Konosuba Volume 14: Toranora Short story

The One with Azure Lightning Behind her

Translator: Cannongerbil

Editor: Keel The Swift, Ulti

As I was wandering around the Crimson Demon Village, I stumbled upon Aqua shadowboxing.

“… What are you doing?”

“Ah, Kazuma, what a coincidence. I ran into a beautiful onee-san a while ago who said ‘Considering you’re friends of Megumin, allow me to offer you a little warning. Wind… Darkness… And a divine light… please remember these words.’ before disappearing right in front of me. I don’t get what she said at all, so I’ve been keeping guard here to prevent her from escaping.”

That’s the same technique the Crimson Demons showed us the last time they were here where they used light refraction magic to make us think that they’ve teleported.

“Sacred Break Spell!”


As Aqua chanted the spell, the sound of someone gasping in surprise and rolling out of the way could be heard in response.

“See, you heard that, right? That surprised noise when I pretended to cast my magic?”

“I-I kinda feel sorry for her, so cut that out…”

Just then.

“I just took my eyes off you two for a moment and you’re causing trouble again…”

“Umm, don’t bully my clansmen too much.”

Darkness and Megumin stumbled upon us.

“Hey, Darkness, there should be a pretty onee-san hiding around there, so please search and catch her for me. I want to ask her what she meant earlier.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do that for you-”

Darkness grabbed my collar before I could get to work.

“Darkness, please keep a firm grasp on that man. Aqua, it’s a common tradition to tell tourists some mysterious phrases before disappearing. There’s no particular deeper meaning, so please let her go.”

What an annoying tradition.

“By the way, what are the two of you doing? Taking a walk?”

“No, we are… Rather than explaining, it’d be easier to just show you.”

Megumin pointed into the distance.

“Yo, the one with azure lightning behind her! Good morning. So you’ve come back from Axel?”

“Roaring Thunder Yunyun! Good morning. How’s the outside world? Has it changed much?”

“A-Ah, good morning! Good morning! It doesn’t seem to have changed very much!”

Standing right there was Yunyun who was being greeted by the passing Crimson Demons.

Probably being embarrassed by being addressed with those titles, Yunyun’s face was bright red and tears clung to the sides of her eyes.

“Kazuma, what are your thoughts after seeing that?”

“It feels like Yunyun is being bullied.”

In response to my honest answer, Megumin frowned.

“No, seriously, please look at Yunyun being surrounded by everyone.”

I took another look…

“Oh, Yunyun, that azure lightning is glowing brightly behind you today too!”

“Roaring Thunder Yunyun, have you put on some weight lately? It feels like you’ve gained a bit of flesh…”

“Please stop calling me by that name! And I didn’t get fat, I just grew up!”

… …

“So, what do you think after seeing her with that smug looking frown while everyone fawns over her and calls her by her title!?”

“I-Is that so? She doesn’t seem to be enjoying it to me…”

Seemingly at her limits, Megumin walked over to Yunyun at the center of that crowd.

“Yunyun, you sure seem elated to have everyone address you with such a cool title.”

“What are you saying!? Do I look happy right now!? Are your eyes made out of glass!?”

“They are the same red ones that you have!”

Seeing the sudden appearance of a rabid dog, the Crimson Demons who were crowded around Yunyun quickly dispersed.

“… Ah, I see, that’s how it is. Megumin sure can’t be honest. Despite what she says, she still headed out there to help Yunyun when she’s suffering under those embarrassing nicknames…”

Darkness nodded as she looked upon the two and smiled warmly…

“Megumin, you had a title back in Axel too!”

“I couldn’t care less for an embarrassing title like that! One with azure lightning behind her back, exchange nicknames with me!”

… …

“Do you really believe that?”

“… Maybe not…”

At a place far away from Axel.

“I don’t like my current title, but the title that you have is…”

“Fine, I’ll challenge you! If I win, I’ll be taking your title for my own!”

A very familiar scene and is taking placeーー

“Sorry, I don’t want your title, so I’ll pass on this challenge…”

“W-What!? Yet you were the one who keeps badgering me to accept your challenges!”


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