Konosuba Dust Spinoff 2: Epilogue


TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti, Xenthur

Part 1

“We can’t offer you too much because it’s an informal quest, but please accept this for resolving this crisis. Thank you for your work.”

Luna showed us a bright smile as she handed over a bag filled to the brim with gold coins.

Even though we didn’t complete a quest nor was there any bounty on that target, the bag we received was quite weighty. They seemed to have decided upon this amount from the fragments of the diary that I failed to destroy and the remnants of the mini-destroyer.

With this much, there’d be more than enough money left over even after we split it up amongst us. I can pay off my debts and still have some money left.

“Seems like I missed something interesting while I was away.”

“Ah, Kazuma. Well, I wouldn’t say you missed it exactly, but, yeah, a lot happened.”

We joined the table where Kazuma and his party were sitting at.

Seems like they just came back from their trip to the capital.

“Megumin, have you heard? I defeated a Destroyer too-”

“Hmph, what a pointless joke. Have you been alone for so long that you’ve stopped being able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality?”

“It wasn’t a fantasy! I really did defeat one! That’s not all, I even went on a date! Look! This stuffed frog is a present a guy gave to me! Isn’t it amazing!? Hey, listen to me!”

The explosion girl and the loner were quarreling about something, but I ignored them.

I need to reserve Loli Succubus’s portion of the prize money too. The other three already got a more than fair reward, so there’s no need to split the money with them.

The world of dreams is probably waiting for them tonight too.

“Hey, fill me in on what happened. You even got money out of it. So… It’ll be your treat tonight, right?”

“Oh, isn’t this a rare occasion. Will cats start flying tomorrow?”

“I’ll be drinking my fill to make up for all the trouble you caused!”

“Yeah. It’s a little cheap as repayment for all the sexual harassment, though.”

Thanks to Kazuma’s unnecessary words, I was suddenly the center of attention in the guild.

“H-Hey, who the hell even said that…”

My protests were drowned out by the clamour of the crowd, and fell upon deaf ears.

Kazuma’s looking at me with a wide smile.

Well, he did treat me quite a few times, after all. Just this once…

“Give it up. I’ll spot you for part of it, so cheer up.”

“Yeah, it isn’t bad to let loose like this every once in a while.”

“Sake paid by someone else’s dime tastes the best, but I guess I’ll treat everyone this once.”

Well, if Lynn and the others were to split the cost too, it wouldn’t hurt my wallet that much.

Plus, these are the friends that I’ve been borrowing money from and doing stupid stuff with day in and day out, after all.

“Alright, fine! It’s my treat for tonight! Everyone, drink to your heart’s content!”

TLed by Cannongerbil, Edited by Ulti, Xenthur, @www.CGtranslations.me

Part 2

Even though night has fallen, the party was still in full swing.

Kazuma’s priest has broken out her party tricks, to the rabid applause of everyone present.

Megumin and Yunyun were about to face off in a drinking contest before Darkness and Kazuma stopped them. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but he’s a surprising stickler for rules, that Kazuma.

I stepped outside to catch a breather from the hustle, but the noise from the guild could still be clearly heard coming from behind me.

The stars were shining brightly in the sky as I gazed upwards.

“The sky, huh…”

Even though it was night, a flying bird flits across my vision. It reminded me of the past for a brief moment.

“What are you so melancholic for? It doesn’t suit you~”

An unsteady Lynn crashed against my shoulder.

Her breath stinks of alcohol, and when I turned around, her wide, carefree smile greeted me.

“You’re in a good mood.”

“Everyone made it back fine, so of course I’d be in a good mood.”

“Is that so?”

“By the way~ I’ve been concerned about this for awhile now, but you’re not hiding something from us, are you?”

A serious expression suddenly appeared on her face.

I was a little surprised by that question, but I should proceed calmly.

“What are you talking about? Don’t tell me you’re referring to the time I sold your underwear for money?”

“Right, sit down right here! I’m going to bury you six feet under!”

She started trying to chant her spells, but it seems like she’s too drunk to pronounce the words properly.

As I moved to support the unsteadily swaying Lynn, she suddenly glared at me.

“It’s not like you to brood on your own. We’re your friends, so if you have anything on your mind, you should tell us about it.”

Don’t stare at me with such pure eyes. You’ll make me want to spill some unnecessary stuff.

Averting my gaze, I looked towards the night sky once more.

It might be fine to tell her about it.

“The truth is…”


I could hear her snoring.

Drool dripping from the edges of her mouth soaked into my shoulder.

“Wait, seriously? Sigh. Would someone really fall asleep at such a time?”

Bearing Lynn on my back, I headed back to the guild.

After all, you’d have a better chance of seeing a good dream being surrounded by that kind of rowdiness than laying down in a quiet place.

At least, that’s what I think.



Well, that’s the end of the second Dust spinoff. Unfortunately, I was only able to get my hands on one of the short stories, which will be going up next week. If anyone knows of a way to get the other two short stories, please contact me via discord Furthermore, as you might have noticed, we still lack adequate artists to cover all the art stuff, so if you would like to help, my discord is always open.

As usual, I’ll be taking a short break while I try to get the volume 14 translations up to snuff. Tentatively, I’ll put 17th august for the release of the prologue, though I can’t make any promises owing to the fact that I’m currently in the middle of translating it. Of course, I will be posting early copies up on my patreon, so it’s always there if you must have volume 14 as soon as possible.

There will be a few miscellaneous short stories going up within the break, but assuming nothing goes wrong, I’ll see you guys again on the 17th of August.

Till we meet again.

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  1. Im interested to know the cronological order the spin off and main story. Since this happened after volume 7, then this should be after chapter9? But Yunyun wasnt with them, so in the middle of chapter 11? But kazuma was supposed to have stayed for another week withour them. Im very confused.


  2. So sad this spin-off is full of plot holes, this really turns me down…but for the most part it was actually pretty good
    And the plot holes I’m talkink is the time he met Yunyun on the 1st volume and why Yunyun wasn’t with Kazuma’s party since this happens after volume 8 and when Kazuma goes to the capital fight another general


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