Konosuba Dust Spinoff 2: Short story

Taylor’s secret

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Xenthur, Ulti

“Say, Dust, can I ask you something?”

Lynn called out to me as we were having a meal at our usual spot at the guild.

“If you’re going to ask me what my type is, I ain’t answering.”

“I’m not interested in that. Don’t you think Keith and Taylor have been acting a little weird recently?”

And here I was concerned over what caused her to furrow her brow like that. So it’s about them.

I don’t think anything’s particularly changed.

“Weird in what way?”

“You often go out with Keith, so have you noticed him doing anything on the sly? He was in a real panic when I called out to the both of you the other day.”

“Did that happen?… I don’t remember.”

The only thing that comes to mind is… that time when we ran into Lynn while we were making our way back from the Succubus shop.

That store is a secret known only to the male adventurers. Even if it’s Lynn, there’s no way we can let her know about it.

“Plus, he usually drinks every day, but recently, there are times where he doesn’t drink even when he has money. That applies to you too.”

Yeah, that’s because we were saving up money to get the best dreams from the succubus.

“That’s, well, we realized the value of having a healthy body. It’s important to take a break every now and then to give your livers time to rest, right?


Don’t just stare at me like that. Say something.

Doesn’t seem like she believes me at all. Well, it’s a poorly thought out lie anyway.

“Well, I’ll ask more details about that later. The problem is Taylor.”

“He doesn’t really go out with us.”

We kept the existence of the Succubus shop a secret from Taylor.

He’s pretty inflexible in some ways, so rather than making use of the services, there’s a decent chance that he’d end up lecturing us instead.

“I would worry less if he was with you. Taylor seems to meet up with someone in secret every so often. I heard from a friend that he’s been repeatedly visiting a high class bar with someone else.”

“Hey, wait, he has a girl!? Unforgivable!”

And here I thought he had no luck with women! That traitor!

… Still, I don’t recall him ever showing signs of that.

“Thing is, it’s not a girl. He’s meeting with a man.”

“Then it’s just a friend of his, right? Just leave it be. It’s best not to pry too deeply into your friend’s private matters. As long as it isn’t a criminal act, it’s best to leave it be.”

“And who exactly was the one who got in the way when that nobleman consulted with me?”

“Friends are really important, after all. Let’s keep an eye on him. He might be getting involved with some unsavoury folks, after all!”

Lynn narrowed her eyes even further as I loudly proclaimed that.

I got into a really horrible situation back then when I got Kazuma to help me take pictures, so let’s just keep watch from a distance this time.

TLed by Cannongerbil, Edited by Ulti, Xenthur, @www.CGtranslations.me

Two days later.

After completing a job, Keith invited everyone to cool off at the bar, but Taylor refused.

“Sorry, I have a prior appointment with someone.”

Saying that, he left the guild before even eating dinner.

Lynn and I turned Keith down too and followed after him.

After arriving at the bar where he had been previously sighted at, Taylor walked in without any heed to his surroundings.

Lynn and I entered with hoods drawn low over our faces.

The shop was far more high class than the guild hall. Looking around, we spotted Taylor and sat down in the seat behind him.

“This really does feel like a date with a woman.”

“I don’t think so. The person sitting opposite Taylor is definitely a guy. I saw it when we sat down. I couldn’t make out his face, though…”

Lynn and I whispered after sitting down.

“Sorry for being late.”

“No worries. I just arrived myself.”

I think I’ve heard this voice before.

It’s a little soft from where I’m sitting, so I can’t be certain, but… this voice is…

“How was your day?”

“There weren’t any particular issues. There’re no complaints with Keith and Dust when it comes to their abilities, and Lynn has always been reliable.”

Perhaps feeling elated that she got praised, Lynn excitedly prodded me in the side with her elbow.

“Oh, I’m so jealous. Mine was absolutely horrible. The ones on my side don’t listen to anything I say at all. ”

“I-I see. I’ve never teamed up with them, so I don’t know first hand what you’re going through, but I’ve heard how horrible they can be from Dust.”

Yeah, the one Taylor is talking to is definitely Kazuma.

“That’s Kazuma, right? I didn’t know they were so close. Do they feel some kind of kinship from being the leaders of their party?

“Maybe. Still, there’s no reason to keep this secret.”

It’s not anything remarkable for two men to grab some drinks together.

And here I was expecting something much more scandalous.

… Of course, the moment I thought that, they started complaining non-stop about their respective party members.

Kazuma had a lot of complaints, of course, and I mostly agree with him. Taylor doesn’t seem to have any complaints about Lynn, but…

“Doesn’t most of his complaints concern me?”

“There’s nothing wrong with what he’s saying… Oh, I see now. The reason why they’re doing this on the sly is to prevent their companions from learning about their complaints.”

…Let’s just go home.

Extra special bonus: Volume 14 bingo created by Xenthur




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