Konosuba Popularity poll Drama CD: Punishment for this Cheating Goddess

As mentioned last week, here are the drama CDs that we were working on.

This Audio Drama was released as a bonus after the recent konosuba popularity contest. For context, during that contest, Aqua got access to a button that gave her five times as much points as everyone else. This audio drama references that event.

For additional context, you may also check the results of the previous popularity poll and this comic that released with the poll itself.

(Not April fools) Konosuba Volume 17 and Dust 7 Release date announced!

Yeah, I know the internet is overflowing with fake news on this day, but this is a legit announcement. In a new tweet released today, Kadokawa announced the release date of Konosuba Volume 17 and Dust 6 to be the first of May, 2020.

The tweet contents are as follows:

Konosuba Volume 17: Releasing on May 1st! This volume will be the conclusion to the story.

However… In the afterword, there will be some information about the “after story” that never made it into the web version!?

Also, this may be shrunk down, but this is the first reveal of Mishima Kurone-sensei’s new cover art!

(1st of May) Along with the final volume of Konosuba, the final volume of the spinoff series “A time in the limelight for this fool too!” will be released! 🎊

In Kazuma’s absence, the Demon King’s Army launches an attack on Axel!? Dust will make full use of all the cunning that he has cultivated as a delinquent adventurer and all the relationship that he has built up(?) as he readies to confront this final battle.

Please bear witness to the final battle of Dust, the man who was loved by dragons above all else!

Introducing Megucoin

The stocks have fallen, your life savings are in ruins, and your collection of caps is worthless now that toilet paper has become the post apocalypse currency of choice, so you might be wondering, what can I do with my remaining 500 zimbabwean dollars?

Well, wonder no further.

Introducing: Megucoin.

Backed by Explosion Magic, one megucoin is valued at one casting of EXPLOSION, and can be redeemed at your closest Crimson Demon archmage. Once a day, every day, Megucoin will see a sudden EXPLOSION in value, guranteed.

Also available in many different styles [Thanks to Kasen and Sero for the coin art]

Think big. Buy Megucoin today.


Warning: Availablity of said Crimson Demon archmage is not guranteed. CGtranslations is not responsible for any property damage, terrain alteration, and aggroed inhabitants that may result from abusing Megucoin. Side effects may include obsession, bouts of megalomania, and death by angry giant frogs. Please consult your psychatrist before using Megucoin.

Konosuba Yorimichi: Chapter 7


Beware of Imposters

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

[Note: This is the second of the Blu Ray short stories that I previously translated that ended up getting included in the Yorimichi compilation, hence why it’s going up on Wednesday instead of the usual time. Chapter 8 will be going up this weekend.

As usual for Blu Ray short stories, this story takes place around volume 4, so the status quo is a bit different from the more recent volumes.]

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