Konosuba Manga: Everyday life in this wonderful world: Volume 2 Chapter 9


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Konosuba Movie Date Announced: 30th of August

We finally got an official release date!

The tweet reads:

August 30th #Konosuba movie release date📽🎊

Last announcement of the Heisei era🎉

The release date has been set on August 30th(Fri) 👏

Additionally, the second bonus materials (A4 Clear file holder/random) and limited advance tickets will be going on sale at select theaters on the 26th🙇

Konosuba: Shakespearean edition

Now I’ve come across several remarks that LN translations are considered “low class” and “not true literature” over the last two years of me doing this. As an effort to rectify that imag, I will be embarking on an effort to convert everything I’ve done into shakespearean English, because there’s nothing posher than shakespearean English. I’ll start with one of my favorite side stories as a teaser, but worry not, within the next few months, everything I’ve written shall be rewriten to seem as though Shakespeare himself wrote them, so look forward to it.

Now without further ado, I bring you

A Once in a While Explosive Date

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