Extra special bonus: Vol 17 Gamers Short Story

Today, I win again!

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

[So this is the short story that has Konosuba fans in Japan all a flutter. I’m releasing this early because I know a lot of people have been dying to know what exactly it contains, and also as compensation for the fact that Volume 17 probably won’t be ready for another month or two. I hope this story can tide everyone over until then.

Also, this short story technically takes place after Volume 17. It doesn’t spoil anything and it can be enjoyed without knowledge of its events, but just keep that in mind if you are a stickler for this sort of stuff.

Well, without further ado, I hope you enjoy this little snippet.]

… I called out to Kazuma who was laying on the sofa, casually patting Chomusuke laying on his lap.

“Kazuma, if you are free, can you go out with me for a bit?”

Upon hearing that, Kazuma looked up at me and said,

“If you want to do your daily routine, wait ‘till after we have lunch. If you need someone to be a witness for some duel you’re about to pick with someone, get Aqua who can use recovery magic. If you want me to follow you because something you want just came out, then go get Darkness.”

“That’s not it at all! Just what kind of person do you think I am!?”

Those seem vaguely familiar somehow, but if I admit it, I lose.

And the strongest Crimson Demon can’t possibly be defeated.

“Do you want to go on a date… You don’t need to jump up like that! You gave Chomusuke quite a shock!”

ーAs we wandered around the town of Axel, Kazuma tilted his head and said,

“… Say, Megumin, you invited me on a date, right?”

“That’s right. Doesn’t it feel very much like a date when we walk together like this?”

Kazuma had a frown on his face for a while now, though I have no idea what he’s so unhappy about.

“Yeah, but, those people who have been sneaking around behind us all this time are your classmates, right? You only invited me out to show off in front of them, right?”

Indeed, just as Kazuma said, three of my classmates have been following me.

One of them is my rival, Yunyun.

The other two must be Funikura and Dondonka, or something like that.

I have no idea why they are following us. Maybe they just have too much free time on their hands.

“Well, it’s true that I want to assert my dominance over those sore losers who are at the age where they should be seeking a boyfriend, but it’s also true that I do genuinely want to go on a date with you, Kazuma.”

When I told Kazuma my honest feelings, he blushed red and started acting suspiciously.

“O-oh… I see… Well, I’m fine with that…”

Seeing Kazuma’s awkward behaviour, the people behind me suddenly erupted in muffled shrieks and whispers.

I’m sure those three are reaching the peak of their excitement.

Then, Kazuma opened his mouth like he just remembered something.

“You know, the dates I know consist of much more flirting. Like walking around with our hands intertwined, or kissing whenever our eyes meet.”

“I can understand holding hands, but if we start kissing in the middle of the street, the other adventurers will tease us, you know? …And, doing such things in front of my classmates is embarrassing…”

I casually held his arm as I said that, and once again muffled screams came from behind me.

I really wish they’d stop stalking me and go somewhere else to play.

Kazuma seems to have heard them too, and gave me a confident smile.

“Heh… Then, today, let’s show your classmates what you look like after ascending the stairway of adulthood. Leave it to me, I know a thing or two about such things.”

“Kazuma, whenever you get full of yourself like this, you always mess up, so don’t do anything unnecessary.”

He’ll definitely get full of himself, so I had to hammer home what not to do.

Those three will probably go home in tears after seeing us flirt with each other.

So, once they leaveー

“… Wait, did you just say ‘Doing such things in front of my classmates’? That means…”

“Yes, that’s exactly what you think it means! Come on, let’s get on with our date already!”

He’s as blunt and lacking in tact as ever, but I guess that’s part of him that I fell in love with.

Looking down in order to hide my blushing face, I pulled on Kazuma’s hand and tried to leaveー

“… It’s only been a short time since I last saw you, but you’ve really changed since then…”

Only for my path to be blocked by a blushing Funikura.

“What are you trying to do, Funikura? Are you not satisfied with just stalking, so now you want to get in the way too!?”

