Konosuba Volume 15: Epilogue


TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Ulti, Xenthur

“Hey! Kazuma! Kazuma! Wake up! Wake up already!”

I woke up with a start.

Perhaps it’s because I fell asleep not too long ago, but I came to my senses very easily.

Darkness was violently shaking me while screaming my name…

… …

I closed my eyes once more, wrapped my arms around Darkness, and pulled her onto the bed with me.

“I can’t eat another bite…”

“H-Hey! You’re awake, aren’t you!? Aah, wa-wait!”

… I just wanted to play a little prank on Darkness, but feeling her slowly go limp in my arms brought a sudden halt to my thought processes.

“… What are you doing? … I just asked you to wake Kazuma up! Seriously, the moment I take my eyes off you, you’re back to seducing him! You really are a slut!”

“Ah, n-n-no, that’s not! I haven’t done—!”

Seems like Megumin is in the room too, so I opened my eyes.

And of course, the first thing that I saw was Darkness’s eyes.

“… Did you come to attack me again!?”

“Aah! Y-You little—!”

After separating myself from Darkness whose cheeks turned red under these false accusations, I stretched and said

“What’s the matter, you two? Why are you raising such a fuss so early in the morning?”

“It’s already noon! More importantly, this is really serious! Please read this!”

Rising up from my bed, I accepted the envelope that Megumin handed to me.

Inside it was a letter written with an extremely exquisite penmanship, and I wasted no time in reading it.

Source @CGTranslations.me

“Dear everyone,

The light breeze heralds the refreshing breeze of autumn. How is everyone doing?

Darkness, don’t go overboard with that game you play where you repeatedly stub your toe against the dresser.

Megumin, if you don’t reign in how often you use your Explosion, I’m certain your actions will eventually be counted as one of the factors contributing to the greenhouse effect.

Kazuma, I know that you’re a young man with a healthy libido, but please stop laying out everyone’s laundry on the floor and rolling through them.”


I crumpled the letter I was reading and threw it into the corner of the room.


Megumin picked up the letter from the floor.

“I understand how you feel, but please read it all the way to the end.”

Well, I couldn’t exactly refuse her request, so I continued reading.


“Now then, the Demon King is currently spreading chaos and destruction throughout this world. Do you think that the beautiful and lovely goddess that I am could simply stand by and let the Demon King do as he wishes?

No, I cannot do that.

For the sake of my beloved Axis Cultists spread throughout the world.

To answer the wishes of the ten billion people who believe in me

I’m heading out on a journey to become a legend…”


I raised my head.

“… Are there really ten billion Axis Cultists in this world?”

“… There’d probably be about a few hundred at best.”

Hearing Darkness’s words, I let out a relieved sigh before continuing to read the letter.


“Thus, in order to turn this lofty ideal into reality…

I’ll be going out for a bit to take down the Demon King.”


I leapt off my bed.

“That idiot…!”

Towards the flustered me, Darkness started

“… Aqua has been saving up the allowance you’ve been giving her. She should’ve saved up quite a sum by now, so she might be trying to hire a few skilled adventurers right now…”

I rushed to grab my jacket.

If I don’t hurry up and chase after her…!

Source @CGTranslations.me

—Then, just as turned back towards the two, I noticed something off about their expressions.

I gave them a questioning look, and Megumin pointed towards a corner of the letter.

I’d probably miss it if I wasn’t paying attention, but right where her finger was pointing were a few words that seemed to be crossed out.

She probably wrote this but canceled it out because it sounded stupid or something.

I leaned in for a closer look.

“PS: Please come after me.”

… Wasn’t it supposed to be “Please don’t come after me”?

—That idiot!




First of all, thank you for picking up this book.

This is the volume where the protagonist, Satou Kazuma, launches a counterattack.

Normally, he’s the kind of person who avoids picking fights, and relies upon his friends to bail him out when he does get into a brawl.

