Konosuba Q&A: Iris


Konosuba Volume 17 release: 12 more days!

(I can’t wait, Onii-sama!]

[About Iris’s head grapes]
Those are wild grapes that jumped into Iris’s room when she was a kid the moment she opened a window.
After a fierce fight, those grapes fell in love with Iris’s strength.
It’s a wonderful bundle of grapes that is prepared to sacrifice itself to serve as emergency rations should Iris be caught in a pinch.

[What does the grip of blahblahcalibur smell like?]
Kazuma: It smells like gauntlets the kendo club uses.

[What happened to Elroad’s prince afterwards]
He wrote a letter and sent it to Iris to try and regain her favour, but it was intercepted by Claire.
However, in order to maintain good relations, Rain wrote a letter in reply.
Not knowing that the reply came from a girl older than him, the prince is constantly embarrassed by the calm and mature reply.

[Five ways Iris is able to sneak out of the castle]

Royal only passageway behind the fireplace
Escape through the window with her amazing physical abilities
Escape over the walls with her amazing physical abilities
Escape through the main gate with her amazing physical abilities
Say she wants to play outside and hope they’ll let her.

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