Konosuba Volume 9: Epilogue

Translator: yuNS

Editors: Adam, BlitzBlast, Cannongerbil, Skythewood, Xenthu

For the sake of this person!

I messed up.

I parted in such a way with the person I had been looking for all my life, and during an emotional moment, I did something I shouldn’t have done.

How should I face him starting tomorrow?

He said that he loves me as well, so does that make us lovers?

Should I change the way in which I treat him?

“*Fuhaah~~*– Good morning!”

The culprit of my troubles appeared with a yawn. With a sleepy expression, he lazily walked to where we were.

Kazuma, who had begun packing his luggage before fixing his bedhead, said:

“Yunyun, let’s go back with ‘Teleport’.”

…Going to back to Axel from the fortress would have only taken a fleeting moment, but since we had come all the way here during our journey, we decided to go to a hot spring on our way back to relax.

“I don’t really mind doing that, but why did you suddenly bring that up?”

When Yunyun asked, he showed some suspicious behavior.

“T-There’s nothing really, I just really miss Axel you know~~”

Immediately after Kazuma, who said such insincere things–

“Yeah, I want to hurry up and get back to Axel for my heartfelt reunion with Emperor Zell! Let’s go home quickly and have a celebration party! We beat that evil god, after all!”

Aqua announced her plans without a hint of any ulterior motive. All she wanted to do was to celebrate with everyone.

“You’re right, we should be proud of our efforts this time. Until now, we fought against the Demon King’s generals because we were forced to, but this time around we fought one on our own accord, and managed to defeat her as well.”

Said Darkness, as she stuck out her chest in a prideful fashion.


“To be honest though, you didn’t really do anything.”


Darkness – who had her moment of pride stolen by Kazuma – became a bit teary eyed.

“Hey, Yunyun, do you want to stay with us? There’s no need to force yourself to stay with us…”

“Eh!? Ah, y-, you mean me? Uhm, erm… if you would let me join you, I would happily…!”

Just as everyone seemed to have agreed to celebrate tonight, and were happily discussing their plans, Kazuma said:

“Ah, by the way, I’m not coming back tonight.”

It’s not like he was Aqua, so why did he say such ignorant things?

“You’re not coming back? Then where are you planning to go!? I mean, when you go out with your friends, what exactly are you guys doing?”

“Hm!? T-T-T-T-That’s is well, shouldn’t you understand? It’s just things that friends do together, you know…”

The sharp intuition of the Crimson Demons is telling he was going out on some funny business.

“So you’re just doing things with friends? Then tell them to come celebrate with us. It’s a rare occasion for us to gather, so the more the merrier right?”


Kazuma’s expression looked as if he was witnessing the end of the world. Once again, I reaffirmed the greatness of my intuition.

Even though I didn’t know what he planned to do, he obviously wasn’t up to anything good.

I walked up next to Kazuma, whose shoulders were drooped, and patted him on the back.

“Well well, why don’t we have a drink with Kazuma tonight to celebrate his achievements?”

“Hey you, do you even know why I’m staying out tonight?”

Said Kazuma begrudgingly. Even so, I didn’t know what he meant.

“How would I know? By the way, where are you going?”

“The café, you know, that ‘café’? The one that operates 24/7?”

A café that operates 24/7?

There was only one café in the town of Axel that matched that description.

“…You, after what happened last night, you decided to do this kind of dirty business?”

“Hmm? What wrong Megumin? Your eyes are really red… What are you so excited about? Was it something that happened last night?”

This guy–!

…No, calm down for a bit, even though we said that we love each other, we never said that we were a couple.

Which means I had no reason to be angry.

“…That store has a lot of sexily dressed onee-sans. Hmm? Are they Kazuma’s type?”

“Huh, so you know about that store? And the type I like huh… I wonder what it is…?”

His reply was full of indecision.

“…While we’re talking about this, could I ask what type of girl Kazuma likes?”

“My type? Hm, I haven’t really considered that before… If I really have to say it though, it would be a ‘long haired, big boob’ed girl that would dote on me a lot’?”

Hearing him reply with such ease, I felt the need to reconsider my love for this man.

After what happened yesterday, shouldn’t his preference be a lot closer to me?

“Hey, what is it? I heard that if you sigh so much your luck stat would decrease.”

He wasn’t popular because he was always like this. Oh well—

It would be fine if I was the only person to love this strange person.

“Everyone, the preparations for ‘Teleport’ are done.”