However, looking upon Aqua’s sorrowful form, he challenges the general on his own, and continues struggling even when facing the enemy’s mind control…

I don’t think that there are that many people who start reading from the afterword, but if you want a summary, that’s pretty much the gist of it.

Anyway, I was only able to get this book published thanks to: The illustrator Mishima Kurone-sensei, manager I-san, Design-san and Proofreader-san, many people from the editorial department and various people involved, and, of course, all of my readers who have been cheering me on.

That’s why I always do this in every volume…

My deepest thanks to everyone who worked on this project, and to each and every one of my readers!



{And that’s the end of volume 15. Things are finally heading into end game, and I suppose there’s no better time for it given that Natsume’s other projects are picking up (A plug in for Jaytranslations and his combatants TL) and the past seven volumes having almost entirely LN original content. It’s been a long time coming, and I won’t be surprised if Konosuba ends within the next two or three volumes. Still, Natsume has surprised us before, so, who knows. Whichever direction Natsume intends to take this, I’ll be right here to TL them right into your eyeballs, so look forward to it.

As usual, I’ll be taking a short break to deal with settling the affairs of my next work, which would be the fourth Dust spinoff.Hopefully, it will be a three week break, but I can’t make any promises this time because my time over the new years have kept me too busy to keep up. Still, I hope to be back by March at the very latest, so see you then!

And of course, the short stories that came with this volume will be going up weekly over the next three weeks, so stay tuned. }

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62 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 15: Epilogue”

    1. Not soon I’m afraid. Zoku Bakuen vol 2 is coming out in March, then Combatants vol 3 is supposed to come out “before the end of spring” (so June most likely), so vol 16 will probably be released around September/October.


      1. Wow even if cannon were to translate Dust 4 and Zoku Bakuen 2 there would still be about 3-4 months before vol 16 is out. We really caught up to all the raws now


  1. first of all I am sorry for bad english. and thank you. I feel very sad and very happy. why? Maybe not the end of the story, but I want to go on forever. after all, impossible, never mind, when will section 16 be published? Do you have information?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard nothing about it. Judging from Natsume’s schedule, it’ll probably go up sometime around September, but I’m sadly not a fortuneteller, so I can’t say for certain.


  2. Yep, called it. She’s gonna leave for the demon king and she’ll be the reason Kazuma’s team will leave the Axel. Hopefully, the next installment is a classic adventure to get to Aqua before she gets to the demon king castle.

    As for the volume itself, the first half of it with Kazuma vs Serena was phenomenal. It’s quality dropped down though on the next half when they started rehashing and dragging the whole “should-I-or -should-I-not take on the demon king” and almost no eventful climax happening other than “implying something else will happen in the next vol” which was the same problem for the last chapters of vol 14. Still, it’s definitely a step up from the previous 5 volumes so far.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Now we will have to wait for the next volume

    Considering Kazuma is at level 1, wouldn’t it be too dangerous for him to fight the demon king? Aqua definitely cannot survive out there by herself, but at least she has the skills. Kazuma is basically a walking dead man with his current level and infamy.

    I hope he caught up to Aqua and they decide to travel to other towns and do bunch of quests before finally challenging the demon king. Though it would be sad because Axel will lose its famous adventurer party.

    And of course, what i truly look forward the most is the relationship development between Kazuma and Megumin. Things should start to heat up pretty soon.

    I thank you for your hard work, and I’ve bookmarked this website because of the Konosuba content. I also hope the manga will be translated soon, it’s the next best thing to the anime. Looking forward to the movie as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Whichever direction Natsume intends to take this, I’ll be right here to TL them right into your eyeballs, so look forward to it.”
    Sounds painful D:

    Any idea if there’s going to be an afterstory?
    Sort of like Arifureta where it still continues after the official end.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s a bit sad that it will take long before vol. 16 will come out. But on the other hand, I am really looking forward to the fourth Dust spin-off.
    What a great guy…
    P.S. thnx for your work as always cg.



