Konosuba Volume 13: Epilogue


TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Xenthur, Ulti, Deus Ex Machina

On this rare occasion, the ‘We’re closed’ plaque was hanging on the front of Wiz’s magic item shop.

“Waaah! This is too much! It’s way too much! Waah!”

Within the shop was Wiz, who has been wailing non-stop, and Vanir, standing next to her and desperately trying to hold back his laughter.

Vanir has been looking really glossy and happy recently.

It’s probably due to all the dark emotions that he gets from Wiz every day.

“Come on, I’ll share some of the vegetables I harvested, so cheer up, Wiz. It’ll be fine, you’re a decent girl, so I’m sure you’ll meet a good man soon.”

“*sob*, *sob* Aqua-sama… Will that really happen? Time won’t just keep slipping by…”

Wiz momentarily raised her head from the counter after hearing Aqua’s words.

“It’s fine even if you wait. After all, aren’t you immortal? That means there’s no need for you to lower your standards just because you are getting old. That’s a very big benefit, you know?”

Aqua’s haphazard encouragement caused Wiz’s face to brighten up ever so slightly.

“Y-Yeah, I don’t age. I don’t need to get desperate or lower my standards.”

“Even if you don’t get old, your age on the family registry will still go up.”

“Hey, strange devil, stop saying unnecessary things! See! Wiz has started crying again!”

I kind of think I shouldn’t feel this way while Wiz is crying like that, but I am a little relieved after seeing the usual rowdy scene within the store.

Duke said that this town will eventually become a priority target for the Demon King’s Army.

But, at least for now, everything is peaceful in this town of beginners, and there aren’t any signs of an imminent attack.

I really hope things will continue like this…

Just then,

“Hey, how long do you intend to cry for, you heartbroken shopkeeper!? Stop moping around and open the store for business! Didn’t you want to help Moi achieve my wish? At this rate, how many centuries will it take for me to be able to create my dungeon? Moi might be immortal, but it’d be pointless if humanity goes extinct before the dungeon is complete.”

“You don’t need to tell me that… As a Lich, no matter who I get together with, in the end, all I can do is watch them slowly age and be left alone… Even after humanity goes extinct, I’m sure I’ll be all alone…”

Vanir sighed as he looked upon the sobbing Wiz. Seems like this incident really traumatised her.

“Seriously… You aren’t the only immortal, you know? We devils are immortal too. Until the day my dungeon is complete and adventurers come to vanquish me, Moi will stay with you, so cheer up, my friend.”

Hearing that, Wiz snapped her head upwards.

“… In other words, if the dungeon forever remains incomplete, Vanir-san will be with me forever?”

“Right, I’ll set my sights on taking away your management rights. You couldn’t be satisfied with facing such a half-baked opponent, right? Very well, it’s been some time, but I’ll be your opponent!”

Vanir grabbed Wiz by her collar and started dragging her to the entrance of the shop.

“Ah, wait, Vanir-san! I was just joking! I’m sorry, I apologize! I’ll work hard! I’ll work hard, so please forgive me!”

Under the clear sky tinted by the cold air of approaching winter, Wiz’s cries echoed throughout the town of Axel-

“-Well, all’s well that ends well, so that’s a relief.”

“Are you seriously saying it ended well after seeing that?”

On our way back from the magic item shop.

We took a winding route back through the town as we headed back home, shopping around and browsing goods as we went along.

“… Marriage, huh. Darkness, you’re the sole heir to your family, so isn’t it about time you start seriously considering it?”

Darkness frantically averted her gaze upon hearing Megumin’s words.

“M-My father is quite understanding, so you could say I’ve been afforded more freedom in such matters compared to the other nobility… Though, I suppose I am at the age where I should start considering such issues. Still, if we talk about age, the most perilous one is Aqua.”

“Hey, Kazuma, let me tell you something interesting. You see, Darkness keeps a diary of her daily experiences with us in her room. But that’s not the interesting point, the interesting bit is that there’s a strange mechanism underneath where she keeps that book, and in it is where she writes all of her fantasies-”

“Aqua, get over here! When did you get in? I’m sure I locked my room properly! How much do you know?”

Aqua was dragged away by Darkness before she could finish her interesting story.

Just when the mansion was almost in sight, Megumin suddenly said something.

“Kazuma, how many children do you want in the future?”


I couldn’t help but do a spit take in response to Megumin’s sudden question.

To be honest, I don’t really hate children.

If I have to choose, I’d have to say I like them.

