Konosuba Volume 13: Prologue (A Challenge to this Lich!)

Right, that was a nice two week break. Now, without further ado, allow me to present Volume 13: A Challenge to this Lich. As usual, I’ll be aiming for a release every Friday, so look forward to it!









At a modest magic item shop tucked away in the back alleys of Axel, the usual commotion could be heard.

“Shopkeeper with the rare skill of exclusively stocking up on trash, why don’t you go ahead and explain to Moi, why exactly is this garbage sitting in front of us?”

“Calling my skills rare… I’ll still buy this item even if you compliment me, Vanir-san.”

“Moi was not complimenting you, you useless shopkeep! Just tell me the good points of this product!”

After being startled by Vanir’s outburst, Wiz offered up a stuffed doll.

“The products I bought this time are stuffed animals. Of course, it’s not simply a cute looking toy. Behold! It’s a wondrous item that will automatically follow its owner once they are registered! By giving them to children, we’ll never have to worry about children getting lost ever again!”

“I see. Tell me, what exactly are its downsides?”

“Roger! It’ll always follow its owner even if they aren’t lost, so I suppose it might cause the children to cry when they wake up in the middle of the night to visit the toilet.”

Hearing that, Vanir silently crossed out the purchase papers.

“Vanir-san! Do you really wish to abandon the lost children of the world!?”

“Do you really want to hear the cries of children so badly?”

Such is the everyday sight that greeted us as we opened the door to the magic item shop.

After scolding Wiz, Vanir noticed our entrance and welcomed us with a wide smile.

A small flower appeared in front of Wiz.

The one who offered it to her was Sylphina.

She’s the noble girl that the town’s adventurers, along with various other people in this town, banded together to aid a couple of days ago.

“Onee-san, thank you very much for your help the other day.”

Wiz crouched down to be face-to-face with the shyly smiling girl and gave her a gentle smile.

“This is Wiz’s Magical Item Shop. It’s stocked full of various useful items. If you ever feel unwell again, or run into some other problem… Please feel free to visit anytime.”

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40 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 13: Prologue (A Challenge to this Lich!)”

  1. Oosu. I’ve been refreshing this page every five minutes. Thank you cannon-san. Also, I found your translations on youtube and have been enjoying them. Thank you.

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  2. noooo why i read that spoiler T-T now i know who is that men who confess to wiz
    and i tough too it was said as joke that time fvck -_-


  3. Is there another translation? Because there is in spanish… the entire volume, and (according to them) they translate it from english.


  4. You’re the best type of gerbil that ever existed.
    Thanks for the hard work and welcome back!

    Damn Wiz is so unbelievably hot. There’s a severe lack in Wiz doujins in existence and this saddens me.


    1. I think it might exist in real life . I’m sure a child would do that , because who didn’t put barbie and ken naked to make them do weird things when they were young ?


  5. you could translate volume 2 of dust that is shorter, volume 13 is much longer than that and thanks for the translation


  6. Wait, I thought that Vanir was the devil and Wiz was the lich, so why does Wiz purposely get something she knows will freak children out? It may be that Aqua’s stupidity is rubbing off on her, or maybe she’s being corrupted by another member of Kazuma’s party.

    That look on Megumin’s face is that of double shock. First, your “boyfriend” just purchased a doll of a girl and is peeking at its panties in front of you, it is worse because it is a doll of you. Just how pathetic can Kazuma get? Didn’t he already peek up her skirt and steal her panties to try and teach Chomosuke how to track by scent?


    1. No, Vanir is pretty beloved by children and has a great sense of buisiness. Wiz spends their funds on magic items that appear useful at first glance but have devastating downsides (like the camping toilet – It works, but the sound it makes to mask your dumping is so loud that it attracts monsters and only stops after destroying it).
      Rather if the dolls keep following the kids, wouldn’t that only mean that the doll gets lost too after tracking their child? Or does it drag them back forcefully? The ladder would make going to the bathroom quite hindering xD


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