Konosuba Dust Spinoff 1: Prologue (Aren’t I an awesome side character?)

Well, that was a nice two week break. If you were out of the loop, I’ve been porting the stuff that had been on Sky’s konosuba archive onto my site for the past couple of weeks, along with editing them to make them less awkward to read. If you ever need a refresher on the series or start feeling like revisiting some old scenes, there’s no better time for a re read.

Now, without further ado, here’s the first Dust spinoff: A time in the limelight for this fool too! The update schedule will be the same as Volume 12, with new chapters going up every Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

Ano Orokamono ni mo Kyakkou wo!








TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti, Deus Ex Machina, Xenthur

“Listen up, Kazuma. You’re still pretty new as an adventurer, so no matter how many Demon King’s Generals you defeat, you mustn’t let it get to your head. You get that?”

At a corner of the tavern at the adventurer’s guild, I’m imparting the experience I’ve gained as an adventurer to a newbie adventurer named Kazuma.

Even though he’s a newbie, he and his party played a huge role in the defeat of the Dullahan that was a general of the Demon King Army. He’s a bit of a rising star.

We had our disputes in the past, but… that was but the mistakes of my youth. All that is behind us now.

“I’m not saying this because I hate you. It’s something that only a close friend would say. I’m definitely not saying this because I’m jealous of you being surrounded by a party of beautiful girls. You understand that, right?”

I’m not such a petty man. I need to emphasize that.

“Yeah, of course I understand, Dust. Though we are really more acquaintances than close friends.”

“Hey, come on, don’t be so distant. Aren’t we close enough to share a private room for a night?”

“Don’t put it that way! It’ll cause misunderstandings! That was a jail cell!”

“I don’t see what the difference is.”

We had a passionate exchange in that cell!

I think Kazuma was in there for blowing up that shitty landlord’s mansion or something back then?

“I did see it with my own eyes. The two of you were definitely sharing the same room!”

“Stop popping up at the most inconvenient of times, you useless goddess!”

The person who intruded is a beautiful girl with hair as blue and clear as water.

As far as looks go, she certainly is gorgeous. As far as looks go.

“Who’s a useless goddess!? The goddess Aqua that the Axis Cult worships is me, you know!?”

“And that’s the backstory she imagined for herself.”


She’s a sad priest who believes herself to be a goddess just because she happens to share the same name as one.

“I’m a goddess” is something of a signature joke for her. Though I don’t remember it ever clicking with anyone.

Associating yourself with the Axis Cult that’s only known for causing trouble is already pretty odd in the first place, but she went the extra step and declared herself to be their goddess.

I’ve met with some Axis Cultists before, and they all seemed to be people who’d never listen to what anyone else is saying. To be honest, I really don’t think I’d enjoy their company.

My party members have always clamoured for a priest, but they immediately start backpedaling upon learning that she’s an Axis Cultist. That’s how bad of a rap they have.

“Why don’t you guys believe that I’m a goddess!?”

“Um, Priest-san, gods are beings that watch over the mortal world from way up above, you know? I’m sure they are busy with their work too. There’s no way they would be free enough to descend to the world as an adventurer. If they did that, they’d be playing hookie.”

“*Cough cough*.”

“What’s wrong, Chris? Don’t tell me… it’s some kind of new game where you force water down your trachea?”

“She isn’t you, Darkness.”

A short-haired thief with a pitiful chest sitting nearby suddenly started choking, and Kazuma’s party member, Darkness, appeared to be worried about her. Well, appeared to be.

Sitting next to her, eating a plate of fried frog legs while observing the scene, is the crazy explosion girl. She is giving Darkness an exasperated look, but she isn’t exactly normal either.

Her name is Megumin, right? … Just what’s wrong with the Crimson Demons’ naming sense?

“A lot of unexpected things can happen to goddesses, you know? Like getting forcibly dragged along by some hikiNEET!”

“Aqua, that’s really far fetched. As if a goddess could end up being treated like an item and brought down to the world… That’s just impossible.”

Kazuma placed his hand on her shoulder and said with a gentle smile. Hearing that, Aqua burst into tears and tried to hit Kazuma, only for Darkness to hold her back.

I guess a priest will get angry if their goddess is made fun of.

The priest was being held back by her companions, and Kazuma continued to goad her.

This newbie really embodies this rowdy yet fun town of beginnings. Seriously.

As this lively scene played out, I, who haven’t eaten anything since morning, waved a waiter over and randomly ordered a few things.

Of course, it’d be Kazuma’s treat.

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29 thoughts on “Konosuba Dust Spinoff 1: Prologue (Aren’t I an awesome side character?)”

    1. I too would like to find out about them releasing these (specials, I have the LNs) in either epub or PDFs. I’d found the LNs on nyaa but don’t know where to look for these specials since they’re not on nyaa that I’d found. (yeah, I do torrents or DDL, Don’t know how to mess with these IRC clients.)


  1. the loli succubus seems to have a major part here.. I’m excited, I’m guessing the princess that was saved by “the prince” Iris and Chris and co talked about before(can’t remember where exactly) is actually either the loli succubus or a dream the loli succubus made.


  2. Seriously though, if someone ever ask me which anime series has the best succubis, I’ll definitely say Konosuba, it’s just different y’know, like there’s something that makes the succubus completely really attractive


    1. You’re either a lolicon or small to medium chest (basically the breast size closest to reality), short hair, cute submissive personality that you just want to cuddle lover. Well, for me I’m the latter. So yeah, that’s why I’m on the Kazumin ship. And it annoys me that when I express that I like small chest more than the big one, people will just say I’m a lolicon. Like WTF, that’s basically the breast size of most women, yeah women not girls, in reality. And it’s normal even a common sense to connect the one you like in your fantasy to reality. Oh god, my first love really warped my taste in anime, she’s a short girl, with short hair, and with small chest, damn she’s cute. And yes she’s older to me by a couple of months.


  3. Hi! I want to comment that we made a new small translation group called chunchunmaru translations and our goal is to deliver all the content related to konosuba to Spanish (doujinshis, novels, etc) and we need a translator from Japanese to English, to be the one that provides us with some material to translate, you can contact me here-> +51 930587312


  4. Tell me that the image of darkness of sucubbu is not in front of dus ?? or is it some kind of dream ?? if not, I will feel betrayed .. if she dresses like this in front of another, dust above all … then she will be a total disappointment


  5. I know Konosuba is not that great with integrity and consistency drops significantly when it comes to spin-offs, but still: it’s the first time Kazuma denied that Aqua is a goddess. Well, aside from first quest with Megumin where he said Aqua is a wierd in the head girl. Also, it might be a stretch and he is actually reffering to the fact their situation is actually unbelievable.


  6. Inner voice:what this guy gets a semi harem common dude
    Outer voice:dust deserves some spotlight since kazuma keeps taking it all
    Inner voice: what do you mean only the main gets this kind of treatment and only the main
    (My inner and outer voice kept on talking because of this i wasn’t able to read anything for hours my heart kept pounding when i saw dust was getting treatment like this and i was like no but he deserves it it was annoying but i chose my inner because i didn’t want my heart kept beating every time i think about this spinoff


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