But, I just bought a few items to prevent accidents from happening from Vanir the other day.

Just when I was agonizing over the right way to answer this question, I noticed the figure of someone waiting for us outside the mansion.

That was a Crimson Demon with a large gift basket in her hand.

There’s only one person who would bring such a gift every time she visited.

“Hey, if it isn’t Yunyun. Did you come over to play and wait for us because we were out? What should we play today? I’m very excited after seeing someone else’s Explosion today, so why don’t we head over to the lake and see who can catch the most fish…”

Hmm, something seems strange about Yunyun.

Wait, could it be that old cliche again? Is she here to drag me into some other trouble?

I have the ability to learn from experience, you know?

“Umm, well… I have a request for Kazuma-san…”

Yeah, I knew it.

But Megumin interposed herself between us, as though she was trying to protect me.

Her eyes were glowing bright red. She moved her face close to Yunyun to the point where they are almost nose to nose, and in a threatening tone, said,

“What do you want with Kazuma? Why is everyone always coming to this man for help whenever they have a problem? Don’t they have any shame?”

“I already failed the trial twice because of you, so I can’t fail again!!!”

Yunyun’s screams echoed through the sunny sky-



Thank you for buying the 13th volume of Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Time really passes by in a flash. It’s been already been four years since I debuted as an author with this series.

After coming this far, I would say that I’m one of the veteran authors, so a little bit of willfulness on my part can be forgiven by the editors.

For instance, requesting that they go to a fantasy world to take photos of actual goblins to provide reference material for me would be easy, and reserving Shinjuku station for a day so I can play hide and seek on the premises would be a cinch too.

Compared to that, adjusting the deadline a little so I can enjoy being a NEET for a while would be like taking candy from a baby- ah, I can’t? Sorry, I’ll work hard from now on too.

Now then, this volume is mostly focused on Wiz and Vanir.

They have a relationship much like Aqua and Kazuma, but one of them is genderless, so it won’t ever become a romantic comedy.

Thus, the left-behind shopkeeper will forever be (Etc Etc)

Anyway, the next volume would be about the Crimson Demons.

Will the lonely girl with a extremely low sense of presence be saved, or will she have to stop declaring herself to be the future chief of the Crimson Demons?

Find out in the next volume.

— Oh, yeah, I released a new work titled “Combatants Will Be Dispatched!”

It’s a story about the underling combatants of an evil organization with their sights set on world conquest. In order to find new worlds to invade, those combatants are dispatched to new planets.

It’s a fantastical story where the combatants, who have received surgical modifications, fight a demon king using modern weapons.

If that piques your interest, please consider buying a copy!

Anyway, this volume really caused a lot of people a lot of trouble, but we managed to get it published somehow.

This is all thanks to the efforts of Mishima Kurone-sensei and all the people involved.

I really can’t thank everyone involved in getting this book into your hands enough.

And, above all, my deepest thanks to everyone who purchased this book.

Akatsuki Natsume


Next Volume Preview


Well, it’s been a fun volume. I hope you guys enjoyed it, and I certainly hope it’s been worth the wait in getting this volume up to snuff. There are still three short stories left that I’ll be releasing over the coming weeks in the same time slot, so look forward to it.

As usual, I’ll be taking a short break to get my next project ready for release, which would be the Second Dust spinoff, Beyond the Distant Harem. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, my work on TLing that novel has not progressed as far as I’d like, so I cannot promise a set release date like the previous times. I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible, but I probably won’t be able to get it out in two weeks like my previous works. Still, you never know. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’ll continue releasing the Nichijou, Explosions and Vanir Manga chapters on a monthly schedule, or whenever it releases in the case of the Vanir and Explosions manga. Additionally, I’ll try to fill the time with various short stories that have been sitting on the backburner, so look forward to them.

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  1. Thank you. Good job, as always.
    Also, am I reading into thw author’s words too much when I think she has plans to develop Kazuma and Aqua’s relationship to rom-com status?


    1. that would be super upsetting megumin and Darkness(begrudgingly) are pretty good fits with him even if he ends up with that. and save that, even yunyun would be a good pick as long as she gets confidence since after that she would honestly probably be his ideal. heck, even Eris is a better option than aqua. iris and wiz are both better too. Actually to be honest, aqua is my least favorite character in the series. she literally has nothing going for her other than the fact that she’s a (self proclaimed) goddess. I’m Also pretty sure she doesn’t understand the concept of romance.
      tl;dr aqua sucks and literally any female character is a better pairing for kazuma.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I was actually making a reference from Irina in Highschool DxD being a self proclaimed angel. but considering how weak aqua is, on the ground she pretty much is just a self proclaimed goddess.


