Main directory: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Main Series: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!

Volume 1: Ah, My Useless Goddess

Volume 2: Chuunibyou demo Majou ga shitai!

Volume 3: You’re being summoned, Darkness-san

Volume 4: Namakura Quartet

Volume 5: Lets & go to the explosion village!

Volume 6: Princess of the six flowers

Volume 7: The Ten Million bride

Volume 8: Axis Cult vs Eris Church

Volume 9: Crimson Destiny

Volume 10-11: At yuNS Translations

Volume 12: Female Knight’s Lullaby

Vol 12 Epub

Volume 13: A Challenge to this Lich


Volume 14: Crimson Demon’s Trial


Volume 15: Heretic Syndrome


Volume 16: Runaway Goddess Go Home!


Volume 17: Gifting these Adventurers with Blessings!

Short stories:

Short Stories

Konsuba: Yorimichi (Short Story compilation)


Dust Spinoff!

Masked Spinoff!

Explosions Spinoffs!

Megumin Anthology

Link and content page

Konosuba Drama CDs


Konosuba VN(Kono Yokubukai Game ni Shinpan o!) Scenes



194 thoughts on “Main directory: Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings!”

      1. To everyone asking where the final volume of the main series is: it’s been released in Japan. May 1st (today) is the first day of sale. CG translated the Twitter announcement on this very site a while back, and the book has been released on schedule. As for when the translation will be released… let’s wait and see. Translating takes time, after all. 🙂


        1. I found a summy of volume 17 online and I won’t tell you what happened, but all I can say is there might be short stories (Post volume 7) so you have to read them to.get your answer


          1. @Kion grenade: I’m guessing you meant ‘post volume *17*’, right? (But if the author is gonna dig up the past all the way back to Vol 7, that works too. Haha)
            @Shueshue: CG said he’s going to finish the Dust spinoff first, so it’ll be a while. Also, if I remember correctly, volume 15/16 were translated about 1-2 months after their release, so I’d say we should expect to wait at least 1-3 months.


            1. Alright, thank you very much. If you know CG translations thank them in my behalf too. ( ˘ ³˘)♥


      1. I can’t be sure of what’s happening on CG’s end, but I think translations take at least two months per volume. He released the last translations for the Dust spinoff on June 27th, so I think at the very earliest, we’ll see Volume 17 some time in August.


    1. Yeah… I read all of this.. It brings emotions,the first time it happens to me.
      It’s the first time i saw something this nice.. rare and great to read.


  1. The summary for volume 17 is already on wiki

    Also there might be short stories about what happened after volume 17, so be papered to have some of your questions answered in the short stories


  2. I found a summy of volume 17 online and I won’t tell you what happened, but all I can say is there might be short stories (Post volume 7) so you have to read them to.get your answer


  3. Thanks for all your hard work. Also, which will ya’ll be finishing first? Volume 17 of the main story or Dust Spin off Volume 6???


  4. When the English translations on Amazon have caught up, will this website be closed down?


  5. Thanks for the translator of this LN we’re really grateful to you for doing this and thus makes us happy!

    by the way, when will be the english translation would be released? Thank you !


    1. I just tried the link and I got the same result. It used to work though: when I first started reading Konosuba translations, they were on that site. That was before CG started. It’s possible that the other translator took his site down/stopped updating it.


  6. Sequel Confirmed (or whatever 後日談​​ means)

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    1. I need someone with more experience reading Japanese to confirm my understanding, coz 仮 can mean both ‘fake’ and ‘temporary/unofficial’. But well, it would be cruel and silly for the author to thank everyone only for the purpose of trolling us all, so… sounds a lot like a confirmation! (I’ll go ask my friend for help, coz he’s more fluent than me and has lived in Japan.)


    2. Update: yup, it’s a confirmation. 佐藤和真の逆襲譚 is a temporary title. Also, 後日談 is more like ‘after-story’ or ‘what happens next’. It’s literally ‘later days story’.

