Konosuba Q&A: Luna


Konosuba volume 17 release: 9 more days

(As befitting the final volume, we have several extremely difficult quest up right now!)

[What is your current relationship with Vanir?]
“He’s a friend I occasionally drink with. He lets me vent about my frustrations at work”

[Honestly, who is the most problematic adventurer in the guild?]
“The long time customer that pretends to be a veteran adventurer and goes up to newbie adventurers to say stuff like “Honestly, you guys aren’t suited for the rough work of being an adventurer. This is for your own good, it’s best to quit…”

[What do you do on your day off?]
“I relax by feeding wild neroids.”

[What’s your cup size? When are you getting married?]
“I’ll put a bounty on your head.”

[What is the hardest quest you’ve come across?]
“It would have to be: ‘Please defeat the Demon King. The reward is a copper sword’ and ‘Please defeat the part time clerk who works at the magic item shop’. Incidentally, both quests were issued by the same person.”

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