Konosuba Volume 17: Splash pages






[Thanks to Magzh and Frutose for the artwork, and Ulti for the typesetting]

Well that’s taken me long enough. I know a lot of you have been waiting for this, so rejoice, for the wait is over. Just like Volume 16, Volume 17 does not have a prologue, so we are jumping right in. I’ve posted this entry on Wednesday to make up for the lack of content, so chapter one will be dropping this Saturday at the usual timeslot. It should make the wait somewhat more bearable.

Now this volume kicks off directly after the cliffhanger of volume 16, so you might want to refresh yourself on what exactly happened back then. It has been some time, after all.

It’s a little bitter-sweet to have the end in sight after doing this for the past three years, but I hope you’ll enjoy the final leg together with me. As usual, the chapters will be dropping every Saturday, so look forward to them.


Volume 16 Epilogue

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50 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 17: Splash pages”

  1. I just want to say thank you so much for doing gods work! It kills me to wait each week to read each chapter but you do great work! Like you said it seems bitter sweet to see the journey end. But its better it ends on a high note.


  2. dear lord it’s here. I am both happy and sad. Happy because I get to read more konosuba and I wanna know how this story ends. And sad because this is the final volume. It’s been a hell of a trip since volume 1.


  3. *Rejoicing in progress*

    Personally, I was rather dissatisfied with vol. 16 since it went from one cliffhanger to another without anything very climactic happening in between. I have no doubt this will be much better.

    Thank you very much, CG!


  4. Finally!!
    Thank you for your hard work. Bittersweet moment as this is the end. Hopefully it will end on a high note


  5. So, it begins. The final chapter. Thanks for everything you’ve done for us chief. It’s been greatly appreciated.


  6. Imagine in 20 years when the anime adapts the final light novel and they realize that they need to spend 95% percent of their budget on Megumins explosions in the first chapter

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  7. Can’t wait for this volume and also can’t wait for dust’s spinoff final too, if I’ve been following the story right isn’t the demon king daughter stronger than demon king himself?


    1. Yes, according to what we were told last volume, she is more powerful than the demon king. She also inherits his position and becomes the new demon king once he gets defeated. Based on that, unless she gets defeated as well this volume, which I doubt, then killing the current demon king isn’t really going to save the world…

      That’s what sequels are for.

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  8. My dude, this is gonna be epic. I’m happy to be here, but sad to see it end. I hope Kazuma gets the peace and love he deserves, he’s been through so much shit. This is gonna be an amazing volume for sure. Thanks for your hard work, s-senpai! *o*


  9. Thanks for this! I’ve been a fan of this anime since the beginning and I really appreciate you doing this. I hope we can see more of our four idiots in the (maybe) sequel!

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  10. Damn, here we are it’s been a enjoyable 4 or 5 years readings this LN. I’m going to miss it. And no S3 in sight either


  11. Its here..
    After 5 years of pure excitement, its finally here. The bitter-sweet end.

    Met wonderful community, people, friends, family. Lost a sibling, friend, random-man, screaming partner.

    Do you see it Madara?

    Ill be your eyes, ill read it till the end.

    Not just for you, but for us. Soyuz


  12. I don’t know if I want to read this because once I do I know like mushoku tensei and the others isekai light novels I love it’s over .This my message to konosuba before it all ends.Ty.With out you i wouldn’t have made it through this past few years.I’m not just saying that .Anime has been a escape for me my entire life and im hapoy to have it because without it I would have given up on alot of chances


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