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      1. Dude thanks for the confirmation. i honestly wish i could read Japanese better, i can hold my own in a conversation but at this point, when it comes to reading im actually quite clueless (especially when it comes to kanji) , I think it’s because i grew up with Spanish and English during my youth, then when i moved to Japan at about 15, i really wasn’t soaking up anything other than what i heard and said, and a little less than a half a year we moved out unexpectedly, and i later moved to Santiago Chile. Now a days, the only way i can really talk with my friend in Japan, is if i throw the things they said into a translator and throw my word into a translator and copy and paste them back, and i definitely can’t understand kanji, it’s hard as hell. Sorry if u read all that, I really happy that you confirmed that for us. Thanks!


      1. @FlyingToasterMan
        Thanks for the news! 😁

        Thanks for the confirmation 👌

        It’s exciting to see Kazuma on a whole new Adventure after the Demon King 😅

        Big blessings to Akatsuki Natsume for his work and Big thanks to this Translation group 👌💯❤❤

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    3. This has got to be the best mews I’ll ever hear. I was sad that Konosuba was ending and all. But that just cheered me up. A lot.

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  7. Would it be possible to add links to compiled zip files for the Consulting and Continuing Explosions Manga to their pages?


  8. Things I want answered in volume 17:
    Is Chomusuke Wolbach?
    Will everybody realise Kazuma is the masked thief?(especially Megumin)
    Will Darkness figure out Chris is Eris?
    Will anybody cross the line?
    Will Kazuma visit the Capital again?


    1. (If somebody has seen spoilers or read it in Japanese, feel free to tell me if they will be answered or not.)


    2. Spoiler Warning for your questions, as these questions have been answered before volume 17, so don’t read the following if you haven’t all the light novels (excluding LN 17) and all the spin offs (yes, the spin offs canonically contain some answers to your questions, so go read those first if you don’t want spoilers)

      ~Is Chomusuke Wolbach?

      Techncally, yes. Wolbach’s two halves were split into her and a black beast when released from their seal. To subdue her other half who was about to attack the person that released them, Wolbach used explosion magic and drained the beast’s power until it became small enough that it won’t cause trouble (i.e. chomusuke). Wolbach has referred to chomusuke as her “other half”, and Vanir has called chomusuke “that evil goddess”. The Explosions Spin-off is gives more direct details as to how it went down, but LN 9 explains it good enough.

      ~Will everybody realise Kazuma is the Masked Thief? (Especially Megumin)

      In the Continued Explosions Spin-off, Kazuma and Chris reveal their identity as the Silver Haired Thieving Group to Megumin, before inviting her to go heisting with them for another divine relic. If you want to know more details about that, go read the Continued Explosions Spin-off.

      ~Will Darkness figure out Chris is Eris?
      Unknown. In LN 12, she overheard that Chris has a hidden/true identity, but Darkness is unaware of what that identity is. To quote: “Then I’ll wait till you wish to tell me. What kind of life you really led before you came here, where did you come from, and while you’re at it, what Chris’ true identity is.” Whether this is unveiled in LN 17 is unknown to me.

      ~Will anyone cross the line?
      Considering that we’re getting a sequel, it is highly unlikely that they would cross the line (assuming that we are on the same page of what crossing the line is) in LN 17, especially since this volume is about attacking the Demon King’s fortress. The closest that anyone has ever crossed the line would be in LN 7 when Kazuma broke into Darkness’ house, and LV 12 when the latter handcuffed Kazuma and lost the key. Still, it would be extremely unlikely for now.

      ~Will Kazuma visit the Capital again?
      When you mean “again”, i’m assuming you mean after he got kicked out of the castle in LN 11. Though i haven’t read LN 17 yet, it would be safe to assume that he will be invited to the capital again if he defeats the Demon King, as accomplishing such a feat is literally a nationwide service to the country. Also, Iris has stated that “The hero who defeated the Demon King and returned victoriously will earn the right to take the Princess as his wife”. Though Kazuma would most likely reject Iris’ supposed hand in marriage, he would very likely be invited to the castle if he defeats the Demon King


      1. Wait, there’s going to be a sequel? And also, in Volume 16 (or is it 15?) when Megumin follows Kazuma into his room, it’s pretty close to crossing the line. They only didn’t do it cuz Kazuma couldn’t do it yet.