“I’m Funifura! Remember my name already! And I’m not stalking you for the sake of it… I came here to deliver a letter, and I can’t stand to watch you be lovey-dovey with him any more…”

Funifura pushed a letter into my hands while averting her blushing face.

“This is a letter from my parents and Komekko… S-Sorry, I thought you were just here to spy on me, so I tried my best to put on a show…”

“Y-Yunyun said that the two of you really are an item now, but I still don’t believe it! There’s no way you who had shown absolutely no interest in love could’ve beaten me…”

I’m no longer a child who places such importance on winning and losing.

Honestly, I really couldn’t care less about Funifura and the others anymore, so I really wish they’d hurry up and go…

“Hey, enough about that already. Let’s be alone together so we can make out!”

“Why do you have to open your mouth at a time like this!? Okay, fine, I get it. Let’s go back home!”

At Kazuma’s words, I hastily snatched the letter from Funifura’s hands to hide my impatience.

It’s fine, it’s not embarrassing at all.

If anything, I want them to spread this news to the other people back at the village.

This would put an end to my rivalry with Yunyun and strike a final blow to Funifura, who had been making fun of me for so long…!

Funifura, who had constantly poked fun at me and Yunyun about matters of romance back when we were classmates, seemed to finally admit defeat and broke into tearsー

“Uwaaaaah! I didn’t want to believe it, but it’s just as Yunyun said, the two of you really are an item now! You two are definitely already busy making babies!”

“W-W-W-We haven’t gone that far yet! Wait! Please don’t spread false rumours about me!”

Funifura took off running after leaving that ridiculous line, and I chased after herー

Volume 17 Epilogue

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81 thoughts on “Extra special bonus: Vol 17 Gamers Short Story”

    1. Well, in the afterwords of volume 17 say “And there’s the promise that Megumin made to do some amazing things after they get back” and they were talking about it like something to do when all was finished in the night of the french kiss, so probably they already did it, but Vanir has contraceptives in the shop, so no babies yet

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      1. sorry, but megumin took a few days of chatting with yunyun exactly because she wont find the courage to cross the line. and well kazuma is the same, it will took a bit more realisticaly.


    2. this is a short story of volume 17 but it doesn’t mean that it happens after volume 17. Most of the time there are short stories that specifically affect the main plot so it’s usually worth reading more. depending on the circumstances, this part is located after volume 5 or between volume 9 and before volume 14


      1. no I heard in the WB novel, kazuma remained single, no after stories and the side characters are less important


      2. Me: *types stupid question*
        *Visits doctor*
        Doctor:sir you have Alzheimers
        Me: I don’t believe in alzheimers
        Also me: *reads same side story and sees random comment*
        My dumb*ss: look at this retard asking dumb questions lemme just expose this thing
        Everyone: wait what?

        Me wondering why I just wasted my time doing this dumb crap


  1. Thanks for translating!

    Take your time with vol 17. I greatly appreciate the effort you put into translating these works. Keep it up.


  2. It’s going to be hard, but I’ll wait to read everything in order. take your time and enjoy yourself translating it.


  3. Thank you for this, just take your time on the translations. These are troubling times anyways, people’s lives are more important than translations someone wants. Stay safe Cannongerbil and the team (sorry i dont exactly know all of the team)


    1. Wow, I was hoping for at least a kiss or something. Then again I thought they were official for like 4 volumes now
      Oh well, thank you for the translation! I look forward to finishing the series with everyone here!


      1. They were official^^ Darkness was just the pain in the ass trying to make Kazuma cheat. I’m so happy that these two are together without shame:3 #kazumeguchuchu

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  4. Thanks for the translation dude. If this takes place after vol.17 then I guess everything goes back to normal.


    1. Sine Kazuma mentioned something about recovery magic, I’m pretty sure this is after Vol. 17. They didn’t really have the time to explore in Vol. 16 after Kazuma got the recovery magic.

