Konosuba Q&A: Dust


Konosuba volume 17 release: 7 more days

(Speaking of 7, the seventh volume of the Dust spinoff is also releasing on that day! Oh? No, I wasn’t paid to say that!)

[What do you think of Line Shaker?]
“I don’t know him that well, but I think he’s one of the strongest, coolest, kindest, and most handsome men I know.”

[When did you change your eye colour?]
“At the Crimson Demon Village souvenir shop. They were selling a magic item set that can turn you into a Crimson Demon at a discount.”

[Does Emperor Zell look like a dragon to you?]
“That’s definitely a chicken. Speaking of which, Aqua once said “As a fellow dragon lover, I’ll give you this lizard I found in Kazuma’s yard. I named it Jihad in anticipation of the battle between that strange devil and the goddess.” before forcing a lizard onto me…”

Between Loli Succubus and Lynn, whose breasts are bigger?]
“I won’t be able to tell without touching it myself. I’ll investigate this matter and report back, leave it to me.”

[What is the best dream you’ve requested from the succubus service?]
“This was originally the idea of my best friend who has the weakest class, but I’m currently addicted to having the succubus I request appear in my dream so I can legally sexually harass her. He occasionally comes up with some really ingenious ideas.”

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