Everyone gathered their belongings together—

“Alright, I’ll use the bounty reward to live outside for a week! Though I don’t really know how large the reward is.”

I had no idea why he wanted to stay outside for a week, but as usual, he was probably up to no good.

As I pondered about this—


–I decided that I would grow my hair longer.

Epilogue II

Dear, big brother!

–About one week after we returned to Axel.

I was about put the plate down to feed Chomusuke, but I was interrupted by Megumin as she entered the room.

“…Kazuma, aren’t you feeding it a bit too much? You shouldn’t dote on it so much, you know?”

“But this guy hasn’t stopped eating—Here here, eat more and grow up quickly~”

Before you become that onee-san, I hope we can get along well.

Also, please forgive Megumin for using explosion magic on you.

“…There’s a letter for Kazuma. I don’t really know what’s it about though.”

A letter for me?

“Is it that dragon egg salesman again? Ever since I bought Emperor Zell, he’s been sending these letters every day.”

The idiot who got tricked lured a lot of scammers to this house.

“If it was sent to Kazuma, then it probably isn’t anything good. Let me take a look.”

“Here it is… I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this envelope somewhere…”

Megumin passed the envelope to Darkness…

Darkness opened the envelope and peeked inside. Without a moment’s delay, she shoved it in her chest pocket.

“… Hey, what are you trying to do with a letter addressed to me?”

“… It is as Aqua said, it’s just a letter from the dragon salesman.”

“It’s just as I divined! Isn’t this great Kazuma? The mails sent to me all address me as ‘This letter is addressed to the one destined to a dragon, an adventurer of great fame and might.’”

Ignoring Aqua who was saying stupid things again, I said to Darkness, who tried to avoid my gaze:

“Hey, give me the let—.”

“I refuse.”

Darkness replied in an instant, and proceeded to roll herself into a ball, as if she was pregnant woman protecting her child.

Seeing her action, I could tell who the sender of the letter was.

Because I’ve seen Darkness do this before.

“It’s Iris, right!? Iris sent me that letter, right!?”

“How did you guess!? No, I mean, this is just a—!”

I mercilessly stretched my hand towards Darkness’ chest as she desperately tried to refute my claims.


“Look! As I thought, this is a letter sent to me by Iris!”

Darkness put her hands by her chest and bent down.

Hmpf, don’t think that I wouldn’t lay a hand on the letter just because you put it by your chest.

After all, I am no longer the wuss that I was. I have been reincarnated as a ruthless man.

As I was thoroughly experiencing the thrill of my victory, I opened the letter.

Undoing the royal seal, I unfolded the letter—

‘Dear Onii-sama,

I have heard of your great achievements at the fortress nearby. You always seem to dive headfirst into danger, so I have been a bit worried about your wellbeing…’

Just reading the header of the letter has warmed my heart.

‘This time, I have a request for Onii-sama, who has become one of the nation’s greatest adventurers.’

Then I read the last sentence.

“Actually, I am going to meet with the prince of a neighboring country with whom I have an arranged marriage with, so I would like to hire onii-sama as my bodyguard—”

And viciously ripped the letter.

18 - WaQ611g.png

Author’s afterword

Megumin has been very Megumin in this volume, but I’ve decided that she should feel the stench of this love quite soon.

I didn’t really intend to do so forcefully, but there is a limit to my skills as an innocent and inexperienced writer.

I will continue to try out new writing elements, and try to improve every day. One day, I will write something that will make everyone laugh out loud.

In the volume, I have been helped by Mishima Kurone-sensei, S-san, and all the people related to the publishing process. Everyone has helped the book see a peaceful and successful release.

Finally, I would sincerely thank you for buying this book.

Artist’s afterword

19 - IEbePKP.png

Thank you everyone for purchasing the ninth volume!

This volume has been Megumin’s turn to shine on the grand stage…! I’m actually really jealous of Kazuma!

Thanks to everyone’s support, a second season of the anime has been green-lit and Megumin’s explosion spin-off’s getting a manga!

When I think about how the Konosuba series will continue on like this, my heart aches a little!

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34 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 9: Epilogue”

  1. I really liked mega this volume. My only complaint about a kazXmeg is that I think we’d get less kauro to nana play.


  2. Even though the Demon King’s appearance won’t be for a long time, I’m really excited for when Satou will face off against Kazuma. The fairy tale that a hero who who was too powerful to form a party and eventually became the demon king out of loneliness seems like a really nice setup after this arc.

