Konosuba Q&A: Chris


Konosuba volume 17 release: 5 more days

(Now, it’s the final volume you’ve all been waiting for! Feast your eyes!)

[Out of all the things you’ve stolen, what is the most amazing?]

“That’d be your heart… Sorry, that was a joke.”

[How did you get that scar on your cheek?]

“Well, now, this scar is the result of a very important moment with Darkness, so I’m not telling you that story so easily. Hmm, how about you buy me a mug of crimson beer?”

[Boss, how experienced are you with romance? Have you ever been hit upon?]

“I have alot of experience. I’ve gone on plenty of dates too. I’ve even been hit on a ton. Though the fact that most of them are girls is a little difficult.”

[What happened to Aigis after that?]

“I know he was at the Crimson Demon Village, but it seems like he’s gotten attached to the girls in the village. It seems like he’s hanging around the village and the capital right now. I wonder what he’s up to there. Come to think of it, there is a member of the thieving group that has a name really similar to Aigis…”

[If there happened to be a magic item store run by a lich and a devil, what would you think of it?]

“There’s no way a store like that could exist… If such a store really existed, I’ll accept any punishment game you think up, assistant-kun”

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