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Konosuba Character Q&A


As part of the lead up to volume 17, Akatsuki Natsume has hosted a character Q&A session on his twitter account, where each day a different character will be answering questions from the public. I’ve translated the responses and collated them here for posterity.

Gifting this wonderful world with Explosions: 2018 Art Fanbook Somemiya Suzume comic

This is a short manga that appeared in the 2018 Megumin Art fanbook that was a collaboration between various professional artists. The various artpieces can be found online, and Kasen has already translated the comic done by Mori Kasumi as part of the continued explosions manga adaption, available here if you are interested..

This is going up here in place of the usual Saturday chapter because I’ve experienced some delays in the TL process for Dust 4, which means that I’m not ready to start publishing them yet. I hope this short story will prove enough to tide everyone over until I get everything sorted out. With luck, Dust 4 will start going up from next week onwards, but with the current state of things, I can’t make any promises.


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Dust 4 Drama CD: Cleaning up after this Masked Devil, Subbed!

Here’s the Drama CD that came with the fourth Dust spinoff, a whole 45 minutes of content. A great thanks to Kasen who helped mock up the image I used for the video. Now, enjoy!

As a side note, I’m moving the day I make my regular posts to Saturday instead of Friday for logistical reasons. This schedule will be going into effect when I start uploading volume 15, so don’t freak out if things are one day late.

Volume 12: Chapter 1 now available in Klingon!

As part of an ongoing effort to increase Konosuba’s interplanetary appeal, the first chapter of volume 12 has been translated into Klingon. For the frist time, fans from Qo’noS would be able to enjoy Konosuba in thier own native tongue. I’m fairly new to the language, but hopefully it proves to be an enjoyable enough read.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Enjoy Volume 12: Chapter 1 in Klingon!

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