Konosuba Dust spinoff 2: Beyond the Distant Harem

Here it is, the second Dust spinoff: Beyond the Distant Harem. It’s a pretty fun volume overall, so I hope you look forward to it.

Additionally, due to the short length of the prologue and Volume 14 looming just around the corner, I’ve decided to release both the prologue and Chapter 1 at the same time! So don’t stop after reaching the end of this page, move on ahead to chapter 1!


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Chapter 1: A Meeting with that Goddess

Chapter 2: Setting Sights on that Harem

Chapter 3: Sightseeing at that Hot Springs Town

Chapter 4: Spreading the Devil’s Whispers together with that Cultist

Chapter 5: A Single Stab for that Destructive Weapon








In front of the hot springs stood a girl, blushing as she let out an anxious breath.

A single towel was far from sufficient to hide her bountiful assets that were far in advance of her years. Her important bits were almost visible.

“Um, if it’s not too much trouble, c-can I join you?”

Hearing a far sexier voice that I was used to, I unconsciously gulped.

This is the same girl who couldn’t speak properly with someone she doesn’t know, the same one who has the most common sense amongst the Crimson Demons… Yunyun, right?

There’s no way I can mistake her face and figure.

But I’m very well aware that she isn’t someone who would say something like that.

Normally, you’d expect her to be screaming something like “So you’ve even fallen this far! Police!”

I have no idea why she would come to my side in the mixed bath.

Eh, could it be that?

Can I draw that kind of conclusion from this?

It’s only proper to make a move in this situation, right!?

While concealing my inner turmoil, I answered as calmly as I could.

“A-Ah, sure, just do as you wish.”

Author’s foreword

(Originally, this is placed at the back of the volume, but given it’s contents, I felt it’s more fitting for it to be placed here.)

I didn’t expect to be able to write a second volume like this.

I’m sure the people who’ve bought this book have already read through volume one…right? I don’t think there’d be a lot of people who’d start reading a series from the second volume, but just in case, I’ll introduce myself again.

I’m Hirokuma, the one who’s been placed in charge of this spinoff project following the previous volume. Pleased to meet your acquaintance.

To touch a little on the contents of this volume, it’s mostly just Dust causing a ruckus as he goes about his life. Well, it’s certainly how you’d expect a carefree guy like him to live.

This volume focuses a little more on his companions than the previous ones. Keith and Taylor have a bit more stage time here.

Though, talking about stage time, Yunyun is the one that has the most.

Lynn and Loli Succubus who were received very favourably in the last volume also have a lot of time to shine in this, so rest assured. Dust works hard to get along with the few women who are close to him in this volume.… Come to think of it, this volume also involves the city of hot springs and water, Alcanretia.

What would happen if you throw Dust into the headquarters of the Axis Cult? It’s interesting to think about, isn’t it? And if Chris and Vanir were to join in too… If you’re interested, please look to the main story. I intended for this volume to have a greater focus on the comedy side of things. How did you find it? The hardest part about writing a spinoff for the Konosuba series is capturing its humour. I really wish to be able to catch up to Akatsuki Natsume-sensei’s sense one day.


I’ve used up more than half of the available space, so I’d like to dedicate the rest to expressing my gratitude.

First off is Akatsuki Natsume-sensei. It’s an honour to appear together with you in that joint interview and join you for the drinking party afterwards. Please keep up your good work! Dust really has a certain charm, doesn’t he?

Next is Mishima Kurone-sensei and her character designs. I owe a lot to her designs in the creation of this volume too. It’d be quite difficult for me to manage if I didn’t have those illustrations of Lynn to work with.

I owe a lot to Yuuki Hagure-sensei this time too. Loli Succubus and Lynn were amazing. Lynn’s smile and Loli Succubus’s chest, and those expressions… Thank you very much for this.

Everyone in the editing department of Sneaker Bunko, and the one in charge of my project, Mr M. A big thank you to everyone involved in getting this book onto the shelves.

And lastly, all of my readers. It’s only thanks to all of you purchasing the first volume that the second one could come into being. Thank you very much! I hope you’ll help me out with this volume too!


Volume 1 Epilogue

Next Chapter

Also, as some of you may have noticed, I now have a patreon page. I’ve been planning to start one for ages, but I’ve held off due to the lack of any rewards to offer. Well, now, supporters will be able to read my rough drafts about a week or two in advance, so if you really can’t wait, well, that option is available.

Of course, even if you don’t, those chapters will still be posted here free of charge eventually, so don’t feel pressured if it’s outside your means.


17 thoughts on “Konosuba Dust spinoff 2: Beyond the Distant Harem”

  1. I thought yunyun was in kazuma’s harem.

    Also I think its funny how kazuma is mentioned so much in the dust spin off chaptera, but hasnt made any kind of appearance in them.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Isn’t that in Alcanretia? There’s a mixed bath there and Kazuma sure jumped in quick after he heard about it from Wiz in Vol.4


  2. As I see it Dust’s harem(?) Parallels Kazuma as:
    Lynn:Megumin – the responsible self proclaimed guardian and developing loli with explosive tempers when it comes to their MC.
    Yunyun:Kris- The one who’s supposed to be levelheaded but is easily fooled and is often tricked.
    Loli Succubus:Aqua- Always go along with schemes, and are always acting deviously despite being surprisingly naive.
    Helmet guy: Darkness- Perverts.


  3. More like:
    Yunyun: Aqua – Best body.
    Loli Succubus: Megumin – looks like jailbait but is technically legal
    Lynn: Darkness – the responsible one, but not reliable.


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