    If my information is correct, in the web novel, after he suicide-explodes the demon king, he comes back to this world to fight the rest of demon lords


    1. Yup, I think that’s how the WN went. TBH, even though I’ve heard Akatsuki-san likes to set a beginning and an end while filling in everything in between, I’m hoping the ending changes a little coz
      1. The characters and relationships are more complex with all the original content in the LN


    2. Sorry, hit the ‘post’ button too fast. Continuing:
      1… so it would be nice to properly resolve everything and tie up loose ends. Also, based on WN summaries, feels like he tweaked character personalities, ages etc a little, which probably affected various developments.
      2. For anyone who read the WN and is reading the LN *because* they loved the WN, even if the original ending was good, an identical ending would be kinda lame, no? It would be like the ultimate self-spoiling.


      1. I’d be quite happy if it didn’t end in a similar way. As you said, the relationships have developed quite different (No Kazumin for example), so I’m looking forward toward it. Tho I hope they don’t strech it out too much just to keep the cash flowing in… I’d be satisfied with finding Aqua, power-leveling for Kazuma and defeating the last demon general (not counting Wiz) in the next volume, hopefully them going to the capital for that so we get some final Iris time! And the final battle left for Vol.17. That would be the ideal outcome, but we’ll see.


    3. The fan translation of the first volume didn’t include the author’s afterword, so most people don’t know this, but the official translation does (I bought it for Kindle from Amazon). In the afterword, Natsume makes it very clear that the WN and LN are NOT the same story. They explicitly state that the WN should be thought of as “just a warmup” and that anything could happen in the LN. Besides, you would need a lot of magic power/large mana pool to even dream of casting explosion, which Kazuma doesn’t have, so even if he did get the 50 skill points needed to unlock it, which took Megumin YEARS even though she was born with plenty of them, he could never even come lose to casting it.


  7. Well, Princess Iris’s older brother and father were stated to be fighting on the front lines against the Demon King. Would be fun to see the rest of Iris’ family because people don’t seem to realize that there is more than one royal family member in this story

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thanks a lot for the chapter! Was really fun. This volume had more of the signature Konosuba humour that was missing in some of the previous ones. It was nice to see that.

    BTW, anyone saw the ‘This is all stuff you taught me, no?’ Darkness quote from the illustrations in the story? I feel like it should have appeared in the ‘everyone wants Kazuma’s attention’ scene before he kicks Serena, or when Darkness got him out of jail, but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere.


  9. Oh fuck, it’s still two or more volumes ahead. My life is kinda falling apart so I really hoped to finish the series before my mental breakdown. Out of everything this might be the weirdest motivation one can think of, but I’m really still trying to fix things for no other reason but to be ok by the time all the otaku things I look forward to are out.


    1. I’m at a point in my life where everything I do(even getting laid) is so I can come home and game/nerd with a clear conscience. So whatever floats your boat is fine, as long as you keep it afloat.
      Cheers 😀


  10. Thanks for this wonderful volume!!! Everything is now going forward in the story, Hopefully, the kazumin should also move forward!Can’t wait for the next volume and the movie😁


  11. To all former anime onlys: See, Aqua isn’t useless, Darkness is useless. Aqua became useful after she was upgraded from Goddess of Water to Goddess of the Toilet, making her an essential part of their everyday life. Darkness on the other hand…


    1. “To us Crimson Demons, calling you the worst is somewhat of a compliment. It’s an ancient saying that anyone who is referred to as the worst would end up awakening to new powers.” – Megumin, Volume 14: Chanter 3


  12. Not sure where the best place is to post my madness, but I figured this is as good a place as any.

    TLDR: I think Darkness’s pendant might be the Sacred Shield Aegis because reasons.

