Volume 7 short story: Make a show of gratitude every now and then!

Amazon special bonus story

Make a show of gratitude every now and then!

TL: Skythewood

Editing: Adam, Cannongerbil, Xenthur

Make a show of gratitude every now and then!

“Oh! It might be summer, but this attire is still too sexy. Are you trying to seduce me?”

The first thing I said after returning to the mansion made Darkness who was walking around in a skimpy attire freeze.

“Hey, hey, what are you saying? Saying such things the moment you come back… The weather’s too hot so it can’t be helped, I’m not trying to seduce you…!”

“You might be saying that, but you’re actually looking forward to it a little, right?”

“What? What’s wrong with you today?”

After hearing our exchange, the jaw of Megumin who was playing a board game with Aqua dropped.

“What’s happening all of a sudden? Kazuma might frequently sexually harass others, but he’s way too straightforward.”

I took a glance at Megumin.

“Megumin’s wearing a one piece today, huh? Megumin who has a boyish personality should go all out and just go naked.”

“What’s wrong with this guy? Why are you suddenly spouting such nonsense?”

Megumin said in a panic while Aqua sat before her with her arm crossed and nodded.

No, actually…

“– A magic item that reveals your thoughts?” x2

That’s right. Wiz asked me to test out this new magic item. When Wiz in her skimpy summer dress asked me with upturned eyes, I happily accepted it.

That’s how it was.

On my head right now was a hat handed to me by Wiz.

“E-Erm, I wasn’t asking why you accepted… No, that was just your thoughts leaking out. But why’d Wiz make such a magic item…?

“It was developed with the idea of realizing conversations with monsters and animals. By the way, Wiz wanted to test it out on animals. I think she mentioned about taking it to a beef farmer she knew for testing.”

“Why didn’t you stop Wiz? Wouldn’t that make it hard for the cow farmer to work?”

I looked at Aqua who was still motionless, focusing on the board game before her.

I took off the hat and placed it on her head.

“What should I do? If I move the piece here, Megumin with her twisted personality will definitely target it. What should I do? Betting a side dish on one match was a bad idea. If this goes on, I can only eat condiments with rice tonight. I should’ve used rock-paper-scissors to decide the match. I would just need to cast blessing magic to settle it.”

When the voice of Aqua came out from the top of her head, Megumin pounced on her straight away.

“Hey, what are you doing Megumin? The board’s a mess now! The match’s void now, right? There isn’t enough time for another match, so let’s settle this with rock-paper-scissors!!”

“That surprised me, but this is a good chance! Did the weather get to her? It’s great that Megumin’s as impatient as Darkness!”

“So that’s how you think of me? I’m an Archwizard known for being cool and collected, nothing like Darkness at all!!”

“Wait, I don’t think I’m that impatient…! And what do the both of you usually think about me?”

I gently removed the hat from Aqua and put it on.

“That’s how this magic item works… Oh, the big-tits girl’s still looking at me suspiciously. You wear it for a change then.”

“B-Big-tits girl? Is that how you call me in your mind? S-Stop! I don’t want to wear this thing, wear it yourself if you want!”

“Tch, I was planning to ask how many times you masturbate a day after you put it on.”

“A-An aristocratic lady won’t do something as shameless as masturbation! Ah, stop! Really, I’m not lying! I’m not lying, so don’t force the hat on me!!”

After seeing Darkness’s reaction, Megumin sighed.

“Really… I think it’d be better if this magic item isn’t developed. Kazuma, take it off. Just tell Wiz what I said.”

“It can’t be helped. Forget it then. I was showered in cold glares by women on my way home too. I won’t dare go near that place for the time being.”

“What were you thinking on your entire way here? Were there any police patrolling the area?”

I took off the hat, lazily stretched my back and walked to the kitchen.

“By the way Aqua, the rock-paper-scissors just now’s void. To think that you’ll actually secretly cast blessing… Don’t be too rampant with your cheating. Let’s have another proper match!”

“H-How do you know? No, you’re just pulling a fast one. Where’s the evidence? Right, show the evidence that I actually secretly used magic!”

“Give it up, Aqua. Your dinner tonight will be rice with condiments.”


While listening to the commotion in the living room, I placed the hat on top of the wine bottle on the table as I prepared to make dinner…

“Thank you for tending to my tomb and telling me stories of adventures all this while.”

I turned and looked at the hat in surprise because of the sudden voice.

“What was that? … My imagination? No, I heard it pretty clearly…”

At this moment, Aqua’s cries came from the living room.

“Kazuma-san, Kazuma-san–! The two of them are so mean! Hey, please make more dinner tonight!”

… They were really troublesome.

I made an extra dish–

15 thoughts on “Volume 7 short story: Make a show of gratitude every now and then!”

  1. I think I would be promptly arrested if I wore that hat when I’m pissed at some bastard doing something annoying. Would be fine if it’s just about wearing it close to women though, passed the stage of eyeraping women quite a while ago, nowadays only 2D is good enough and I’m not sure if that’s something I should be happy about.


  2. I really love the characters’ interaction with Asteroid~san!! It’s really heart warming and feels like she is part of the gang~


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