Konosuba Q&A: Vanir


Konosuba volume 17 release: 10 more days

(Now then, those of you who are so concerned with what the after story is really about that you can’t sleep, do continue to be sleep deprived!)

[How do you gain more extra lives? How many extra lives do you have?]
“If you honestly and diligently perform evil deeds, the number of extra lives you have will naturally increase. Presently, moi is in possession of so many extra lives that the precise number has been forgotten.”

[What’s under your mask?]
“Looking under this mask is a limited service only available to customers only. Furthermore, depending on how much you spend, Moi shall take note of your tastes and create a face that pushes all of your buttons”

[How can I learn how to shoot a Vanir style Death Ray?]
“If you practice until you are on the verge of death, you’ll learn how to use it eventually. Of course, it’s a death ray, so the moment you use it, you will die.”

[Whose dark emotions do you like the most?]
“The taste will change depending who it is and what the situation is. Currently, my staple food is Wiz, and my snack is the brat.”

[Please foretell who Wiz and Yunyun will marry]
“Sometimes, the truth is a cruel thing. Even devils have a little bit of conscience.”

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7 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Vanir”

    1. Watch the answer be Kazuma because “by Vanir’s standards, ending up with Kazuma would be unfortunate”.

      I doubt that’d actually happen, but itd be kinda amusing.


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