    Okay, so this is something I thought of a while back when I was rereading this series. It’s mostly speculation, and I wouldn’t bet on it, but I thought I’d put this out there just incase it turns out that I was right or even just close. I’m sure someone will find this interesting even if I’m completely wrong, so here goes nothing.
    Remember back in volume 8 when Chris first told Kazuma about Aegis-san? She said that Aegis was part of a set along with the “Sacred Shield Aegis.” She said they didn’t need to worry about the shield and never mentioned it again after that one time. I just can’t accept that the author would throw in that tiny detail like that unless they plan to bring it up again at some point.
    So, I started thinking “What if Darkness’s pendant is actually the Sacred Shield Aegis in a magically compacted/shrunken form?” I know it’s a stretch, but hear me out. Here are a few reasons why this might not be as ridiculous as you think.

    1. The pendant looks different in the manga. You’ve probably seen the anime, and you’re probably thinking that what you saw in the first episode of season two didn’t look like much more than a piece of jewelry. However, the one in the manga has some key design differences (Take a look: https://imgur.com/a/aCDZF05). The most interesting part of its design is that the shield is attached to rest of the necklace with clasps the way that you would attach a gemstone. This means that the shield part is separate from the rest of the necklace and could be removed by simply prying back the clasps. There is a gold plate behind the shield with a ring on the top that the chain goes through and the clasps are on the sides. That seems like an odd design choice to me. If you told me to draw a shield shaped pendant with a design on the front, I would have the ring attached directly to the top of the shield like in the anime. Keeping the shield separate and attaching it to a back plate with clasps isn’t something I would think of unless I knew the shield itself was something special. The pendant hasn’t been described or illustrated in the light novel yet, but what if Watari Masahito (the manga artist) asked Akatsuki Natsume (the LN author) how they wanted the pendant to look? That part of the manga did come out before the second season of the anime. The shield itself is made of more than just gold since it has some parts that are darker than others. There aren’t any gaps or holes in the shield like in the anime. It’s a solid plate, and the symbol is engraved or stamped onto the front of it. Another key detail is the six-pointed “Star of David” around the symbol. In anime and manga, that star is almost always associated with some kind of magic. The first time I saw it in the manga, I immediately thought “Hey, that’s different. It looks like a magic item like that.” The anime version was probably simplified from the manga version.

    2. In volume 10 chapter 3, when Darkness hears that Claire let Kazuma barrow her pendant, Darkness says “Claire believed in you enough to entrust you with this? Do you even understand what this is?” Kazuma responds with “Not really, but from your attitude, I can tell that the white-suit nee-chan trusts me a whole lot more than you do.” Kazuma obviously knows that these pendants signify the backing of their noble house. What Darkness said implies that there is something more to these pendants that we don’t know about yet. Maybe the great noble houses each have their own divine relic that was passed down within their family as an heirloom, and the heir of that family carries it with them in the form of a pendant.

    3. Every time a character has shown one of these pendants, no one has ever questioned that the person holding the pendant was truly packed by the noble house the pendant belonged to. If the pendant alone is proof enough, then it must be extremely difficult or impossible to counterfeit. If Darkness’s pendant looked like it did in the anime, then any skilled goldsmith could make an identical copy. Even if it’s made of more than just gold, if they were able to craft it in the first place, then it should be possible for someone to craft a copy using the same method. The only way the pendant could be truly irreplicable would be for it to be made from something absolutely unique; something distinct and recognizable; something beyond mankind’s ability to create; something like a divine treasure.

    4. The Dustiness family has been referred to as the “Clan of Shields” or the “Clan of the Shield.” If the shield were in the hands of any noble house, then it would most likely be House Dustiness. Even though they are associated with shields, the pendant is the closest thing to a shield that we’ve seen associated with them except for the small detachable shield that Darkness had on her arm mentioned briefly just before the fight with Destroyer.

    5. Chris said that the Sacred Shield Aegis didn’t need to be recovered yet. What if she said this because she knew that Darkness had it and that it was in good hands?