      1. Not gonna lie, I wouldn’t mind a KazumaxAqua moment. I mean, they are practically the same type of people. I’m extremely curious as to how Aqua would act if ever she fell for Kazuma. Now that’s not to say that I want Aqua and Kazuma to become a thing, just that I’m curious as to how the author would set it up

        Liked by 2 people

          1. that’s what the original WN ending pair was though, and i wouldn’t mind if the author moved towards that since aqua/kazuma make such a good comedic pair.

            Liked by 1 person

        1. Well it was mentioned at one point when Kazuma abandoned them for Iris that she felt super lonely when Kazuma left….


        1. Reasonable.

          She is pretty enough for a girl but once you know what inside her head and her affiliation with axis cult, you can never see her as a girl ever again, lol.


  2. Thank you for the hard work as always.
    I mean that, really! A stable release of a novel I enjoy is a wonderful thing and I’m glad konosuba is something YOU are working on.

    Ps. Has the next volume been announced yet?


  3. “… In other words, if the dungeon forever remains incomplete, Vanir-san will be with me forever?”
    What a Yunyun like answer from Wiz


    1. Well, think about it.

      “The powerful and beautiful female adventurer that feared and respected by others but actually very shy, naive, and very concerned about relationship.”

      That description fit both well isnt it?


  4. I miss the times when Yuntun asked Kazuma for baby. But then again, after hanging out with Dust long enough, maybe her disappointment in Kazuma appeased a little?


  5. hopefully dust will make an appearance in the next volume, hell i want yunyun x dust!!!!

    btw, lolwut is right, this novel started to be a harem romcom

    may this get back to the original track? i would prefer kazuma fight the demon army with that hilarious party though


  6. I lost it when Megumin asked Kazuma how many children he wanted XD
    Translators, thank you all for the hard work of translating the chap :3
    And Author tysm for the story!!


  7. Sorry but instead of kazumaxMegumin i’d rather have KazumaxLalatina or KazumaxAqua. Good thing this is tagged as harem.

    Thanks for the chappie. Oh how I wish its july already.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well yeah, kinda sad but if its me as kazuma ill choos-nah, not gonna happen.

      Megumin is odd like the others (add to that, she is destructive and literally explosive) but i think she can grow and mature to accept kazuma with others, she is considerate you know? And hey, she can manage money well and can cook too you know?

      Everyone has their own preference, with their own reason but hey, im kazumin shippers, thats why im butting in.


        1. He doesn’t have sadistic he’s just rude because he’s rude and the whole bath scene was just him active bold because he thought it was a dream like seriously do y’all not know what sadism is smh.


  8. Thank you so much for translating this.
    There is just too litte text for me to read out there that can make me honestly getting excited like this.

    Its still fun ever after a long time has passed, it is really a gem and the way it is translated is what make it shine for non japanese reader.

    Please keep up the good work, thank you very much


  9. Hmmm, I’m sensing yunyun is about to make progress on Kazuma. I want to see how weak Kazuma against Yunyun this time.


  10. Äkoś duže malo podij u cij knyzi. A šče, nevž nikoly ne bude niäkoï romantyky iz Akvoü? Ce sumno.


  11. Might be late but thanks. Btw personally I prefer Megumin initially but Darkness really grew on me, so I’m stuck between those two. Other characters like Iris, Chris, Yunyun is nice too. But you will find me dead before I even consider Kazuma x Aqua.


  12. I really dont get Kazuma getting killed by Kobolds who attack in waves as Bezerkers trying to die in batte to get to Hevean at the very least or be born as a True Dragon (kolods sprouted from he blood ops of the Elemental gods torn limb to make true dragons) in nef life.. Yeah,cause they are 2.5? Feet tall they die in 1 hit from most weapons but they swarm in hundreds in minor skirmises(amount of Swarm that ovwhelmed Kazuma not mentioned)and swarm in hundreds of thousands in a major battle(which that fight wasnt) can lay waste to well equipt armies (somebody just been skimming D&D ore assuming mining patrols of 5-10)


  13. Whoaaaaa!!!! Didn’t know Combatants Will Be Dispatched and Konosuba has the same author. Just watched its anime, and it’s freakin comedy gold. No wonder there are a bunch of konosuba references.


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