Konosuba Volume 16: Toranora/Gamers Short story 2

When that Goddess returns…

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Striker, Ulti

[TL Note: Fun fact: Both Toranora and Gamers came with the exact same short story this time.]

“AAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAAH! I’ve had it with that idiot! When she gets back, I’m going to scold her ears off!”

“W-What’s wrong, Kazuma!? Don’t raise your voice so suddenly, you gave me a fright…”

On that day.

After reading the letter left by that idiot goddess, I searched her room in the hopes of finding some clues to her current location, but…

“Plenty of things are wrong right now, but first, take a look at this!”

“… Isn’t that the mug that you were raising a fit over some time ago after you thought you lost it?”

I shoved the broken cup towards Darkness.

She seems to get what happened the moment she realized I was inside Aqua’s room.

“W-Well, such things is just par for the course with her. I’ll introduce you to a dinnerware shop that is primarily frequented by nobles, so you can buy a replacement there.”

Darkness tried to calm me down, but…

“That’s not it. Even I wouldn’t blow my top over one broken cup. If she had properly admitted it, the most I’ll do is make her my manservant for a week.”

“I think that’s precisely why she hid that cup from you.”

After exasperatedly saying that, she turned her attention towards the broken game console I had in my other hand.

“… That’s the rare relic you picked up in the Crimson Demon village, right? … B-But, well, Aqua didn’t break it on purpose…”

In response to Darkness’s attempts to cover for Aqua, I brought out a box I discovered in Aqua’s room.

“That’s the strange jacket that you treasured, and this is an empty bottle? Aah, she drank the expensive wine you bought. And then there’s… Sorry, there’s just too much stuff for me to keep track of.”

Inside the box is a practical mountain of evidence that Aqua tried to hide from me.

Even I wouldn’t have gotten angry over one or two items.


For some strange reason, Darkness suddenly let out a soft laugh.

“… What? What’s so funny? This jersey is really important to me, you know? The fact that it ended up here after I put it in the laundry must mean she didn’t pay attention while scrubbing and tore through it… Yeah, I knew it!”

“Ah, no, I mean… No matter what you say, you’re still thinking about what happens after Aqua comes back, so…”

Darkness let out a wry smile, and I felt a blush creeping up my cheeks.

“… Well, I suppose I can take care of the trash for her. In exchange, she’ll be our manservant for a month.”

Hearing my tsundere-esque line, Darkness stifled a laugh.

… Just then.

“What are you raising a fuss in Aqua’s room for? Did you find some kind of lead?”

Megumin poked her head inside the room.

“No, I didn’t find any leads, but I did find one more reason to drag her back to this town.”

After explaining what I found to Megumin,

“… I see. Then, we have to get her back as soon as possible so we can properly lecture her.”

Megumin said with a laugh.

“Indeed. I’m looking forward to seeing what she will do by way of apology..”

Darkness joined in with a laugh of her own.

She’s probably wandering around somewhere off the beaten path right now. When I picture her crying face…

“… Say, have the two of you looked into the box? She can’t possibly have only broken my stuff, right?”

At my words, the two of them froze in their tracks.

“Pardon me… Ah, isn’t this the Rookie Killer figurine that I painstakingly saved up to buy!? I thought Chomusuke dragged it off somewhere! So it was here all along!?”

“Aaah, this is the tea set I got from Lumes! And I told her so many times to be careful when handling it…”

The two of them barely spent any time searching before discovering important stuff of their own that have been broken.

“We have to get her back as soon as possible so we can properly lecture her.”

“Indeed. I’m looking forward to seeing what she will do by way of apology.”

They said those very same words just moments ago, but somehow the meaning seems to have changed quite a bit.

“… Well, if she cried and apologized, I guess I’ll forgive her…”

I muttered as I envisioned the future for that runaway goddess.

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15 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 16: Toranora/Gamers Short story 2”

  1. Gotta say i thought the LN was already finished once i was done watching the anime, so i got into it thinking that i would spoil myself all the story, it’s good there’s still more to come even if its just one more volume, ill be looking forward to it, even if it takes a lot of time until then, thanks for the translations.


  2. Thanks for the translation. Can we expect some kind of PDF? It would be nice to be able to read it in this format, since it would be hard to find where the last reading stopped in case of having to pause in mid of chapter and closing the browser.
    And also I’d rather avoid the ads filled trashy JLN site (heck, taking ad revenue for something that one did not participate is disgusting).


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