Konosuba Volume 14: Gamers short story

The Strongest Devil Summoner of the Crimson Demons

Translator: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti

After coming to the Crimson Demon Village, I’ve had nothing but time on my hands.

There really isn’t much to do in a small village out in the countryside.

Aqua and Darkness ran off somewhere, and Megumin left Komekko in my care before busying herself with housework.

And thus, Komekko and I ended up playing in the backyard.


“ーーRight , come play with onii-chan.”

“I got it. Nee-chan told me to play with nii-chan too.”

That girl… she better remember this.

… Oh, I thought of something. This will be extremely effective on a siscon like her.

I took out the snacks that I brought along as a gift.

“Hey, Komekko, between me and Megumin, who do you like the most? I’ll give you this snack if you-”

“I like nii-chan more than nee-chan.”

Seeing Komekko snatch away the snack without a second thought, I briefly wondered if this is really okay.

“A-Ah, nevermind. Repeat what you just told me to Megumin when she comes back later, and I’ll give you another snack.”


Good girl.

While hiding a snicker, I squatted down to Komekko’s height.

“Now, then, what shall we play? House? Tag?”

“Devil summoning.”

… Is this why they’re called Crimson Demons?

“Yeah, let’s leave that till you’re older, okay? Komekko is a Crimson Demon, so it’d be a real headache if you actually end up calling a real devil.”

“Okay. I got scolded by a small goblin when I summoned him without an offering.”

“Megumin! Megumin! Come over here, quick!”

I yelled out in the direction of the house.


“ーーSeriously, what’s the matter? I told you to keep Komekko company while I was handling housework, didn’t I?”

Megumin ran over while wiping her hands on her apron.

“Now’s not the time to be doing that. Your sister did something really amazing. Hey, Komekko, tell Megumin what you just told me.”

“I like nii-chan more than nee-chan.”

“What are you saying!? Komekko, I’ll apologize if I did anything bad! It really hurts, so please cut it out!”

No, not that line.

“I said it, so give me another snack.”

“Kazuma, I’d like to have a word with you, so please come with me.”

“That’s not it! I mean, I did tell her to say that to you in return for a snack, but that’s not why I called you here. Your sister has summoned a devil!”

I hastily explained while handing the snack over to Komekko.

In response, Megumin simply sighed.

“That’s something that every Crimson Demon does at some point. I used to perform the ritual to summon the God of Destruction when I was a kid.”

“Don’t say that with such a nostalgic expression! … Wait, what!? So, you’re saying it’s fine!? But Komekko was saying something about a small goblin…”

Perhaps finding my panicked demeanor amusing, Megumin let out a small chuckle.

“Summoning devils requires an extremely difficult and delicate ritual. On top of that, even if one has the talent to be a devil summoner, it would take at least a decade of hard work to summon even an imp, the weakest type of devil.”


But if that’s the case, what Komekko was talking about…?

“Plus, even if the ritual does succeed, a goblin isn’t a devil, so there’s no way it’d be summoned. Komekko, you shouldn’t tease him too much, okay?”


“Right then, I’ll get back to the housework. Please play with each other, alright?”

After patting Komekko on the head, Megumin went back into the house.

… So she was just teasing me…

I thought that I just ran into yet another troublesome incident, but I guess it was just my imagination.

Seriously, these two sisters keep throwing me for a loop.

“See, your sister got angry because you said such things. It’s a little hypocritical coming from me, but lying is bad, okay?”

“I didn’t lie.”

Her stubbornness is just like that of her sister’s.

“But Megumin just said it, didn’t she? You can’t summon a goblin with a summoning ritual.”

“But it came out. I gave it the shell of a cicada as an offering, but it just scolded me. ‘Don’t call upon me without a proper offering. I’ll let you off this time, so don’t do it again.’ it said.”

… …

That bad feeling came back.

“Say, can you describe that goblin to me?”

Just in case, I confirmed with Komekko…

“It was really small and black, and had claws, wings, and a tail.”

“Megumin! Come over here, quick!”


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38 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 14: Gamers short story”

      1. More like a magical item tinkerer. Since he doesn’t make potions. Also the items he makes are very(excessively) powerful, so they end up being impractical. Megumin’s inherited the powerful but impractial trait from his father it seems. And she’s got her mother’s maturity and sharpness.


  1. Why do I feel like the way kazuma calling out megumin in this chapter is like a husband calling his wife coz their daughter did something outrageous. And not just the way he called her, megumin’s line is also sounds like a wife who’s busy doing housework while the husband playing with their daughter.
    It’s heatwarming tho.

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Now that you mention it, I just realized. It’s indeed like a small family simulation. Also, that “komekko like onii-chan more than onee-chan” is like a mama-papa-thing too.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. “It was really small and black, and had claws, wings, and a tail.”
    don’t she just summon their cat (goddess) . it isn’t that great because you just need to solve the riddle in the seal even mugumin did it .


    1. Not really. When Chomusuke was summoned it came out as a massive beast, also it could not talk.

      I think Komekko summoned a small imp.


      1. first time it was massive but the human part walboc use explosion magic against it and took his power after that making him cat size then sealing him later kemeko free the cat (chimoske) and start feeding him to eat later .


  3. sorry the translations are from Japanese to English because if so I would like to help this page by passing the raws of the light novels since I buy the light novels the digital format the first day they come out and I would like to pass the raw ones so that you translate them since you do a good job translating them I can pass volume 15 of konosuba and spinoof 4 of dust the day they come out but I would like to know how to pass them, greetings and good work with your translations I love them


    1. My main contact is always through discord. You can try dropping me a line there, though to be honest I already have access to the digital versions, so that isn’t a huge problem.

      You’re always free to come hang out on the server though

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cannongerbil, did you buy them or did you find them online? Since this series isn’t published here in Italy I thought about searching for the japanese version, but most of what I found are scans with poor quality.

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  4. I just see a scene from ten years later:
    Kazuma playing in the yard with his daughter.
    “Papa, the big summoning circle really worked! Pretty red lizard scolded me for summoning him but said that he forgive me because I am cute and even leave me a candy!”
    “Megumin! Come over here, quick!”

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