15 thoughts on “Konosuba Manga: Consulting with this Masked Devil: Chapter 12”

  1. Sad that they cut off the meeting of wiz vs vanir to only 1 encounter before she went rampaging but still a very nice manga chapter. Thanks


    1. Yeah with the powerful of Wiz she can me a many hole inside dungeon. Which in my opinion, that dungeon was the same place with huge dungeon in the world. That place used to be boosting level for Kazuma.


  2. Well we can see Wiz holding their baby on LN but in this manga we can see Wiz old companions. It does make a sense.

    Thanks CGtranslations, God bless you

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  3. If Brad had gotten what he wanted, Wiz would’ve been that kid’s mother. Instead she had to sacrifice herself so they could live.


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