Suke Yuno – Valentine’s Special

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Thanks to Ulti for doing the typesetting.



TL Note: 鬼は外 福は内 roughly translates to “Bad fortune(Demons) out, good fortune in.” Aqua and Kazuma say both half of the phrase in the second and third page. It’s a traditional phrase said around the lunar new year, which happens to overlap with valentine’s this year.

7 thoughts on “Suke Yuno – Valentine’s Special”

  1. Be careful Kazuma! If you advance too far in your relationship, the Exploder of Riajuus shall break the boundaries between two light novel series, and it will all be over!

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    1. What really? Now I’m searching for these h djs, the art style and plot is so cute, I justbhavento see it lol


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