Konosuba Volume 14 Prologue

And we’re back. I hope the short stories were enough to tide you all over during the break. Volume 14 will now commence weekly like the previous entries. It’s a pretty great volume, so I hope you all will enjoy it.

Additionally, Volume 1 has been heavily retouched for readability thanks to the efforts of Xenthur, so if you are looking to re-read the series, now’s as good a time as any.




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“Hey, are you guys done with your preparations!? You properly maintained your equipment, right!?”

“Aah, my armour is really glittering after all that polish! My beloved greatsword too has been sharpened to a fine edge, so expect great things from me!”

As we were gathering outside the mansion, Darkness, clad in equipment that has been polished to the point where it looked brand new, excitedly replied.

Even as I was looking over everyone’s equipment, I didn’t slack off myself.

In addition to my usual equipment, my bag was also stuffed full of various expensive magic items and scrolls.

“Say, Darkness, maybe you should give up on fighting with a sword and just use your fists instead.”

“Well, then, if you’re going to say that, maybe I shall start making use of my fists right now. Come over here, Aqua.”

Bearing a backpack just like me, Aqua ran away as soon as she heard Darkness’s words.

In direct contrast to us, who have been extremely excited since morning, Megumin bore the bare minimum of equipment as she joined us.

“… Why’s everyone so motivated? In the first place, there are stores in the Crimson Demon village, so I don’t think there’s any need to bring so much stuff with us…”

“What are you saying!? It’s a trial, you know!? A trial! One that can challenge even the tribe of elite mages, the Crimson Demons! No matter how much preparations we make, it will never be enough!”

Hearing my words, Megumin returned a bewildered look-

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38 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 14 Prologue”

      1. But it was totally worth it, the ln was in my bag for 17 days now and i can’t read japanese, it is just for the feeling of having one 😀


    1. I agree. Even Lewdness + spilled ice cream looked kind of plain in comparison to frilly swimsuit + hoody + thigh belt Megumin. Guess that Yunyun wasn’t included because she’s Yunyun and Aqua wasn’t included because she has zero sex appeal for anyone who has read this far and isn’t interested in being dominated by a masculine woman who is devoid of feminine grace.

      I’m going to open the door for yo-



  1. “What are you saying!? It’s a trial, you know!? A trial! One that can challenge even the tribe of elite mages, the Crimson Demons! No matter how much preparations we make, it will never be enough!”

    I agree, but for a different reason, no matter how much you prepare it will never be enough for a trial designed by those loony mages…


  2. As always: Thank you SO much for your work and effort to translate and bring the novels to us.
    Great job 😀
    Ps: looking forward for that kazuma x megumin scene (at least it seems like she’s talking to him) , because you know: megumin best waifu and best ship in years past and years to come hahaha


  3. There’s no way I’d ever be able to keep up with one of my favorite series without y’all. Big thanks for your continued work in translating. Looking forward to this volume!


  4. Too said Yunyun isn’t one of the main group. Maybe because she’s too good for Kazuma? xD
    She has the holy waifu trinity of cuteness, clumsiness and shyness after all. Guess I’ll just have to ask her to be my friend someday :3


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