Konosuba Volume 16 Splash pages


Thanks to Mike, Ulti, Kasen and Kaçakç for doing the image work.

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Sorry for the lack of content over the past month. I wanted to put this up at the 31st of August, but well, time has a way of making fools of us all. This is also the reason why I didn’t continue with the other 2 BD short stories, my original plans involved putting them up to fill the time until I was done with Volume 16, but Vol 16 dropped before I could get those done and you know the rest.

Anyway, the wait is over. As usual, the chapters will be posted weekly every Saturday going forward, so look forward to it.

Ps: As you might have noticed, Volume 16 lacks a prologue. This is because it continues exactly where Volume 15 left off, and as such you can consider the epilogue of Volume 15 to be the prologue of this volume. And yes, it means exactly what you think it means.

Volume 15 Epilogue

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37 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 16 Splash pages”

      1. I don’t think this is the last volume just based on Chapter Naming. A last volume would have Chapter Titles that include “Demon King” “Final Battle”, etc Do you see any illustrations that look like the Demon King is there or the stereotypical Demon King’s castle?


  1. I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized that there are quite a lot of loose ends left in the series. I made a comment back when the cover was first posted saying that Kazuma being the most prominent character on the cover was a sign that the end was near, but I’m not so sure about that now. Here are some of those loose ends.
    There could be more generals left than we know. Wiz was the one who said there were eight generals in the first place, but when Megumin asked her about Wolbach, Wiz said she didn’t know any other generals who could use explosion. Wiz also said things could have changed since she was last at the castle.
    We still haven’t gotten the final word on whether Chomusuke will turn into anything or not.
    Kazuma still hasn’t reached a conclusion with Iris.
    Darkness knows that Chris has a secret identity. She will probably find out before the end.
    They still have to bring Celestina to the capital.
    We still haven’t met the prince/Iris’s real brother.
    There’s still a score to settle with Winter Shogun.
    Where is that “Sacred Shield Aegis” Chris mentioned in volume 8? (I’ve already posted my fan theory in the comments for the vol. 15 epilogue.)
    Then there’s the love triangle…

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    1. you forgot about the tattoo that crimson demons have on their bodies(which has been talked further in a short story but still we have no clue about what it really is) but a get what you mean.That’s what i always thought indeed,i think it was in the prologue or epilogue of the 15th volume when a translator said in a personal comment that the story will end in like 2/3 volumes but i think that with the writing style of the author it may even take 4 volumes or so.While talking with a friend i remeber telling him my THEORY that the author will write a volume for each context;for example: volume 16 about aqua,eris/chris,17th volume about megumin(chomusuke plus the tattoo of crimson demons),kazuma and darkness,18th volume about celestina,the capital and iris and 19th volume to make everything come together in a common end maybe,it would be sad if the author put everything together too quickly but we’ll see


        1. yes they did but if you remember meguming got asked if she wanted it to be scanned my a scanner and she refused so who knows……


      1. They might be taking Celestina to the capital this volume. Based on the table of contents here, the “Messenger of the Dark God” could be Celestina and “An end to this journey” could be them arriving at the capital. If that’s so, then the next volume would feature Iris and possibly a fight with the Demon King’s Daughter since Celestina said she was going to be attacking the capital.

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        1. I think the author will spend more than one volume, creating a really good Demon King. The Demon Generals were pretty good at making readers remember them, so having the Demon King appear and then die in one volume would be a shame.

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    2. oh and i forgot the fact that megumin says she’s the godness of destruction or something like this and that she would explode if she didn’t use explosion (it seemed like she was joking…….maybe,it ways briefly mentioned and than forgot ) and if you remember in a chapter of the continued explosion megumin doesn’t use her explosion for a day and than she uses it to save yunyun and that party saying that “her explosion was bigger this time because she haven’t used it the day before”,what if meguming’s true power never came out because she always consumed her mana instead of accumulating it? why once a day and not once a week????


    3. Yeah when Princess Iris was first introduced, it said she was lonely because her father, the King, and her older brother, the Prince, were always fighting at the front lines against the Demon Army so they stopped living in the Castle.

      Also, when we first visited the Crimson Demon Village, one of the tourist spots is a Telescope that lets you spy on the Demon King’s daughter’s bedroom when Megumin was telling Kazuma what a tourist is able to do in her village.

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  2. I’m not afraid to admit it when I’m wrong, and it looks like I may have been. I made a comment on the main directory stating that the LN can’t possible end the way that the WN did. Little did I know one of the things I thought would make the WN ending impossible was actually the very thing that made it possible in the first place. Still, the author did say he would do things differently… For now I’ll say all bets are off.


    1. You should not have to worry. A final volume would include illustrations that show the Demon King the story has been referencing since the very first volume. None of the illustrations show Kazuma fighting anybody that looks like a Demon King.


  3. I can feel the despair aqua is facing with her “new party” from a single panel.
    Can t immagine how bad her luck will be without being balanced by Kazuma s.


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