Konosuba Q&A: Aqua


Konosuba volume 17, Finally releasing in one more day!

(Right, let’s go, Nature’s Beauty–!)

[I really look up to you, so I’ve been practicing “Nature’s beauty” at home, but it isn’t going very well. Do you have any tips?]
“Write your name on this admission form, donate, and pray to the goddess Aqua for power… once you’ve done that, all that’s left is to become an adventurer and press the nature’s beauty option once you’ve gotten enough skill points.”

[Aqua-sama, you can purify liquids by contact, but you don’t purify tea and the like when you are drinking?]
“It does happen sometimes on accident. If I make sure it doesn’t touch my lips too much, I can drink it. Also, I’m very careful while drinking alcohol, so I’ve never accidentally purified alcohol even once!”

[I was eaten by a giant frog! please help me!]
“Giant frogs are the natural enemy of goddesses, so I can’t help you. Sorry. Kazuma-san once told me “I’ll give you a secret sure kill technique. If you ever come across an enemy you can’t defeat, use sacred create water to wash them away”, but it swam.”

[You said when Kazuma started rusltling in the stables, you turned around and faced the other way, but did you always completely turn the other way?]
“Of course. Goddess don’t lie. Don’t worry about that. That’s the benevolence of a goddess.”

[Is there anything you want to apologize to Kazuma for? We are at the very end, so si there anything you’ve been hiding from him and couldn’t say till now?]
“… Well, I did lie in the previous question. I couldn’t help it, you were rustling like crazy. But I only peeked once.”

[During the popularity poll, there was an amazing button that only Aqua could use, right? Is it really alright for a goddess to be doing such things?]
“It’s precisely because I’m a goddess. Gods are creatures that forgive and pass judgement. That means I can just forgive myself and there’s no problem!”

[What do you think of your party members? Please tell me their good points one by one]
“They are all my precious servants. Megumin’s good point has to be her explosion after all. Darkness is that she makes really good tea. As for Kazuma… Oh no, I can’t think of anything!”

[Do you enjoy life in another world? Are you glad to be in the other world with Kazuma?]
“As the goddess of the Axis cult, I leave everything to tomorrow and enjoy myself to the fullest. Am I glad to be in this world? Well, to be honest, being together with everyone isn’t bad, I can be safe around them… Keep it a secret from the others, okay?”

[Are you aware that Megumin and Darkness like Kazuma?]
“I live together with them, so of course I know. If they end up having children with Kazuma, I’ll give them a goddess’s blessing and protect them. And once everyone has gone to heaven, I’ll return to heaven and watch over their descendants.”

[Tell us your impressions about being the last. A few words for the hikineet who couldn’t take the day 1 spot]
“See, Kazuma, I am the main heroine and face of this work that swoops in to take the main spotlight! I think I answered the various questions in a very goddess like manner! Now then, if you are my believers… It’d help alot if you’d buy it!”

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5 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Aqua”

  1. I have to say, That is great, I will join the Axis cult
    I once thought how sad it would be for Aqua, who is “immortal” to see her peers grow old and die, but she has really thought about it already, and already knows what she will do when that happens.

    It might seem sad, but she could receive visits from Kazuma and the others in heaven, or rather, they will really always be together.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I doubt Aqua would be sad, if they reincarnated when they die she can just meet, much more when they choice to live in heaven.


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