Dust Spinoff!

Dust spinoff: A time in the limelight for this fool too!


Written by Hirukuma

Art by Yuuki Hagure

Sypnosis: A spinoff of Kono Suba featuring Dust as the primary protagonist, taking place around volumes 1-4 of the main series.

“No money, no women!” The (self-proclaimed) carry of Axel, the delinquent Dust, is suffering from a chronic case of empty-wallet. Whilst the newbie adventurer Kazuma continues to steadily make a name for himself, Dust is busy setting people up in scams, selling stolen products, ripping off noble ladies, and the like. ‘Let’s make some money today too!’

Whilst he was doing so, he was told an ominous prophecy by the great devil Vanir: “Thou hast a interesting future ahead.”

Volume 1: Aren’t I a great side character?


Volume 2: Beyond the Distant Harem


Volume 3: Bestowing the Starry Sky upon this Dreaming Princess


Volume 4: The Never Victorious Gambler!cover2

Volume 5: A covenant with the White Dragon



49 thoughts on “Dust Spinoff!”

  1. Thanks for your hard work. Err— Did anyone compile this as epub or fb2 (except the first one)? I don’t have smartphone or tablet PC (which is fun as I bought Nintendo Switch last month) and too much stuff at home doesn’t allow me to read via site so the only place I can read books is public transport.

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  2. The chapter 1 of the volume 2 is clearly in the volume 7 of the main series, i just finished the volume 8, I need to go further for the Dust spin-off?


  3. Whoah, that’s many chapters, I thought it’d at most be one volume worth… I think I’ll have a good time with it later. Now, back to reading the main series, came here because comments mentioned volume 7 chapter 3 being funnier if you had read the spinoff, but with so much content, it’ll be better to leave it for when I’m caught up with the main series.


  4. Thanks for all of the translations! This’s been one hell of a journey for the past 5 months and I enjoyed each and every part – still it’s sad that the stories are coming to an end 😦 Say, will you be working on Dust Spinoff vol 7 after finishing vol 17 of the main series? Also, I read all of the spinoffs, but I see there are Drama CDs, short stories, etc.; is there a specific order for reading them?


  5. With the illustrations alone , I can’t tell it will be very fan service … Oof . Also , the description of the characters at the end say the loli succubus is ” assertive ” is this girl an upgraded Aqua , and Yunyun’s natural ennemi ? Anyway , It’s gonna be fun as always .


  6. Hm. Is it only me who feels like all this Dust spinoff is just repeating of all jokes from the main series, with cringe-giving humor explanations for idiots?


  7. I love the main series, but tbh I found the Dust spinoff to be even better. It’s just hilarious and there’s great characterization for Dust, and his relationship with characters like Lynn, Leonor, and Faitfore is so well done. Main series is probably a 9/10 while this is more of a 9.5.


    1. not quite agree with that, although I did enjoy this spinoff, there’s too much hint on dust’s background, so much that as soon as vol 1, i already internally scream ‘Just STFU!!!’ to the author


  8. I wonder when the translator will return lol, it’s been months. This is the final volume too, sucks that it might not get translated.


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