Konosuba Volume 1: Epilogue


TL: Skythewood

Editing: Adam, Xenthur

The day after Beldia was defeated.

I was thinking about what to do in the future as I walked to the guild alone.

It was my obligation to take down the Demon King.

But that meant I had to take on strong enemies like Beldia in the future.

Should I finish the quest of defeating the Demon King so the heavens can grant me one wish?

Or give up and find a place to live peacefully in this world?

… Of course, I had decided on the answer.

I had the weakest job, so I wouldn’t be so lucky as to be able to win all the battles I would face.

I planned to live my life leisurely and avoid dangerous matters.

I would use my knowledge of Japan to start a business.

After setting up my career, if I had time to spare and ever felt like seeking thrills, I could take on simple quests. I opened the adventurer’s guild doors as I was planning my life.

A strong smell welcomed me when I opened the doors.

The passion of the crowd and the strong scent of alcohol flowed out from the opened doors.

The adventurers held a party in broad daylight to commemorate us defeating the Demon King’s boss.

“Ah! You’re too slow, Kazuma! Everyone’s already starting to get smashed!”

Aqua, who was in a great mood, told me as I entered the guild:

“Hey, hurry and collect the bounty, Kazuma! Almost all the adventurers have claimed their rewards for defeating the Demon King’s boss! I did too! But as you can see, I drank a lot of it away!”

Aqua was happy, opening her money pouch for me to see. She then scratched her head and laughed cheerfully.

This… this girl was drunk.

I didn’t know how the drinking age of this world was set.

On a closer look, many of the adventurers inside the guild were so drunk that they couldn’t even walk steadily.

Ignoring those drunkards, I headed for the counter.

Darkness and Megumin were already there.

“You’re here, Kazuma. Quick, collect your reward.”

“I waited really long for you, Kazuma. Listen to me, Darkness is really petty, saying it was too early for me to drink…”

“Wait, it has nothing to do with being petty. That’s not what I meant…!”

The two of them started bickering, so I approached the counter lady.

… For some reason, the familiar counter lady had an awkward expression.

“Eh, well… Satou Kazuma-san, correct? We have been expecting you.”


The attitude of the counter lady made me feel something was up.

“Well… First will be the rewards for these two ladies.”

The counter lady then gave two small bags to Darkness and Megumin.

Strange, what about me?

As I was getting suspicious, the counter lady spoke:

“… Actually… It’s like this. The guild has decided to present a special reward for Kazuma’s party.”


“Huh, why just us?”

When I asked, someone answered me.

“Hey, MVP! If not for you guys, there’s no way we could have beaten that Dullahan!”

In response to that, the drunkards agreed rowdily.


I had been experiencing hardship since coming to this world, so I was a bit touched by everyone’s kindness.

So, I represented all four people on my team to receive the special reward.

The counter lady cleared her throat and…

“Ahem–To honor Satou Kazuma and his party’s victory over the Demon King’s General, Beldia… The guild awards them 300 million eris.”


We were speechless.

The adventurers turned silent when they heard the amount.

After that…

“Hey, 300 million, it’s your treat Kazuma–!”

“Woah–! Kazuma-sama, treat us! Treat us–!”

Adventurers started asking me to buy the bill.

Ah right!

“Hey Darkness, Megumin! I have something to tell both of you! I plan to cut down on adventuring in the future! With such a large amount of money, we could live a peaceful life of luxury!”

“Hey, wait a minute! It’s troubling if I can’t fight strong enemies! And what about defeating the Demon King?”

“This is a problem for me too! I want to defeat the Demon King with Kazuma and gain the title of the strongest mage!”

Their protests were drowned out by the noise that was getting rowdier.

Under these circumstances, the counter lady showed an apologetic face and handed me a paper.

It was full of zeros.

Was this the check of this world?

Aqua drunkenly came over to me and peeked at the paper in my hand.

“Eh, things are like this. Because of Kazuma’s party… Which is to say, Aqua-san’s flood, the buildings around the town were washed away and damaged like a catastrophic disaster… But taking into consideration the merit of defeating a boss of the Demon King, the town won’t ask for full compensation, just a part of it… That’s how it is…”

After making this announcement, the counter lady slowly averted her gaze and left the counter in a hurry.

After seeing the paper in my hand, Megumin fled.

I immediately grabbed the collar of Aqua who was about to follow.

After seeing our reactions, the adventurers realized the bill wasn’t a small amount and looked the other way.

Darkness looked at the compensation bill and put her hand on my shoulder…

“Reward is 300 million… The compensation is 340 million… Kazuma, let’s take on quests with strong enemies to earn lots of money starting tomorrow.”

Darkness said with a bright smile that stemmed from the bottom of her heart.

… Do I have to spend my life with these incompetent comrades in this ridiculous world?

… I slowly closed my eyes and steeled my resolve to defeat the Demon King.

To escape from this ridiculous world!





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