Konosuba Q&A: Kazuma


Konosuba volume 17 release: 2 more days

(Let me show you my true power! I’ll do it tomorrow? No, it’d be two days from now!)

[How do you feel about not being the last in line despite being the main character? How do you feel about scoring low on the popularity rankings? Please tell me how you feel about not being the last?]
“Alright, that’s it. I’m not Megumin, but if you want a fight I’ll give you one.”

[Back when you were in the stables, do you reeeeaally not feel any kind of lust towards Aqua?]
“I’ll sue you for slander.”

[Do you plan to carry Megumin in a princess carry like you did with Darkness?]
“There was this one time when I got chased by a kobold while accompanying Megumin on her daily routine. I got chased by it, tripped, fell, and twisted my leg, so Megumin had to princess carry me.”

[Who would you choose? What about a confession?]
“Now that the fate of the world is riding on us defeating the Demon King, it’s not the time to be concerned about such matters. Who would I choose? Heroes aren’t the type to be tied down to one person like that… Okay, I’m sorry… Can we leave the talk about confessions and stuff until after the demon king is defeated?”

[Lynn said that you should hurry up and get together already. Do you have anything to say in response?]
“Someone named Dark Stalker who had an advanced class came to the guild and said ‘I’ve come to recieve… kidnap you. My princess is you, Lynn’ and acted alot like Dust.”

[What would you do if you could return to Japan for one day? Any words to your family in Japan?]
“If I could go back, I’d wipe the contents of my PC and write a thank you letter to my parents… Hmm? I don’t know why, but I get the feeling that I’ve already done that…”

[Do you regret taking Aqua-sama with you? If you could take a cheat level item or ability again, what would you take?]
“I want an ability to make beautiful girls fall in love with me unconditionally and pamper me, but after forming a rotten bond with her, I’ll have to go with Aqua. She’d cry otherwise.”

[What’s the most memorable thing you’ve done after living and and adventuring with those three?]
“Coming home after experiencing a major ordeal, quarreling with Aqua when she refuses to accept fault, Megumin being completely limp after using her spell, and Darkness trying to mediate it all… At the end of the day, I don’t hate this kind of life.”

[What are you thoughts on this world? What is the best thing about coming to another world?]
“… Well, it’s not too bad. Even now I don’t regret anything. The best thing, huh? Well, meeting them, going on heart pounding adventures, the romance with a princess, I’ve made alot of good memories, but… it’d have to be the Succubus service.”

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10 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Kazuma”

    1. dude, if there was a shop that could make a custom dream experience where you also get to have sex and almost feel like real life with very low cost, you bet I’ll put it highly


  1. Now that’s one of the greatest isekaid MC of all Time~!! A normal man with simple desires in life. I will never forget this guy, his party and their adventures that I can proudly tell to my grandchildren~~!!


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