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  5. Thanks CG! Amazing work as always.

    It’s just too bad the author completely derped the ending of such a great series… Konosuba doesn’t deserve to end so … tepid … like it did.


  6. So this happen after vol 17, hmm i see. Them being like this shows everything went good for them after the story!!! Megumin being soo sweet to kazuma is really adorable, And can’t wait for the finale!! Go take your time translating it CG!! The finale of such blessing is worth to wait 💞

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  7. Thanks for this.

    So, Megumin x Kazuma is official now..

    Well, there it goes to Darkness fans..

    Hopefully, they’ll have some bits of moments in the after story, (or maybe a sequel).

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      1. Nah man, I mean Kazuma x Darkness.

        Even if Kazumin is official, it would be fun to have Darkness have its moments with Kazuma, if only bits.

        I think there’s gonna be a sequel.

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        1. Posiblemente pero veo bajas posibilidades pero las hay, lo mas probable sea un spin-off.

          psdt: Vota todos los team al traste gano Megumin.
          Quedara Iris… Mehhhh lo mas probable es que si hay Konosuba 2 la usen para fortalecer mas el Kazumin, Megumin tuvo mas desarrollo, no el mejor, pero si mas y gano.


  8. Ok cool. But what about Darkness…she alone? I honestly would have preferred both megumin and darkness ending up with him. But i guess that’s asking for too much.

    Thank you for the translation.


  9. Thanks so much CG !!! Take all the time you need for translating Volume 17. We can wait :D.

    Another Kazuma x Magumin scene and they are so cuteee togetherr

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  10. Even though I already know how this all ends because I read the WN years ago, I’m still trembling in anticipation for volume 17 to release. Keep up the good work CG


  11. Only one thing has been confirmed to me. That is that Kazuma’s virginity yet remains.

    Call me a fool, but my hope will not be so easily snuffed out.

    (Thank you for the TL, CG.)


      1. Yes, I knew that, but it’s just a short story. It’s not the “after story.” The short stories are just bonus exclusives that come with different subscriptions. Not everyone who bought the volume would get this story.

        Also, I’me pretty sure there’s going to a continuation of the series beyond the “final” volume.


  12. thanks for the short story, now everyone can finally accept kazumin being canon lol

    take as much time as you need for volume 17, but it might be better to finish the after stories first than do volume 17, since it basically is already spoiled online you can find out what happened by just typing it in. I feel people would be more interested in what happens after volume 17, but that just my opinion


    1. To be fair, some people are patiently waiting for the actual story rather then looking at spoilers. I’m one of those people, and I really don’t want the novel spoiled for me, so I’d rather read it then the short stories.


  13. So is this official and cannon? What I can find seems to say so. Except for butt hurt Kazuma x Aqua shippers. With nothing to back it up. But just wanted to know for sure if possible.


    1. The short stories are just as canon as the main story, they just doesn’t have any overall effect on the main storyline but they are still part of the canon and are official. Don’t listen to those toxic Kazuquatard fans that deny this as canon.


  14. Hello I’m a foreigner, more specifically Brazilian, and I always visit here on the site to read the light novel. But lately it’s taking a long time to get out of chapter 17, I want to see how the group defeated the demon king and the final reunion. Please authors Translate this light novel I can not wait anymore


    1. Please wait patiently for it to be translated. Translating takes a long time to finish and has to go through different processes before it can be published to make sure there are no mistakes and give off the same meaning as the raw material. We should be thankful that we are getting these translated to us for free and please understand that the main story isn’t the only thing that is being translated here as there is still the Dust spinoff and the 6th volume of it was just recently fully translated.


    2. Please wait patiently for it to be translated. Translating takes a long time to finish and has to go through different processes before it can be published to make sure there are no mistakes and give off the same meaning as the raw material. We should be thankful that we are getting these translated to us for free and please understand that the main story isn’t the only thing that is being translated here as there is still the Dust spinoff and the 6th volume of it was just recently fully translated.


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