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TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

[Just like the previous volume, this book doesn’t come with a prologue, so this is a small snippet from chapter 1]

“Dammit, where did she go!? Search every corner of this place, from the curtains to the drawers in the closet! Make sure you don’t overlook the trash cans or the toilet! Her ability to hide herself should not be underestimated!”

I was woken up from my sleep but a bunch of angry voices and stomping feet coming from the hallway.

“Did a criminal escape or something?”

This has got to be one of the worst ways to be woken up.

I even rented a room in a slightly more upscale inn than I usually used, and was planning to enjoy my day off…

An escaped fugitive, huh? I have a bad feeling about this.

“They aren’t looking for Dust, are they? If he really got into trouble again, I’m going to blast him into next week.”

I took up my staff and went to the door, and the sight that awaited me on the other side was beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

In the hallway stood an elderly man sharply dressed in what can only be a butler’s outfit along with several maids, all of them diligently searching for something.

There were also a few people dressed like soldiers searching a short distance away.

“What is going on?”

This might be a slightly more upscale inn, but it’s not the kind of high class establishment that nobles with their entourage of maids and servants would stay a night at. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen these people in town before.

“Make sure you check the attic and under the carpets too. Knowing her, it wouldn’t be impossible for her to hide in such places. Throw away your common sense and search. If you find her, notify me immediately. Don’t try to approach her alone. And don’t listen to a word she says. She’s a prodigy at psychological warfare and acting.”

Looks like a little too much to catch just a thief. In the first place, I have no idea why butlers and maids would be out looking for thieves anyways.

It doesn’t seem like they are talking about Dust, and it feels like it’d be best not to get involved. I still feel a little sleepy, so I suppose I can catch a few more hours of rest.

The moment I moved to close the door, my eyes met with the elderly butler.

He pointed a trembling finger at me.

I thought that perhaps there might be someone behind me, but turning around revealed nothing.

I faced the butler again, who was in the middle of taking a deep breathー

“We’ve found the princess! Everyone, secure her!”

With that, all the maids and soldiers turned towards me.

“Eh, wait, what!?”

Everyone lunged at me at the same time.

I tried to close the door, but the maids grabbed my hands before I could and refused to let go.

“What’s the big idea! I didn’t do anything! This isn’t because of something Dust did, is it!?”

“What kind of nonsense are you saying? Princess Leonor, you should learn when to give up.”

“Wait a minute, did you just call me a princess just now? I’m Lynn. An adventurer. Take a closer look, I don’t look anything like a princess, right?”

If I’m being mistaken for a princess, then it should be simple enough to set things straight.

The butler and maids leaned in close and stared at my face. I know I was the one who suggested it, but it is still a little embarrassing.

“Well, you know you’ve got the wrong person now, right? So hurry up and let meー”

“No matter how I look, you’re Princess Leonor. Did you really think you could fool me by just turning your hair brown?”

“Could it be some high level technique where she’s trying to pass herself as someone else by just changing her hair colour?”

“Knowing the princess, it wouldn’t be unexpected from her.”

The maids and butler seemed to grow more suspicious of me rather than less.

“Hey, that’s enough. Let’s pay a visit to the guild. You’ll be able to verify if I’m an adventurer or not in an instant.”

“We won’t fall for that. Everyone, please carry the princess to the carriage!”

“Understood!” x4

Ignoring my words, the maids wrapped me up in ropes and lifted me onto their shoulders. Carrying me like a piece of luggage, they brought me to a carriage waiting just outside the inn.

The interior of the carriage is filled with cushioned seats, and from the opulence on display, I can tell that the person who owned it is someone of great wealth and means.

“H-Hey, you’ve really got the wrong person! I won’t get angry, so release me now!”

“Princess, please give it up. Having served you since you were born, there’s no way I could mistake you for someone else. Do you think my eyes are just for show?”

“Yeah, they probably are!”

They wouldn’t listen to a word I said, and the carriage set off to places unknown.

Just what is going to happen to me now?

At times like this, that idiot’s grinning face appeared in my mind. It really doesn’t sit well with me, but…

Dust, come save me!

[And here is the sixth Dust spinoff. Sorry it took me so long to release it, there were several delays in the production process, but those are all worked out now. The four chapters of Dust will be releasing weekly every Saturday from here on out.

I know some of you are eagerly waiting for Volume 17 to be translated and released. Unfortunately, such things do take abit of time, and I doubt I’ll be able to get it in a releasable state before late June at the earliest. But, rest assured, it’s currently being worked as the Dust chapters are being released.

Until then, there’s Dust to tide you over. This volume delves quite deeply into Dust’s history, so look forward to it.]

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  1. I was really looking forward to this. Thanks for your hard work.
    Don’t worry about the realise date, as long as you get a good translation we can wait a bit longer.

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    1. Probably all of her magic is intermediate one which is used to fight monsters (unlike kazuma had). Also even though she was being kidnapped, she knows they don’t mean any harm. That or she’s just being overwhelmed by the turn of events 🤔

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    2. Right now, it’s a misunderstanding. Hitting people in the face with fireballs will get her in serious trouble no matter what. Plus she’s probably shocked beyond capacity to think clearly.


      1. Why yes. Is it not a worthy past time to emulate such gentlemen? The residents of Nazarick all strive towards a similar idolisation. Neeeeeeh? All of us who mimic with individual understanding of absolutes and without forsaking one’s core principles, noh? Verily such puissance displayed in fiction is mine all consuming envy. Bleck!


  2. I know this is a spin-off but I’m actually more excited for dust volume 6 than volume 17 of main series lol


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