Konosuba Q&A: Wiz


Konosuba Volume 17 release: 11 more days!

(All you undead readers, don’t move on just yet and look forward to it!)

[Do Liches use the toilet?]
“They do not. In fact they don’t have to eat at all, but if they don’t, their bodies will slowly wither away until they end up as all bones like Keel.”

[What is your age?]
“Undead don’t grow, so the concept of age doesn’t apply to them in the first place undead are creatures that have surpassed the limits of death, so old age is foreign to them, in other words-(Omitted for length)

[What is your best selling product?]
“That would be the Vanir-san doll that laughs at dawn. The Vanir-san dakimakura is also a fairly hot item. Kazuma really wanted that Dakimakura, but for some reason he refused to show it to me. Is Vanir-san really that sexy?”

[What is the total amount of debt you have?]
“To an undead creature who lives for an eternity, short term debt is but a trifling matter, don’t you think? No one is good at something the moment they pick it up. It’ll be fine as long as it eventually ends up in the black, no matter how many hundreds of years it takes… Vanir-san, why are you making that scary face?”

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