Dust 4 Drama CD: Cleaning up after this Masked Devil, Subbed!

Here’s the Drama CD that came with the fourth Dust spinoff, a whole 45 minutes of content. A great thanks to Kasen who helped mock up the image I used for the video. Now, enjoy!

As a side note, I’m moving the day I make my regular posts to Saturday instead of Friday for logistical reasons. This schedule will be going into effect when I start uploading volume 15, so don’t freak out if things are one day late.


Volume 12: Chapter 1 now available in Klingon!

As part of an ongoing effort to increase Konosuba’s interplanetary appeal, the first chapter of volume 12 has been translated into Klingon. For the frist time, fans from Qo’noS would be able to enjoy Konosuba in thier own native tongue. I’m fairly new to the language, but hopefully it proves to be an enjoyable enough read.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Enjoy Volume 12: Chapter 1 in Klingon!

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