Konosuba Dust spinoff Short Story 1: Observing Aqua

Observing Aqua

TL: Cannongerbil

Editing: Ulti, Xenthur

When I was in the adventurer’s guild, checking if there are any easy yet profitable quests like I usually do, I received a strange, “off the record” request from Kazuma. It seems like the guild regard him as the caretaker of his party, of sorts, so they’ve been making him clean up after their messes.

And so, Kazuma wanted me to investigate exactly what his comrades get up to when he’s not around.

It’s a request from a close friend whom I owe a lot to, and what’s more, he even promised me an adequate reward, so I had no reason to refuse.

In that case… Let’s investigate that Archpriest Aqua today.


The next day, I was waiting in front of Kazuma’s mansion for her to come out, but even after waiting till afternoon, it didn’t seem like anyone was going to exit.

“The explosion girl and Lalatina left, but no one else is coming out of the mansion. Kazuma’s inside too. What the hell are they doing? Hey, wait, don’t tell me…”

When a boy and a girl are alone inside a house, it’s obvious what they’ll get up too.

It’s not like I’m envious of Kazuma, nor do I wish to peek in on an erotic scene.

I’ll just take a little peek to fulfil the request to watch over her for a day.

I quietly entered the garden and approached a window with a view of the spacious room where the fireplace is.

Thankfully, the window was slightly open, and I peeked inside through that gap.

“What’s that?”

I was greeted by the sight of Kazuma’s face, peeking from a strange object that looked like a combination of a futon and a desk.

A blue-haired head could be seen on the other end. That must be Aqua.

“Come on, scoot over there a little more. It’s too cramped here.”

“I don’t want too. Just get out. Don’t you prefer to sit in front of the fireplace rather than under the kotatsu?”

“Yes, but… Firewood eventually burns out, and with Megumin and Darkness gone, there is no one to replenish it. Oh, Kazuma, why don’t you do it instead?”

“I refuse. I have no intention of leaving the kotatsu! I’ll say it now, I’d rather spend my entire day lazing around here than move for you!”

“You haven’t changed at all! What would you do with yourself if you’re still a hiki-NEET even after coming to another world? Come on, work hard for the sake of a Goddess.”

“Who are you calling a hiki-NEET!? Anyway, didn’t you say that you have an errand to run today? It’s already past noon.”

“Ah? Why didn’t you say it sooner!? My precious believers are waiting for me!”

She hurriedly jumped out of the heater thing they called “kotatsu”.

I was planning to just head home if they were to stay inside all day… Oh, well. I followed after Aqua as she left the mansion.

She was humming a song as she headed out to…

“Hey, wait, isn’t this the meeting spot for the Axis Cult?”

Aqua happily walked into the church of the infamous, trouble-making Axis Cult.

“How’s everyone doing!?”

“Oh, if it isn’t Aqua-sama? Please, come this way. The tea and snacks will be here momentarily.”

“What should we do today? How about scribbling “Eris pads her chest” on the side of the Eris Church? What do you think?”

Why are the believers welcoming such a troublesome priest so warmly?

She’s even leaning back into her chair with a smile.

She’s being doted upon in much the same way that grandparents might dote on their grandchildren. I know that Archpriests are highly respected, but even so, isn’t this treatment a little odd?

“There might be something deeper to this… Bah, I don’t really care. I don’t really care to understand the thought process of the Axis cult.”

Afterwards, they were discovered just as they were about to scribble on the wall of the Eris church, and ended up running away from both the Eris Cultists and the police.

I wondered why exactly I was doing this for a moment, before I remembered the reward that Kazuma promised me and resumed tailing her.

After parting ways with the Axis Cultists, she wandered over to the magic item shop that Sir Vanir was working at to sip tea and pick a fight.

Aqua seems to be on bad terms with Sir Vanir, but despite causing so much trouble for the shopkeeper, she seems happy to have Aqua around.

Come to think of it, I think I’ve heard that Yunyun frequently comes to this shop.

As the sun started setting, dying the town red, Aqua got up from her seat.

“It’s already this late. Right, I’ll head back then.”

“Please come again, Aqua-sama.”

“Don’t ever come back! It’s because you spoil her that she keeps coming back!”

Ignoring the curses flung at her from behind her back, Aqua hurried back home.

“I’m home~! What’s for dinner today? I’m starving!”

After returning home, she energetically said that to her party and settled herself into her spot at the dining table.

There’s no need for me to watch over her any longer.

The only thing I gleaned from following her around all day is-

“She’s a girl who simply follows her own desires.”

And that’s all there is to it.


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6 thoughts on “Konosuba Dust spinoff Short Story 1: Observing Aqua”

  1. I thought he was going to discover that she really is the Goddess Aqua or at the very least, the Axis Cult *thinks* she’s a Goddess.

    Thanks for the translation.

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