although Chad can work in this situation since the joke is Kazuma has stumbled ass-first into a two-girl pure harem situation with Darkness and Megumin, while having Iris and Chris also kind of wanting his dick.

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  1. If we reread the Megumin spinoff, this chapter is a truly touching conclusion of MeguYun’s rivalry. Both Megumin and Yunyun had hard times in their past from their school time even until their post graduation times. The two only had each other yet refuse to admit it,saying that their relationship are rivalry.
    In this point, Kazuma proofed that he’s the one that Megumin’s deserve by fulfilling her dreams. From kept her Explosion magic despite her resignation (v5), helped her defeating Wolbach (v9), and finally when Yunyun’s able to become the most recognized mage, he made Megumin have her own glory without ruining Yunyun’s.

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  2. For me this is the best chapters of konosuba. Everything was perfect, the humor, the action, the romance, the friendship,… I had a smile during my whole reading. 🙂
    It is focused on my two favourite characters and it was awesome To see a badass kazuma. And the relationship between megumin and yunyun is the icing on the cake

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    1. It’s a shame the Demon King confrontation is happening this fast. I was hoping Kazuma actually explore the ruins of the ancient country that the mad scientist worked for and ended up accidentally destroying the country.

      The other Japanese hero did tell Kazuma that his 2 other party members were training in other countries.

      Not only that but Kazuma has met the Princess but how about her father or older brother that were stated to be fighting in the front lines against the Demon King. It just feels like the author could do more with the world rather than have Kazuma duke it out with the Demon King right now.

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  3. The “Demon King” was mentioned Several Times in this chapter……So next volume is finally about the Demon King then? The “Unknown” Demon King that we don’t even know if he/she is stronger than Vanir or not….that “Demon King” right? Or if not then at least the “Demon King” will make his/her appearance soon since the foreshadowings in this chapter were truly…..clear.
    Thanks for the chapter.


    1. Why do i feel like the demon king is related to that Japanese that keeps making those insane things….
      Maybe another japanese, a descendant or something.


      1. Thought that the current demon king was that japanese that was soloing his way to the demon king castle. His tale was mentioned volumes ago but in the part where he meets the old demon king the story was interrupted.


      2. The demon king is a Japanese. Because Aqua didn’t really check the background of the people she reincarnated, the guy turned out to be quite despicable. He defeated the previous demon king and decided to take his place instead.


  4. The village lost their guardian-ninja, which was protecting them from the shadows, and Yunyun became the next-in-line to the thro… village chief position, but is still leaving with her friends to go somewhere else.
    This reads like a setup to stomp that village into the ground and murder everyone in it.


  5. Seeing the demon lord being mention again and again, and the fact that they are going to target Axel town due to kazuma’s party makes me think that the girl fan is the demon king scouing out kazuma ànd will be impressed that kazuma managed to deduct that and run away from her


  6. Volume 14 is amazing so far. Not only it has romantic Kazumin moments, like volumes 5 and 9, but it also has badass Kazuma moments, like 6 and 11. Brilliant.


    1. Soketto finally realised, why she wasnt able to see Burokkoli’s future (because she is in it), became embarassed and confused, and probably tried to kill him to save herself from such fate.

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    2. we don’t know for sure, but when Burokkoli ask Soketto to foresee the possibility of Burokkoli in relationship it shows nothing, there’s 2 possibilities:
      1. Burokkoli will never met love of his life
      2. Soketto is the love of Burokkoli’s life. Since the magic crystall ball can’t show the future of the fortune teller.

      We might be getting Burokkoli spin-off at this rate. The spin-offs of Konosuba’s main character are NEETs.

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    1. If author wanted to add someone to the team, he would’ve done it long ago. At this point, the relationships in this party are set in stone. Besides, Yun Yun would want her own team.

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      1. But Vanir and Wiz have temporarily joined the party before in order to defeat the enemy. Even Eris and Iris have teamed up with Kazuma’s party to defeat enemies before. So YunYun joining Kazuma’s party to fight the Demon King isn’t exactly something that was never done before. In fact, YunYun and Megumin were the original party. And there are monsters Megumin can’t do anything about like the Female Orcs. Remember, YunYun saved Kazuma from the female orcs not Megumin.


  7. “At the very least, I will finish you with an attack from your favourite element. Freeze…!”

    “Ah… Aah… Aaaah…”

    I think Megumin just “Create Water” herself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  8. The author really has it out for Yumyun, I was hoping for at least some Kazuma x Yunyun moments, at this rate she’ll just end up with Dust.


    1. Why would Yun Yun tried to steal her friend’s boyfriend? Its not a typical isekai manga, where all female characters fall in love with protagonist for no reason. Besides, if you read Dust spinoff, you will see, that she already has much closer relationship with him, than with Kazuma.


      1. That isn’t exactly true. Yun Yun usually hangs out more with Wiz and Vanir than Dust. Yun Yun is just used as fanservice scenes. Rin has the actual romance moments with Dust.

