Konosuba Volume 17: Short Story 2

A Night out with the Wrong Crowd──

TL: Cannongerbil

Editor: Striker

“Thank you for attending my daughter’s birthday party. She has always looked up to you, Dustiness-sama, so I’m sure this was the best party she had.”

The host of tonight’s party, the Marquis, said as she saw us to the door.

“It was my pleasure to be here. I envy you for having such a beautiful and adorable young lady. Now, then, If there’s ever the chance…”

I smiled at the young girl standing behind the Marquis and gave her a wave.

After saying my farewells, I headed over to the carriage──

“Dustiness-sama, are we heading back already? The party had to end early on account of the Marquis’s daughter’s young age, but isn’t it a little early for us adults to go to bed?”

“If you have time to spare, perhaps you’d like to join us for a few drinks. Of course, there’d be other noble ladies present too, not just us men. I’m sure everyone would be elated if you were to join us.”

Just as I was about to step onto the carriage, a nobleman just slightly older than me called out to me.

Behind the two of them were several other noblemen looking at me with an affectionate smile.

“…No, my apologies, but if I’m late in returning, the people back home would worry, so perhaps another time──”

“I-Is that so? No, no, I’m the one who’s delaying you, so pardon me!”

“The Dustiness family is in charge of much of the internal security of the realm, so it’s only natural that you’re busy! Please don’t worry about it!”

When I replied with a smile, the two men blushed red… And let out a small sigh.

Socializing is important, but I can clearly tell that this party would just result in being surrounded by smiling nobles showering me in praises.

I think I’ve had enough of putting on the guise of a noblewoman for tonight.

Bidding my goodbyes, I got onto the carriage──


“──I’m home…”

“Waaaaah! Darkness!”

The moment I opened the front door of the mansion, a bawling Aqua came rushing to me.

I can guess at the reason why she’s crying, but…

“What’s all this the moment I come home? Did Kazuma scold you again?”

“That’s not it, listen to me! Kazuma is terrible! He went and snuck off to that pub that we promised to visit together when it opened by himself!”

“Hey, I didn’t sneak out to visit it! In the first place, we never promised to visit that pub together! And if a new pub were to open in town, of course I’d pay it a visit!”

As it turns out, it was for a far more petty reason than I expected.

“…In that case, why don’t the two of you just go to that place together. We could invite Megumin too…”

“Hah!? Even if you take me there, it’s not like you’d let me drink anyway, right? In that case, I don’t really… Yes, I’m coming with you! I’m coming with you to eat some good food!”

A somewhat sulky Megumin said that before heading off to prepare.

“…Hmm? It’s a little late to say this, but aren’t you wearing a really expensive dress? Did you head off to some noble’s party or something?”

It really is a little late, but Kazuma asked.

“Hey, Darkness, you didn’t leave us behind to go to some glamorous noble’s party to hoard all the good food for yourself, did you!? Did you bring anything back? You must have brought back a box stuffed full of delicious food, right!?”

“S-Stop it, Aqua. Don’t pull on my dress! This type of outfit slips off really easily! And how would I be able to do that at a birthday party for a noble girl!? Kazuma, Megumin, please say something to Aqua too!”

“Aqua, do your best! If you cause a slip I’ll treat you to something expensive at the pub!”

“This man is really the worst! Darkness, hurry up and go to your room and change! Then we’ll all go out for a night on the town!”

Saying that, Megumin started struggling with Aqua.

I already ate, so I was planning to spend the rest of the night at home…


“We often have meals together at the Adventurer’s guild, but it’s rare for us spend a night out together like this. Hey, Aqua, why don’t you teach this young lady some games? This way, when you come home in the morning after being out all night, Darkness would be a little more gentle in lecturing you.”

“Oh, that’s a interesting idea. Very well, this Aqua who is famous for drinking around in this town will teach you how to hold your drink in this newly opened pub!”

“It’s really unfair if everyone other than me is going to be drinking! I’ll be drinking tonight too!”


“…Alright. I’ll go change, so give me a moment.”

“Oh, yeah, make sure to dress modestly tonight. If you go to that kind of place wearing your usual erotic outift, some drunk man is going to come up and start trying to pay you.”

“W-What do you mean by my usual erotic outift! I always dress modestly!”

When I shot back, the three of them froze up and looked at me like I was speaking a different language.

Yes, tonight──

“I’m tired of being formal and putting on a noblewoman’s guise! Let’s go a little wild tonight!”

Leaving the three of them who seemed even more dumbfounded behind, I returned to my room in a good mood and quickly changed──

Volume 17 Epilogue

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24 thoughts on “Konosuba Volume 17: Short Story 2”

  1. someone help please
    Some time ago I read a short story where Kazuma and her team have to face an earth spirit or something, it turns out that that spirit looks like a lovecraft creature with an octopus head, I think her name was “Cthulhu”, it turns out Kazuma and the girls end up running away since the spirit is very scary, I remember reading it, but now I can’t find it, can someone pass the link to me please?
    PSDT: look among the short stories on the page, but I can’t find it.


  2. Poor Darkness. She will be ogled no matter how modestly she dresses. Any outfit will look erotic when she’s the one filling it out.

    I really wish we got to see them go to the pub though. A scene with all four of them having a good time together is exactly what I think volume 17 was missing. If I could fix one thing about v. 17, it would be to replace the epilogue with a scene where everyone’s back at the guild celebrating along with everyone who defended Axel. I feel like they never got the chance to properly appreciate what they just accomplished. The curtain should have closed with the party together and happy instead of separated the way they were.

    Still, thanks for the translation, CG.

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  3. They really should have done a chapter 5 where it shows alll the main and side characters and what they’re doing then it can end with Kazuma’s Hero ceromony because he genuenily deserves respect. Ansd the epilouge can be the whole conversation with Eris.

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  4. Hey what if the demon king was created as a manifestation of thoughts like the Winter Shogun was. I was just thinking about it and it just seemed like this was plausible considering he had a japanese name but wasnt from Japan.


    1. Probably a descendant of a Japanese, like an adopted son, or his parents are influenced by Japanese naming.

      As for the Winter Shogun, it’s actually made by a Japanese.


  5. I couldn’t help but imagine darkness in some sort of expensive car , with her white armor , wearing sunglasses , even thought the actual scene is supposed to be Darkness in a carriage wearing a robe .

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