    6. Has here been any point where Darkness absolutely would have used the Sacred Shield Aegis if she had it? I don’t think so, but there may have been a few times when she came close to using it. The most notable instance was when she faced down the Destroyer as it approached Axel. As far as we know, Darkness doesn’t have any abilities that could have stopped the Destroyer. She may have been able to block one of its legs if it stepped near her, but the rest of it would have been out of her reach, and it would have just kept going without acknowledging her. Why would she be so determined to stand out in front like that if there was nothing she could do to stop it or even slow it down? Well, maybe the shield would have allowed her to stop it. Of course, we have no clue what the shield even does, but maybe it could have been effective in that situation. What if it can project a barrier much bigger than the shield itself that can stop things that the user could never reach normally? Maybe she was prepared to activate the pendant and use it to stop the Destroyer at the last second. The Destroyer never reached her. Only the author knows what would have happened if it had. Even when it was going to explode, she stood between it and the town. Maybe the shield could have protected Axel from the explosion. The only other scenario I can think of where she absolutely would have used it would be if Wolbach had finished her Explosion before Megumin used hers. Maybe Darkness was ready to activate the shield and jump out in front the instant Wolbach said “Explosion,” but once again, only the author knows. Explosion and Destroyer are the only things they’ve faced so far that Darkness couldn’t block with just her sword or body.

    7. Why would she be so reluctant to use it or tell anyone about it? Maybe activating it will ruin the pendant. It could be that it was very difficult to transform the shield into the pendant in the first place, so using the shield essentially means sacrificing her family’s heirloom. It could also be that she doesn’t want to use the pendant’s power just like how the doesn’t like using her family’s authority. Of course, I could just be that she doesn’t want the others to know because then they will want her to use it all the time, and then she will never get hit… If that’s why she doesn’t fix her accuracy, then she would probably avoid using the shield for the same reason.

    So, what do you guys think? Am I nuts? Hopefully this isn’t just the wishful thinking of a Darkness fan. Even it the pendant isn’t the Sacred Shield Aegis, I think we will see the shield come into play before the series ends, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Darkness is the one who ends up using it. If the shield really is the pendant, then the thing that will most likely cause Darkness to use it would be if they face an enemy with a powerful ranged attack. In video game terms, Darkness’s hitbox just isn’t big enough. Such an enemy would be difficult for her to protect the others form with just her sword and body. So far, Wolbach is the only powerful ranged enemy they’ve faced. (Fortunately they never had to fight Wiz or Duke.) If the Demon King’s daughter can use Advanced Magic, or some other ranged ability, then I think the shield may make an appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thanks for giving us readers something great to read, Cannongerbil. Thanks also to Ulti and Xenthur for making the reading experience more enjoyable. I eagerly await the next volume! 🙂


  14. I don’t remember if I’ve already commented this on an earlier volume but BRO I STARTED READING KONOSUBA FOR THE COMEDY OF A BUNCH OF ASSHOLES TRYING TO SURVIVE, WHY AM I CRYING RIGHT NOW???


  15. Whoa…
    Seems this story comes near to the end…
    I already read the WN, and the end volumes are quite serious too…
    This probably would end at vol 20 or at least it won’t pass 25 volumes…


  16. They’re finally going to take down the demon king ! Kazuma is LV 1 ? Yes , but all of his strength is in his heart !

    Gathering a few skilled adventurers ? Will we see all of those characters that we love ? Yunyun , Iris , Dust & Mitsurugi , Claire , Rain , Cecily , maybe Vanir and Wiz , and a whole lot of friends we made along the way …


  17. First good volume in a long time. The romance parts really drag things out and either need to be dropped or resolved. Konosuba is at its best when it’s doing comedy but also progressing things at the same time.

    2 volumes left, I really hope it finishes strong. It’s actually only been a few years but I still remember finding this on SkytheWood, then Yuns spinning off, and then losing it to CGT. The anime that gave it 15 minutes of fame, but then it seemed most people just got bored of it. I dropped it too but seeing it get completed yesterday, I’ve been binge reading it from where I left off. I was more reading it out of wanting to see it end, but this volume is the first time since maybe Volume 6 or so that I truly was glad I was reading this again.

    I hope everyone is well and is enjoying this. I can’t wait to get to the end to see all the comments there. Be well everyone.


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