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    2. Yeah, it kind of sucks how Megumin stole most of the spotlight in this volume despite not being the cover girl. I think it was a bad choice for all this Megumin x Kazuma shipping because this volume was suppose to be about YunYun and there should have been more conservation between YunYun and Megumin. And I was hoping for Kazuma to mess around with the other Crimson Demon girls, maybe even wear a mask and sign autographs since he became a famous thief a while back… Again, bad choice from the author. Rather than shipping scenes, I wanted more interaction with the rest of the Crimson Demon village. Like YunYun’s mother isn’t even properly introduced even though she gets mentioned for example.


    3. As for Dust’s romance prospects, it is either going to be Rin or Dust’s childhood friend princess from his original country. Like I said in another post, YunYun seems to just be used for fanservice scenes. It doesn’t feel like the author intends for her to be a serious romantic interest. Like Dust doesn’t even get jealous over YunYun. However, Dust did get jealous over Rin meeting with that male noble though who ended up not being interested in Rin but Dust, himself.

      And for people who think Dust x YunYun will happen…this volume just killed that pairing since YunYun is now the future chief of the village and will quit adventuring for good in the future. Dust still has unsettled business with his original country and either he will adventure forever with Rin or he might end up going back to his country and settle whatever score he has with his original country and may or may not marry his childhood friend rather than Rin.

      Settling down in Crimson Demon village just doesn’t seem like something Dust would do. You saw how stressed out when Dust partied with Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin, right? Well, imagine how stressed out Dust would be in a village full of Megumin type people?


      1. 1. Yun Yun spends most of the second volume of Dust spinoff together with him. And even if you exclude that scene in the hot springs, she still wanted to go on a pretend date with him and she wanted a gift from him (which she got and used to brag before Megumin). Unlike other people, with Dust Yun Yun is pretty straightforward and honest, just like with Megumin, and despite what she says, she does see him as someone close to her. She already compares her and Dust to Megumin and Kazuma, and that in itself says A LOT. She is pretty obviosly a part of Dust harem, just like Rin and loli-succubus. Of course, Rin will win in tne end, but it doesnt change the fact, that Yun Yun feels something to Dust.
        2. Yeah, Megumin did stole the spotlight from Yun Yun, but lets be real – in the main series Yun Yun is only a support character for Megumin. Her entire character revolves around her “rivalry” with Megumin. The entire volume about her wouldnt really be fun, especially if you remember, that she already has a ton of screen time in Megumin spinoff, Dust spinoff and Vanir spinoff. Im pretty sure, that most of the people wanted KazumaxMegumin more, besides, Yun Yun did got her 5 minutes of glory and development, so…
        3. “Vanir and Wiz have temporarily joined the party before in order to defeat the enemy” yeah, TEMPORARILY. Neither Vanir or Wiz wanted to actually join the team. And Christ didnt wanted. Iris wanted, but couldnt. So why should Yun Yun be special? She may join for few missions, but nothing more.
        4. “this volume just killed that pairing since YunYun is now the future chief of the village” Did you missed the part, where she said, that if she found many friends in Axel, she would refuse being chief?
        5. I doubt, that Dust will ever go back to his princess, I am betting everything on Rin.


        1. The loli Succubus is one of Vanir’s fangirls, though. All the succubi are Team Vanir.

          And did you miss the part that Megumin knew YunYun would have stayed in Axel had she known she wasn’t actually a loner which is why Megumin waited until the village accepted YunYun as their new chief before telling her she already had so many friends in Axel who wanted to party with her?

          So yeah, the pairing is already killed because YunYun is now the new chief and were it not for the fact that the Demon King is still active, she would have retired from adventuring already.

          She’s not going back to Axel for Dust. She’s not exactly missing Dust either. When she was in her final trail for chief, all her thoughts were about Megumin.

          As for why Wiz and Vanir aren’t permanent party members. Well, Wiz still has a promise with the Demon King not to interfere as long as humans aren’t hurt at all which is why Wiz only attacks when she founds out the demons broke their promise by hurting humans like what happened with the Slime who melted that old spring owner man to death.

          Vanir doesn’t really care about the demon king conflict because he’s already a Duke of Hell and unless the Demon King does something to hurt his store’s profits, he won’t move at all.


    1. The web novel was created as a hobby for the author and can basically be considered the rough draft of konosuba before it was licensed… It has not rly been translated and has been taken down since then since konosuba was licensed. (The overall story is the same, thus why people knew Selena before she was even revealed in the story, but the LN is standalone and has alot of original content that deviates from the light novel)

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  9. “Now then, little puppy, it’s about time we get started with our late-night ball. Won’t you dance with me!?”

    Lol instantly reminded me of DMC3 scene dante vs cerberus.

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  10. I don’t know why but I get extremely pissed when kazuma gives up easily when facing an enemy and his lack of motivation to level up


  11. Feel like Kazuma X Eris is not gonna happened due to alot of romance and chapter focused only on Megumin and crimson demons thats a little sad for me

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  12. So there’s a monster in Konosuba who say ” DIE YOU NORMIE !!! ” ? With the ( harmless ) farfetch’d … This bestiary is just awesome .


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