Konosuba Q&A: Yunyun


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(Eh, it ends here!? Wait, I haven’t made friends…!)

[Do you want to be my friend?]
“If I take you seriously, you’ll just go “Too bad, it was Moi!” You do this almost every week, so I won’t fall for it anymore… No, really, I wont!”

[Any solo games that you recommend?]
“I recommend playing competitive games. Incidentally, I’ve practiced playing all kinds of competitive games so that I can rise to the challenge if I’m ever invited.”

[What do you think of Megumin and Kazuma who are constantly flirting?]
“Megumin used to take the stance of “who cares about romance”, so I think she has really fallen far. While Megumin is concerning herself with matters of love, I, as her rival is working on reaching ever greater heights, so I’m not particularly bothered by it.”

[What is your ideal man?]
“A kind man who wouldn’t get annoyed even if we meet every day, and who will nod along when I tell him about what happened today over a meal and doesn’t get angry even if I stick to him… my target is to be independent, so I’m not really interested.”

[How many friends do you have?]
“I have a lot… I have a lot.”

[Honestly, do you like Vanir and Dust?]
“… I don’t dislike the two of them.”

[How many “How to make friends with XX” books do you have]
“I don’t know about that precise title, but I’ve studied ‘How to understand the feelings of Algae’, ‘How to talk to Kobolds’, ‘The road of a golemmaster’, ‘Goblin language course even a goblin can understand’ and learnt plenty of things. I also have many other books…”

[How big is the house you live alone in?]
“Big enough to easily have a hundred friends over at the same time.”

[If a button labeled “will definitely make you friends” was being sold for a billion eris, what would you do?]
“I bought a ‘pot that’ll ensure you have a wonderful meeting’, and a ‘power stone that will bring you happiness’, but none of them worked, so I won’t rely on such items anymore.”

[Are there any good spots where you can take a walk alone?]
“The main street of Axel. If you spend half a day walking around that street, the chances of running into someone you know is high. … Eh? I’ve answered too many questions? I mean, it’s been awhile since I’ve talked to people…”

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4 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Yunyun”

  1. Lol. This so pitiful. Hahah so pitiful! Hahahaha

    Vanir must living a fulfilling life everyday, because of negative emotion from her.

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