    3. a year late but

      Chomusuke is basically half of Wolbach’s divinity, since Wolbach’s main form died its highly likely that Chomusuke will assimilate to her original goddess form eventually, Vanir even hinted at it.

      They probably wont realize Kazuma was the masked thief, but they have their whole lives ahead of them so its highly likely Darkness or Iris would talk about it since they already know. Even back at the Demon King’s castle Mitsurugi found out when Darkness asked about the ring.

      Darkness already has her suspicions that Eris resembles Chris, and now that Kazuma can teleport back to heaven he most likely wouldn’t let the matter rest.

      They have the rest of their lives to spend with each other, and Megumin and Darkness both hold an obvious affection for Kazuma, also already kissed, with the demon lord gone and the world at peace its almost guaranteed they’ll both cross the line with him.

      Kazuma is decently op now so he wouldn’t just forget about his revenge against Claire now that he has no adventuring to do, he also cares for Iris a lot so it wouldn’t be surprising if he sets up a teleport point there lol.

      All in all, it would’ve been enjoyable if the author made a Volume 18 to close off all these loose ends, nonetheless its pretty easy to see what will happen so its still a satisfying end.


    1. Thanks bro!!!
      btw how is the image quality of epub…
      i saw some files were low mb like 3 4 and some were 20mb…
      also have you included image in all…


    2. Also bro can you tell me how did you did make them or a link…
      there are lot of wn translation i would like to make…
      there are lot of fan translation that are better than official many of official translators totally do a western change not leaving japanese to it and it really su*ks


  9. I am curious if komeko and iris are ever going to meat and call kazuma big brother together only to have iris get incredibly jelous


  10. Hello I’m a foreigner, more specifically Brazilian, and I always visit here on the site to read the light novel. But lately it’s taking a long time to get out of chapter 17, I want to see how the group defeated the demon king and the final reunion. Please authors Translate this light novel I can not wait anymore


    1. We are all pulling our hair out dreaming of volume 17 but there is quite a bit that goes into translating but I think that they just finished translating the last of there back work with volume 6 of the chronicles of dust so maybe it will be translated Saturday on the regular post so just a little more patience 😊


    1. As far as I can tell, only one short story for Volume 17 has been uploaded. The translations for the rest aren’t online yet.


  11. So lemme get this straight, as i read the comments it seems that volume 17 is still in the making, there will probably a sequel?


    1. My understanding is that Volume 17 is already out on the Japanese market. It’s been out for just over two months. However, the translation is being done right now by CG, who was working on the Dust spinoff translation a while earlier. As for the other part of your question, it seems that there *will* be a continuation to the Konosuba story. It may not be a full-blown sequel, but it seems there will be some content about what happens after Volume 17. That’s all the information I have for now.


  12. CG-san , how about translating danmachi after this ? its already more than 2 yrs since the last one
    tho since its already licensed it might be impossible …


  13. I read every single volume of this Novel thx to you CGT. I am a person with a real low income. And in my country 1 volume of this novel is EXPENSIVE. I enjoyed this light novel so much. But, i am 100% honest when i say that even though i been reading this for 3 yrs and finally reaching the end its you guys CGT that i keep in mind. Thank you for your hard work you gave this loner in 3 yrs a lot of laughter and enjoyment by making it possible for someone like me to have access to this amazing story.

    Best regards

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  14. Following cgtranslation for konosuba since long time lol and when i checked the official translation i was really disappointed…
    Cg translation all the way for me❤️❤️❤️


  15. Does someone have epub copy of cgtranslation konosuba volume by volume…
    Getting it together will be bad when new one comes out
    If you have i would like to have it


  16. For all those using EPUBs on Kobo readers: I ran into an issue when trying to read EPUB Chapters 12 and 13 through my Kobo device (EPUBs were obtained via the link posted by @Boolean above, many thanks to you!). Those EPUBs simply failed to load on my device. I was able to resolve this via use of Calibre and a plugin called KoboTouchExtended which auto-converts EPUBs to KEPUBs on import to device. Factory reset/manual format conversions did not help.

    Hope this helps anyone else in a similar pinch.


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