Konosuba Q&A: Eris


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[Please tell me how you feel about taking the last spot away from your senpai. I want to hear how you feel after taking the last spot despite not being the protagonist or main heroine.]
“Aaah, Senpai, Kazuma-san, I’m sorry! I was just summoned here… Ah, what should I do. Senpai is going to talk my ear off again…”

[Which is the true you, Chris or Eris?]
“Both of them are me. It’s like the difference between my working life and my private life… Yes, in private, I tease Darkness and guzzle Crimson Beer…”

[I found a store in a certain town run by a Devil and an undead, so do you have anything to say to Kazuma?]
“… … Err… If possible, please forget about the answer that Chris gave to that question…”

[Please marry me.]
“If I do sexual things, I’ll lose my powers as a goddess, so I won’t do such things. Are you fine with that? Incidentally, if you cheat, you’ll receive divine punishment.”

[How did you get that scar on your cheek?]
“This scar is… Well, lets save that story for when I’m together with Darkness as Chris. Hehe, I’m sure she’ll find that story amusing.”

[Do you have a hobby you enjoy on the low?]
“It’d have to be the games and manga that Senpai orders from Japan using her authority. Back then, she told me to hold on to some of it because she ordered a little too much and might get in trouble for abusing her authority if the higher ups came knocking, but… Occasionally, I indulge in them.”

[Are you really looking forward to Kazuma-san’s visits?]
“The truth is, a little… Ah, no, I shouldn’t say that. Sorry. It’d be like I’m looking forward to seeing Assistant-kun… Kazuma-san meet a horrible end. I’ll reflect on it.

[What was the most trouble Aqua ever caused you?]
“There was this one time when Senpai sent over a Lich named Keel… He kept clamouring to meet with his wife no matter what form he had to become… What happened to Keel after that? … Hehe, he seems to be living a happy life… Keep this a secret from the others in heaven, okay?”

[As someone who has become a national religion in this world, what do you wish for this world to become?]
“Of course, I want this world to become a wonderful world where everyone, including Assistant-kun and Senpai can laugh without a care.”

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16 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Eris”

  1. I was waiting for a question like “How did Aqua find out that you pads your chest”. That is the biggest thing i want to know right now.


      1. if you compare the picture with other illustration, it will be obvious she does. its just she have a small breast but not as flat as megumin.


    1. me too, mate. I hope the after story of konosuba will explain a bit of the scar on her face and THE PADS.


  2. Is no one mentioning that Eris is wearing something like an undershirt?

    Her shoulders are clearly visible which is not possible in her usual priest like robes


    1. Shoulders nothing…Her right BREAST is clearly visible behind the semi-transparent text block!

      “Pads her chest” my butt!
      Flat chest Aqua is just upset Eris is bigger!

      Now the real question should be why does she shrink them when she travels as Chris?!


  3. Eris says she would lose her goddess powers if she does sexual things but why does she say the rest as if she’d do it herself? Does she get back her powers if you cheat?


    1. I think she meant that if you cheat(assume you are a couple with eris) while in a sexless relationship with her.


  4. I think she uses pads, the angles in the illustration just made them look bigger. in the other illustrations where she uses her priestly robe, its bigger than the one in this llustration


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