    …hey wait Yun yun is also a solo clearer with cheat like abilities. …!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Just to clarify at the time of writing that comment I had not read any of the next 6 or so volumes as I can’t read japanese, I also haven’t read the WN version of Konosuba. This was merely speculation based on the pace at which Kazuma and co dispatch generals, which is to say very slowly.

        I confirm nothing with my past thoughts based on outdated information.


  3. I actually read the Light Novel only because of the Kazuma Megumin pairing… I dont really read LN. Guess I’ll start reading other light novels too. ^^ I wish this will be adapted to anime 🙂


    1. Honestly, I also only read it for the pairing. Well, not completely. It’s more like, I love the series, and a doujin (a really good one) about these two made me want to read it, since I knew they would be canon. I screamed to the stars when they FINALLY confessed last chapter.


    2. I do read LN/Wn a lot recently, but I have to admit that I picked it up after hearing that Kazumin was actually a thing, which was quite intruiging. Megumin doesn’t know it, but in the beginning she wasn’t even close to his ‘ideal girl’type at all, so she did very well 😀
      Or rather, Kazuma chose to stay true to her expectations, even though she would normally fly under his radar, which kinda makes me a little a proud of him. But just a little (and he’ll probably ruin this in the volumes to come xD)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yeah, this is also the first light novel I’ve read. I enjoyed the story behind the manga and anime and only started this light novel because kazumin was cannon. Still this has good twists and originality behind the writing of all the chapters in the novel series. Glad I started because character development and humor if on another level Haha.


  5. Tbh I actually quite annoyed that a lot of characters Dust, Vanir, Wiz, Aqua, Iris, Eris, Megumin as well as Kazuma(understandably as he is 1 of the main protagonist) gets a good share of thief adventure n back story… Except for Darkness while Megumin gets tons of short stories n is in every chap vol. Darkness on the other hand tends to be excluded like in vols 5,8,9,14. She’s also the least explored character despite being a complex character like everyone else. I just really hope she gets a happy ending n not like the Web novel ending where she was left hanging.

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  6. “One day, I will write something that will make everyone laugh out loud.”

    If you really bring back the parody-comedy aspect of Konosuba then I swear im gonna donate 50 million eris


  7. I want to give my props to the writer of this series. Look I’m not the kind of guy to be in here. this is the first time I went into the source material of an anime (quarantine got me watching anime) I finally stopped being embarrassed by watching that stuff… but konosuba was just a lot of fun and I couldn’t even wait for another season, so I just went ahead and now am reading all the volumes.(I don’t ship, I found it pointless and wouldn’t really care if a show did one of those “will they won’t kind of thing” sometimes I’m all for romance but it ain’t what im looking for. But now I am here reading this whole volume and fucking dying over it. I thought this was just comedy Isekai but noo it decided to have me excited over fucking characters that do not exist… It’s really hard for me to be here, cause I don’t dislike it. honestly I am so invested about this. Still my favorite is volume 6 but this one is my second fav.(loved how the writer brought up kazuma’s lack of self worth and put him to struggle with the idea of being worthy for the team but making a comeback as the thieve and just fucking kick ass! I was hyped)


  8. 1) The ” thank you for purchasing this volume ” is FILLING ME WITH GUILT , as we are all here reading it illegally online .

    2) Kazuma and his party will become professionals at ruining arranged marriages . Darkness was saved 2 times , now it’s Kris’s turn !


  9. That was so unsatisfactory. I understand that Kazuma is scum and this is his charm, but it’s… Everybody in this show evolve somehow, but Kazuma is still the same pathetic person as at the beggining. He didn’t change at all, he just have more tricks and thats all. Megumin says that he is a normal guy, but he is a fucking combination of coomer and simp. I can forgive everything, that he is weak, he lies, he is fucking NEET, even being a coward but not that. I have been kazumin fan, but now I want everybody to beat the shit out of him, fuck this guy. He spend with three girls entire year, and he is still like this? Who the fuck act like that? I’m so angry now


    1. Really? I kinda see some development in all of them, and tbh I really like Kazuma the way he is, it’s just too much fun seeing such an unique character


    2. I feel like you kind of missed the point on Kazuma Stukov. Just reread the last part of chapter 5 of this volume where Megumin confesses to him. Yes he can be weak but he can also be very strong, he can be cowardly but also brave, sometimes he acts like an idiot but he has genius moments as well, etc, etc. The man is a paradox.


  10. Guess it s gonna be a long fight for megumin

    Also i can t help but think Iris is a sly devil, no way she sent him that letter without a hidden agenda.


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