Konosuba Q&A: Megumin


Konosuba volume 17 release: 3 more days

(The main star has arrived, the final volume! Now, in the name of the ancient scripts, release the source of my power!)

[Megumin, have you had any feelings or thoughts about your own voice before?]
“There was this one time Kazuma told me ‘If I close my eyes and just listen to your voice, you sound just like a pretty girl’, so I strangled him, but for a sourpuss like him to say that, my voice must sound quite beautiful indeed.”

[Are you not afraid of your robe slipping off?]
“It’s made by the magical techniques the crimson demons are proud of, so it will not slip or come loose. Though, it it gets hit by a magic attack, my panties might become visible in a flash.”

[When did you realize you liked Kazuma?]
“Back when he carried me every day, I started thinking that he had a wide back, and eventually felt safe there. It was then I thought, ah, I think I like this man… what are you making me say!?”

[What are your plans for the Megumin theiving band? What would you do if you became the Demon King?]
“Take over the world.”

[Will you let Yunyun as part of your friends? What is the most memorable duel you had with her?]
“She’s my nemesis. As for most memorable, the one duel I decided that we should never do again is the one where we competed in who has the most friends… Well, if Yunyun said she wants to be my friend, I won’t refuse…”

[What do you think of the craters that your Explosion Magic leave behind?]
“I think the footprints that I carve into the earth is what true art is like. Whenever I create a crater that seems particularly good, I always protest against the foreman’s earth filling team.”

[Chomusuke just breathed fire! Just what is that cat?]
“If you start saying strange things like Kazuma, people are going to see you as a weirdo. Come to think of it, he’s been spending quite a bit of time with Chomusuke as of late. He gives her alot of food and shares his mana with her with Drain Touch for some reason and other such strange actions…”

[Do you know of a cat named Puck?]
“I do not, but compared to a normal cat’s name like Chomusuke, the name Puck has an evil air around it.”

[Do you like your name, Megumin?]
“It’s a name that sounds mature, cool, with just the hint of danger, so I really love it.”

[If you have to choose between Kazuma and Explosion Magic, which would you choose?]
“I’m a greedy woman who doesn’t know when to give up. Even if that man was sent into another world, I’ll have to shatter the boundaries between worlds with my Explosion!”

[Between the Best Mage and the Strongest Mage, which title would you prefer?]
“The strongest and best mage is best. Any mage who calls themselves the strongest or the best without consulting me will have to answer to me… I’ve answered even more questions than Yunyun? Well, I can’t lose to her, after all… Today, I win too!”

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9 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Megumin”

    1. Chomsuke right now doesn’t seem to have the ability to utilize even half of her original power let alone get her 100% strength back, chomsuke wouldn’t stand a chance against puck even in sealed(?) form… But if your question is which one’s cuter, I vote for Chomsuke.

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  1. Damn!!! I really love this character~~ The coolness around her especially when she is in full-chuuni mode can’t get me enough, and her tsundere charm is really makes me squeak everytime i read them~~!! And that answer about Kazuma and explosion magic!! AAAAH EKSPLUSIOOOON~!!


  2. “Even if that man was sent into another world, I’ll have to shatter the boundaries between worlds with my Explosion!”

    Yooo. When I read that line I instantly thought of the Konosuba doujin where Megumin was the one that got isekai’d and not Kazuma.


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