Konosuba Volume 14: Short Story 1

The Innocent Laugh of a Seedling

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Ulti

“You know, I’ve had this on my mind for some time now, but maybe monsters aren’t born ferocious. They simply have no choice but to become ferocious to survive in this harsh world.”

Yunyun mused in front of the potted plant at Megumin’s house.

Yes, the very same pot that the Tranquility Girl is planted in.

“Yeah… We’re taught that monsters are enemies of humanity that must be eradicated, but looking at her, it’s really hard to believe that…”

Megumin let out a gentle smile as the Tranquility Girl happily laughed while waving at the sun.

Just then, Aqua, who was watering the girl, said,

“Well said, you two. Just look at that innocent smile. My all seeing eyes do declare that she’s definitely a pure girl.”

“… Hearing your assurances just makes her seem more suspicious.”

As Aqua and I were talking, the potted plant reached out towards Yunyun.

As her hand wrapped around Yunyun’s outstretched finger, the seedling broke out into a laugh.

“Aqua-san, I’ve decided. I’ll take care of this girl. No, I’ll adopt this girl as my own. She’ll become the next chief after me.”

“Are you even listening to yourself? I’m making fertilizer for her out of today’s leftovers, so lend me a hand.”

“Me too! I’ll go make some more clean water!”

Saying that, the three of them left the scene, leaving me and the seedling alone.

I moved to pat the head of the doll-sized girl with my finger.

“… To think I’d end up taking care of a Tranquility Girl… We’ll be planting you in the depths of the forests near the village, so take care. You won’t be able to get nourishment from humans, but I’m sure you’ll manage somehow…”

“Like heck I will.”

… …

“What did you just say?”

I definitely heard that.

Narrowing my eyes, I questioned the seedling.

But the seedling simply laughed as if nothing happened.

“… You said something really bad just now, right? Hey, say something.”


… …

“Hey, Kazuma, I heard this from the villagers. Apparently the northeastern part of the forest sees the least human activity, so… W-What are you doing!?”

“Let go, Darkness! I’m going uproot this thing and burn it!”

“What are you saying!? Aqua will cry!”

Due to Darkness appearing at the worst possible moment, I couldn’t go through with my plans of taking care of things on the spot.

“Listen to me, Darkness. This girl really is evil from the moment it’s sown. She said some really dangerous words and even knows how to click her tongue.”

“… Kazuma, I know you’re still guarded against the Tranquility Girl, but think about it. It has barely been two weeks since this girl sprouted. Even a human baby wouldn’t be able to speak yet, and in any case it’s way too early for her to be learning words.”

“But I heard it! It definitely said ‘Like heck I will.’ and clicked her tongue on top of that!”

“What’s all this fuss about? What’s that about clicking your tongue?”

“I wonder what we should name her… Her skin is white, so how about… Shiro-chan?”


Just then, Megumin and Yunyun came back carrying a plate of crushed vegetable scraps.

“Hey, Megumin, listen to this! That seedling spoke and even clicked her tongue!”

In response, the three of them gave me a worried look.

“Um… Kazuma-san, from a biological standpoint, a creature this small wouldn’t have developed the proper brain structure to memorize words…”

“What are you saying in a world where vegetables jump and fly around? Hey, why don’t you say something again!?”

Their gazes turned sour as I addressed the seedling once more.

“She’s a girl who’s received pure holy water, you know? Seriously, Kazuma-san, what are you doing? No matter how cute she is, pulling this sort of prank is a little…”

“Don’t get the wrong idea! This girl spoke and clicked her tongue! Why won’t any of you believe me!?”

Aqua gently placed her hand upon my shoulder.

“Kazuma… You must be tired from waking up early after getting used to sleeping in. It’s fine, just take a rest until evening.”

“Don’t you gave me that look too! Dammit, it’s all because of you that everyone is treating me like I’m crazy!”

As I started lecturing the seedling, I could feel everyone else inching away from me and quietly whispering amongst themselves.

Occasionally, I would hear words like hospital and strange behavior and the like. Certainly nothing that would inspire confidence.

… Fine, don’t blame me if anything bad happens.

Just then.

“What is going on, Nii-chan?”

Just as I was about to give up, Komekko curiously wandered over.

“Oh, Komekko… No, it’s just, this seedling has a bad attitude, but no one believes me.”

I was a little worried that Komekko would end up giving me the same look that Megumin and the others are, but she simply drew closer to the seedling.

“… Looks tasty.”


… Even in a different world, children are just as cruel as ever.


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26 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 14: Short Story 1”

    1. That’s one hell of a diet food to go with. It’s like the diet plan of not eating anything, except it still makes you feel full


  1. Well….
    I guess the only question still needing to be answered is:

    Are Tranquility Girls sweet, spicy, tart, sour, savory, or bland.

    Let us ask Komekko in about 3 minutes.

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  2. Makes me wonder why Tranquility Girls only show their true nature in front of Kazuma. Is there something different about him? Will be waiting for more chapter, Thanks for your hard work~


  3. Maybe kazuma really has a special ability other than his absurd bad and good-luck like true nature seeker? Fellow evil’s eye? Something that makes weird or lonely girls and monsters feel comfortable showing their true color in front of kazuma?


  4. I wonder why the tranquility girls/princess only show their true self when alone with Kazuma. It’s like they know no one will believe the guy who always cries wolf xD If that doesn’t make you paranoid, I don’t know what will!


    1. It could be Kazuma has the least amount of empathy then the others after all the other tranquility girl n the princess exploited the gangs empathy ruthlessly


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