Konosuba Q&A: Darkness


Konosuba volume 17 release: 4 more days

(If you talk about the Demon King, you have to talk about the female knight! They say my achievements have been pretty dull so far, but I’ll definitely get some great results before the end!)

[You know, it feels like you’ll feel it more if you take hits without wearing armour, and it’d be easier to get your clothes torn off too. Is there a reason you are attached to cladding yourself in armour?]

“It’s a necessary component. It feels great to be taken down while clad in tough armour after resisting with all your might. If I have to go into more detail, it’d be (Omited for R rating)”

[Do you really like Kazuma? If you do, no matter what anyone says, you need to use your special skills! Your special skills!]

“H-How am I supposed to use my high defence…”

[Are you aware of Chris’s true identity?]

“Who do you think I am? I’m not dense like Aqua… I always thought that she was up to something, but I never expected her to be the boss of the rumoured masked thieving band…”

[Which noble do you have the hardest time dealing with?]

“There was this once when Aqua said she wanted to be more popular, and used the fact that she once saved my father to become a noble for a day and named herself Actiness Ford Lalatina… ”

[I’ve heard that Eris worshippers have small breasts… Are you really an Eris worshipper? Are Lalatina’s tits hard too?Is it true that you are still calling yourself 18 years old even after you’ve celebrated your birthday? Are you afraid of being left behind? And you are a divorcee too. Just how many traits does Mamatina intend to gather up?]

“I’ll kill you”

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5 thoughts on “Konosuba Q&A: Darkness”

  1. I’m very much curious to the details described in the first question 🤔🤔

    And Darkness, don’t give up.. There is still a bit of time 😂


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