Volume 9 Short story: An occasional cliché story

Gamers short story: An occasional cliché story

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Translator: yuNS

Editors: Adam, BlitzBlast, Cannongerbil, Skythewood, Xenthu

That day.

After coming to this world, I finally encountered an anime like event.


Darkness’ naked body was before me.

Yes, this is the so called ‘lucky pervert incident’.

“Hey, why didn’t you lock the door. Let me be clear, I am not in the wrong at all. After all, there is no need to knock before entering the bathroom in the day.”

After waking up early in the morning, I headed to the bathroom to wash off the sweat and ran into Darkness, who was taking her clothes off.

Well, we’ve lived in this house for more than a year, so such things do happen.

Seeing how calm I was, Darkness was momentarily dumbfounded.

“Y-Y-You turn your head away! And don’t try to play it off so easily, I already told everyone that the lock to the bathroom is broken! And even if this is an accident, men have to apologize for seeing the skin of a maiden!”

“Don’t think your warped logic will work on me! All you feminists are the same, always pushing for gender equality, but then asking the men to give way when things don’t go your way! If I accomplish enough merits to earn a peerage, I will abolish this trash system. Starting from this house.”

“I get it, I really do! There’s too many things for me to retort, so turn your head back first!”

Darkness finally give in to my flawless argument, and answered with a crying face.

After being judged to be innocent, I averted my face in relief.

“We already bathed together once, why are you still so shy? And you have already taken care of me a lot in that certain shop.”

“You are still going on about that!… And what is that shop?”

“That shop is just that shop. A shop that will be fine even if the young lady doesn’t know about it. By the way, are you done? I just woke up with a body of sweat, so I want to have a quick bath.”

Darkness was hit badly by these words.

“Y-You really have no reaction after seeing me naked. To think that you are still concerned with your sweat at a time like this.”

“I won’t be shaken by your naked body anymore. If you understand, then get dressed and leave.”

Darkness complained about my answer as she dressed.

—— After washing myself in the bathroom, I cast freeze onto my warm body in the living room. Darkness glared at me with slanted eyes.

“… What, you want freeze magic too?”

“No! I am just mad that you don’t even care after seeing me in the nude! You saw the bare body of a woman, don’t you find your attitude right now terrible?”

“You are really troublesome… It’s partly my fault for not remembering about the lock being broken yesterday or the day before. But I really hope you can tell me if you want me to be interested or not interested in your naked body.”

“… Well, the ideal situation would be for you to be very interested, but I don’t want you to see.”

What a troublesome woman.

“If it was Aqua, she will forget after I buy a bottle of expensive wine for her. Megumin would probably not mind at all.”

“That’s because they are abnormal! If you feel any guilt at all, I don’t mind forgiving you if you apologize. I don’t need you to buy wine for me like Aqua, just do something to appease me.”

Darkness made a roundabout speech just like a noble.

“Do something to appease you. Abuse you verbally or kick you in public? I am a normal guy without such fetishes, so I can’t do such plays with you…”

“Idiot, I don’t need such nonsensical things at a time like this! There are many things you can do. Like giving me something I like, or accompany me to a restaurant with great atmosphere.”

Gifts and to accompany her…

“If it’s something you like, there isn’t any pet shop, so no collars. As for restaurants… I only frequent the barbecue shop though.”

“… At a time like this, I hope you can put my fetish aside and give me something normal. As for restaurants, those frequented by commoners feel rather fresh, but it would be better if it caters for advanced booking or memberships.”

This girl was troublesome in many ways.

Her fetish and her personality were both troublesome.

“Go and prepare gifts for me as apology! If you see the skin of a maiden, you will have to pay the appropriate price…!”

Darkness was all smiles and was probably getting cocky as I appeared to be deep in thought.

Her smug face when she held the advantage was annoying too.

… I couldn’t be bothered to think anymore.

“I get it, I will let you see my naked body and call it a draw. Then it’s all good.”

“How is that good!? Who want to see that… Hey, don’t take your pants off, stop! I-I get it, forget about this! S-Stop… Hyaaahh!”

It had been a while since I’d heard Darkness squeal like a girl.

11 thoughts on “Volume 9 Short story: An occasional cliché story”

  1. Please Darkness, don’t underestimate the man who has earned the name Kuzuma (Scum) and Kasuma (Trash). You think he’ll fall for such a cliche setting!?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I thought it would be about Mitsurugi doing basic isekai fan service with his harem . Instead , we can now say that Kazuma mind-fucked Darkness twice . Truly a pro gamer . As to Erones , the toth was slain .


  3. Lmao thats how all protagonists should be. Just let them see your naked body as well instead of trynig to appease them 😂


  4. You know what …I’m legit gonna keep this in mind, if someday a girl does this kind of thing…I’ll make sure to use this technique too!


    1. No bro, too risky. You might be even arrested for sexual harassment. Maybe it’s fine if you’re already close to girl.


  5. Darkness was trying to get him to take her out on a fancy date and he didn’t realize it lol

    Or maybe he did but just wanted to screw with her. Either way it’s hilarious.


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