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Introducing Megucoin

The stocks have fallen, your life savings are in ruins, and your collection of caps is worthless now that toilet paper has become the post apocalypse currency of choice, so you might be wondering, what can I do with my remaining 500 zimbabwean dollars?

Well, wonder no further.

Introducing: Megucoin.

Backed by Explosion Magic, one megucoin is valued at one casting of EXPLOSION, and can be redeemed at your closest Crimson Demon archmage. Once a day, every day, Megucoin will see a sudden EXPLOSION in value, guranteed.

Also available in many different styles [Thanks to Kasen and Sero for the coin art]

Think big. Buy Megucoin today.

Warning: Availablity of said Crimson Demon archmage is not guranteed. CGtranslations is not responsible for any property damage, terrain alteration, and aggroed inhabitants that may result from abusing Megucoin. Side effects may include obsession, bouts of megalomania, and death by angry giant frogs. Please consult your psychatrist before using Megucoin.

Konosuba: Shakespearean edition

Now I’ve come across several remarks that LN translations are considered “low class” and “not true literature” over the last two years of me doing this. As an effort to rectify that imag, I will be embarking on an effort to convert everything I’ve done into shakespearean English, because there’s nothing posher than shakespearean English. I’ll start with one of my favorite side stories as a teaser, but worry not, within the next few months, everything I’ve written shall be rewriten to seem as though Shakespeare himself wrote them, so look forward to it.

Now without further ado, I bring you

A Once in a While Explosive Date

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Volume 12: Chapter 1 now available in Klingon!

As part of an ongoing effort to increase Konosuba’s interplanetary appeal, the first chapter of volume 12 has been translated into Klingon. For the frist time, fans from Qo’noS would be able to enjoy Konosuba in thier own native tongue. I’m fairly new to the language, but hopefully it proves to be an enjoyable enough read.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. Enjoy Volume 12: Chapter 1 in Klingon!

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